Podcast: NBA Draft Lottery, Clippers Eliminated, Warriors, NBA Playoffs, MLB (05-20-15)

May 20, 2015

Gerry in Piscataway joins Dave in Hour 1 to chat about the Clippers improbable elimination from the NBA Playoffs.  After going up 3 games to 1, how on Earth did the Clippers blow a 19 point lead in Game 6 and go on to lose the West Semis against the Houston Rockets?  Dave and Gerry search for answers along with Tom in NJ and Andy in Seattle in Hour 2.   ALSO: The Golden State Warriors and Steph Curry finish off the Memphis Grizzlies to make their first West Final since 1976.  What did MVP Steph Curry bring to the table in Games 4-6 of the Semis?  PLUS: the NBA Draft Lottery -- did the Lakers and Knicks realize their dream of getting a top-level draft pick or were both denied by the ping pong balls?   Hour 1 features an MLB Update with the Astros, Dodgers, and Yankees leading their respective divisions.  Who are the surprises and disappointments so far in MLB?  In Hour 2, Tom and Andy break down the Clippers' dismissal from the NBA Playoffs and look towards the ongoing Conference Finals between the Cavs and Hawks along with the Rockets and Warriors.

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LIVE SHOW: 9pm Tonight! Clippers Eliminated, NBA Draft Lottery, Gerry, Tom, Andy

May 20, 2015

Here it is for you *tonight*.   There's a whole lot of show and as Junk Man travels the nation, we'll bring in Gerry in Piscataway, Tom in NJ, and Andy in Seattle to keep the seat warm for him.  We'll cover the Clippers improbable elimination, the NBA Playoffs, the Warriors continued resilience led by Steph Curry, The most dramatic NBA Draft Lottery and the Knicks' disappointing 4th selection along with a very surprising #2 selection going to the Lakers.  Lastly we cover David Letterman's final night on Late Night television with some remembrances and tributes from Tom, Andy, and Dave (Medina).  I can say with certainty our audio quality will improve a lot tonight via YouTube.  Tune in!  9pm ET here at ditcow.com.  Embedded YouTube feed is below.

Farewell David Letterman: End of an Era

May 20, 2015

David Letterman.   I grew up watching some of his wackiness over on CBS.  Eventually I caught up to the innovative comedy he used to do on NBC.  Tonight it ends with his final episode.  Good to see Dave go on his own terms.   I think he's inspired almost all of us.  Those who say "he changed the way we do comedy on TV" are right.  Those who say "he's inspired many of us" are also right.  I'll admit, I haven't touched his show in quite some time, but when he was dialed in during the 80's and 90's, it was really the gold standard for unusual creative humor.  One thing about Letterman I used to not like turns out to be a mis-understanding.

You know, for the longest time I always thought it was pretty lame of him to be so cold to the little people, interns, guys in the audience and so on.  but NOW, hearing some guys on the "Mark in the Morning" show on 100.3 The Sound who came on the air who used to be Letterman interns back at NBC, I now realize what was going on.   He was fully misunderstood here.  Even back in the 80s apparently guys would harass him in the street bugging him with all these comedy ideas.  The guys were saying the dude was just so busy he literally didn't have time to stop and meet random people in the crowd.   I totally get it now.   It makes even more sense when you get a sense for how much a famous person gets pelted with mentions on twitter both good and bad.   you have to draw lines.  Now I get it…  and besides, Letterman wasn't really an outgoing guy to start with… however, when you think about it… ever notice that a whole lot of his staff and the band were there with him from the very beginning?  Some of them go back as far as the original morning show he did in 1980.    Dave is incredibly loyal and good to the people who are good to him.  I get it now.  his show in the NBC days was ridiculously funny.. SO good.  The CBS stuff was good the first five years (up to 2000 you'd still get a hilarious bit here and there). His interviews have been pretty solid the entire 35 years.   Tonight it ends… and as you guys said, he's done with broadcasting.   This is the last time we'll see Letterman on TV as far as I know.   
Goodbye Dave, and thank you!

A Scary-Accurate Dino Costa Impersonation

May 19, 2015

Four years ago, on a certain message board, a certain Oat Man made this post lampooning America's 3028th most popular Sports Host Dino Costa:

":dinor costar:

Once again it is i dino costa entering your tiny little world to grace you with the presence of a true american hero. And I see that this gatar fellow is back to ignoring the genius that flows out of my lips each and every day. I mean how many shows must I topple before I am included in your petty little fake conversations. My ratings have climbed to the peaks of the radio industry. My followers are often heard screaming my name as they climax. I can't possibly do more to show you just how superior I am. The excellence that I piss is well beyond that of other sports hosts that you worship over. Put me on any radio station with a pulse and I will deliver that station to the level that even mount everest couldnt dream of. I hope all of you remain peaceful in my absence and remember just how lucky you are to have lived to see the day that my written words scrolled across your screen. "

I hadn't laughed so hard that whole month, September 2011.  I put up with Dino Costa for nearly a year on Sirius XM... took a while to realize he was an incredibly cheap imitation of Skip Bayless.  Right??  Onward.

Podcast: Tom Brady Suspended, Kevin on the Cape in Studio, NBA, NHL (05-13-15)

May 13, 2015
Kevin on the Cape makes his most anticipated in-studio debut with Dave this week in the City!   Kevin's in the middle of his food truck tour and is stopping by to say hello.  Dave and Kevin catch up as they meet in person for the first time PLUS, the NFL suspends Tom Brady for four games along with a deduction of draft picks.   Also on the show, we cover the Clippers' leadup to Game 6 after a disappointing game 5 in Houston.  Can Blake Griffin and the healthier Chris Paul lead the Clippers to a clinching win?  The New York Rangers force a Game 7 in NYC against the Capitals after facing elimination in the final minute of Game 5 last week.   With Game 7 underway as #DITCOW comes to air, will we announce an impressive comeback for the Rangers or a recovery for the Capitals?

Also this week: a historic home run for the Marlin's Giancarlo Stanton.  He becomes only the fourth player to hit a ball completely out of Dodger Stadium, over the bleacher roof!  Dave was at Dodger Stadium last night but hear the story of how somehow -- he missed it!  Plus a look at MLB after the first month.  We'll look at the nip and tuck Warriors/Grizzlies series and check on whether the Grizzlies defense is a legitimate issue for the Warriors or if it's just a signal to Golden State to pick up their play.  Steph Curry receives his MVP award and Klay Thompson and he struggled from the field but turned it around for a resounding Game 4 win.  Do the Warriors have staying power?  A lot of conversation on this week's DITCOW.
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LIVE SHOW: Kevin on the Cape IN STUDIO tonight at 10pm ET! Tom Brady Suspension, Rangers, Clippers

May 13, 2015

The day has come -- my longtime friend Kevin on the Cape is IN STUDIO tonight.  Live feed starts at 10pm ET tonight (one hour later than normal).  Can't wait to meet him in person and have us do a show from the "kitchen."   YouTube embedded stream is below:

Podcast: Mayweather / Pacquiao Recap, 49ers Offseason, Clippers, Random Q’s (05-06-15)

May 6, 2015

This week Jacob "El Hebrew Hammer" joins us to chat Mayweather/Pacquiao and defend Floyd Mayweather's defensive, technical fighting style. As a long time supporter of Mayweather's boxing career, Jacob is poised to slam the critics and call out non-boxing fans who aren't keen to the nuances of Mayweather's smart fighting style. Also on the program, we discuss the other shenanigan's from #MayPac: Jimmy Kimmel's entrance to the ring with Pacquiao's team, the presumably botched National Anthem by Jamie Foxx, the wild merger of HBO and Showtime's TV crews for the Pay Per View coverage, and much more from the so-called "fight of the century." Jacob stays with Dave to talk about the San Francisco 49ers' draft and their offseason so far. With so much turnover, losing Harbaugh, Willis, and others, what's next for the San Francisco 49ers and is their offseason plan off to the right start? What to expect for the 49ers this coming season and where their needs are all from the uber-fan of the Niners. In addition, a look at the Clippers remarkable win in Game 7 against the Spurs in the First Round followed by coverage of the second round series against the Rockets. Can Chris Paul heal in time to play Game 2 and 3? In Hour 1, we hope to hear from Kevin on the Cape and his upcoming food truck tour of the continent! Could a new career path be afoot? Join us for a most action filled podcast, one with more excitement than a certain fight, perhaps.

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LIVE SHOW: Mayweather/Pacquiao, Clippers, Rosales, Junkie — Wed. May 6th at 9p ET

May 5, 2015

We *may* have Junkie.
We *may* have Jacob.

We WILL have the show... hope you can join us!  We have quite the hot topics to cover, above.   I've got plenty to say on Mayweather/Pacquiao as well, plus how about those Clippers?   Much to cover, watch it live!  Here's the live feed below which goes to air Wednesday at 9pm Eastern.


Blog: Surprise, Rockets!

May 4, 2015

Bet the Rockets weren't prepared for *that* were they?  The Clippers went in to Houston and by the end of it took advantage of the Rockets' lollygagging.  Before you knew it, Redick, Crawford, and Griffin were nailing shots and the Clips took Game 1 of the West Semis.

Killer instinct is no joke, man.  If you're going to win a title, you gotta want it!   Rockets simply underestimated the heart of the Clips despite not starting CP3.
On to Game 2, but what momentum for the Clippers so far!

New “DITCOW” 3D Shirt and Other Shirts Now for Sale!

May 4, 2015

This week we debut several new t-shirts including this spiffy new "DITCOW" 3D Logo Shirt.  Buy yours today at the "DITCOW T-Shirt Shop", the link is on the menu to your right or here at this direct link.