Five Years of Random Q’s w/ Kevin on the Cape (06-28-16)

June 28, 2016

We celebrate Random Q's and its 5th anniversary with a star studded list of questions from all our favorite guests over the years.  Kevin joins us to commemorate 5 years of fun memories and more.


AMAZON OFFER: Sony Home 4K Ready Home Theater Receiver for Under $200!

June 28, 2016

This might be the best offer yet from DITCOW and Amazon, a great quality Sony Receiver for under 200 bucks!   What's more, you get 5.2 channel sound, 90 watts per channel, 4K ready HDMI switching, DTS-HD, and Dolby TrueHD audio.  I'm blown away by how good this receiver is, but even more mind-blowing is the price... it's so low we can't actually tell you the price here, you gotta click through the link below and reveal.  This receiver has great reviews and good power.   Add it to start your new Home Theater system by clicking the link below.


Blog: 2016 Summer Movies

June 28, 2016

That "Independence Day" sequel looks *terrible*.  I would like to be freed from bad movies.

Even with all the social media outlets, you would still have to call Ghost Busters in an urgent situation.

There are a lot of cars named after animals but I don't think anyone named a car after a pitbull.  That'd be wild stuff!  No one would fool around on the street with the new 2017 Pitbull.  Best in its class, this ride has some teeth!

Would you eat a pizza with a base of crushed blueberries?

I hope one day my friend YOTS goes on a yacht and plays Yahtzee.

I'd prefer to attend meetings where we deliberate the nomenclature of hotels with two trees involved.

It still blows me away that there is no word anywhere that rhymes with "orange."

Anyone ever try to project a movie onto a smokescreen?

I think they came up with the brain eumphemism "use your noodle" because "use your sausage" was too suggestive.

Always funny how the word "suggestive" implies sex.

Where do you draw the line between a cookie and a scone?  They're so close to the same thing, I mean, *maybe* the scone has more sugar.

For it's one, two, three strikes your Giancarlo Stanton.  Oi.

Vote Corey Seager!  Vote Dodgers!   That's all for now, 'til next time...

Blog: Dave Tackles Mac and Cheetos

June 27, 2016
Did you see those new Burger King snacks where they put Mac and Cheese inside giant Cheetos?  They're just trying to kill us now aren't they?

"Borderline" by Madonna.   It's been 34 years, yes, this is a de facto guilty pleasure of mine.

Tim Tebow saved a guy's life on a flight yesterday, can you believe that?   Boy what can't he do?   Well.. he can't throw a football, and unfortunately that's a crucial part of his long-time occupation.

If you were in a hostage situation and your only chance for survival was if Tim Tebow threw a ball into one of those cutout holes on a plasterboard on the other end of the room, it'd be all over.   He seems like a nice guy too, tough spot.

I had an unusual night of sleep Sunday.   I spent way too much time putting together past "Random Questions" segments from my podcast for a special marathon of mp3s that nobody listened to.  That really didn't have much traction.  I may just round them up and just play them on a continuous loop as one channel that runs all month.  I just dont know what service to use for this.   I want something free that can just stream my MP3's... SAM broadcaster was one of the best such tools in the old days.  

Anyway, Monday morning was rough.  I went to bed so late that I slept well into the 7am hour.  I looked at my alarm from bed and it said "7:40" and I'm like "I'm supposed to be in my office in 20 minutes... oops!"   I got to work fine though... I wasn't even that late, do the dance!  That's quite a feat on a bus.

Sometimes all you need in life is a warm gooey cookie.

Speaking of "cookies", I kept using this tin of Danish Cookies to represent Iceland during the Euro 2016 tournament.   Using Danish cookies for another country makes no sense.  I was at my wit's end though, the alternative was rotten shark meat.   

I was with some buddies talking about cars and one of my friends got a new Chevy Volt.  He was talking about how great it accelerates, oh ho ho, you know I'm familiar with the "Bolt's" acceleration.  I'll be seeing him whip around me on the street any day now.

I be-lieve that's all for the moment.  More blog later on this DITCOW web station.

Blog: The A-Team Tribute, plus other nonsense

June 24, 2016

Cable and Satellite TV presents the option to run into forgotten shows, and of late, I don't remember a lot of talk about the "A-Team."  I bounced around the dial finding this on a weekend and watched a few episodes one week.   A fun, silly, light hearted show full of personality is what A-Team was.   Tons of action, some corny humor, and all that.   You can see why it was popular for a few years.

It's terribly dated -- the obvious point is that nothing carries over from one episode to the next and what really got me was the ways which the show defied physics.   Every episode, all of these guys are shooting serious guns, like machine guns that can shoot thousands of bullets... and the enemies were shooting thousands of bullets, and there were explosions at every corner, but NO ONE GOT HURT.  How the hell does that happen?!  80,000 bullets and not even a flesh wound?  Man all of these dopes must be terrible shooters, what are these jackasses aiming at??  Clearly they were trying to shoot one another, yet, magically, Baracus could just drive a convertible, a freaking *convertible,* through the 80,000 bullets and 15 flaming explosions without a scratch to the CAR let alone their faces.

The plot for every show was the same, this was the design:   some underprivileged person was getting jobbed over by someone, they'd find the A-Team, Face or Murdock whoever it was would try to drug Baracus into a coma so they could take a plane because B.A. doesn't fly.  Face would find some random girl on the street and get his mack on and con people along the way.   They'd build some wild contraption to defend against invisible bullets, giant ass 80,000 bullet fight scene, explosions, Murdock does some silly thing at the end, FREEZE FRAME. 

It was ridiculous, but that's the charm... it owned its own silliness.

There's a burrito place run by this meat market in Santa Barbara... it is amazing.  I used to go there often when I lived up that way.  It's called "Super Cuca's."  If you get their Super Carne Asada Burrito prepare for greatness.  So good.

One of my buddies is going to New Orleans this weekend.   What a time to be alive!   I told him to bring beads.   Beads are a must.  It would be a great achievement in life to bring beads to Bourbon Street and put them to use.  Soon!

I thought of going to Vegas during 4th of July Sunday, or however you'd say that, Independence Sunday?  Sure - you'd get to stay a night sunday and you get the day off on the 4th when everyone else is pouring into town.   two problems -- too hot and too much money as of the moment.

Peach season hasn't been that great this year.   The drought is finally hitting us where it hurts.

In its place, strawberry season is really on fire.   I am consistent with my pick of Driscoll's strawberries when I'm not in my home town of Oxnard.  In Oxnard, the best places are the local roadside stands.  But anywhere else, I go with the Driscoll's.  It continues to be the best quality most consistent strawberries around.   This particular batch was amazing.  Melt in your mouth good.

I've been on a bad soda kick lately.  I need to dump that habit.  I went over to the Coke Freestyle machine twice this week already.  Not good.  but man!   You tell me where else you can get peach sprite and grape Fanta.   Or cherry sprite, or multiple flavors of ice cold Hi-C.     I want to go see an AMC movie, so that I can use *their* freestyle machine.

On this week's Spilled Milk podcast, the fellas were talking about convenience foods in the deep south.  One that made no sense to me:  putting peanuts into a bottle of coca cola.  I... I can't.  I'm perplexed.   You put peanuts into the coca cola and drink it?   It seems so dissonant.  What would be the end result here?  Has anyone here tried it?

You ever see those new cars with the LED lights?  They can make the head lamps so narrow now, it's like all the new cars are squinting.

Got two tickets to see Weird Al Yankovic at the Hollywood Bowl with the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, do the dance!

That's all for now.  We have cooled off in California, let's enjoy a great weekend everyone.


Podcast: US Open Recap with Mike & John (06-22-16)

June 22, 2016

Mike, John, and Dave recap a bizarre finish for Dustin Johnson in the 2016 U.S. Open at Oakmont. How did the USGA foul up a penalty stroke ruling and why did they wait so long to make the call? We look at Dustin Johnson's great weekend including a remarkable finish despite the swirling controversy about his would-be-wouldn't-be penalty for presumably grounding his club. Who were the other big performers from the Open?   Did Fox Sports improve on their lackluster coverage last year?  We'll look at the road ahead for pro golf, the Open Championship at Royal Troon and cover some possible complications with Golf at the Olympics.


U.S. Open Gear at Amazon

June 22, 2016

There's some pretty cool gear at Amazon right now, including a rare opportunity to purchase this U.S. Open 2016 Golf Flag.  You can use it for your private putting green or just hang it up in your office.  It's pretty cool!   It appears to be for sale for a limited time so click the link below and own a piece of golf history. 

Podcast: 2016 NBA Finals Recap: Cleveland Cavs Champions at Last! (06-21-16)

June 21, 2016

Tom in NJ and Dave Recap a historic run for the Cleveland Cavs as LeBron, Kyrie, and the rest bounce back from a 3-1 series deficit to beat the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals. What was the difference in a tight well contested game 7?   How important was this championship for Cleveland who won their first sports championship since 1964?  How disappointing was it for the Warriors who won a record 73 regular season games?  We cover winners and losers and how big a success this series was for the NBA.


Blog: Chocolate Donuts & Milk

June 17, 2016

It occurred to me that I really enjoy milk best with chocolate donuts more than glazed donuts.  I had a nice plastic cup of milk and it just went together so well with the chocolate.  I tried a glazed donut with the same cup of milk and it wasn't quite there.   The Chocolate donut nailed it though!

Do you have those moments when you are just so out of it you can't drink coffee?   It happens frequently after I have a particularly strong beer.  Last night I was at Tony P's and had a giant double-pint of the Grape Ape IPA.  And would you believe, IPA's were not in fact invented in India?!   I was blown away at that.  The process is actually invented by the British who used to have to use a form of IPA in order to preserve beer on the way from the UK to the India colonies.  That's good stuff.

Anyway, the Grape Ape was *awesome*, and I went after that pepperoni, bacon, and garlic pizza.  So good.    But the rest of the night I felt off... and it carried over into the morning.  I didn't sleep well.   My stomach was having an adventure, and a trip to the bathroom put it at ease.   Later in the morning, I went to the cafe still out of it and with an unsettled stomach.  I knew coffee was not going to work today, so I got the milk.  But I also thought -- this would be a good time to try a chocolate donut.  But just to make sure I had some variety I added a glazed donut to the order.   I eat donuts probably 3-4 times a year, and this time around everything felt right.

The milk was pretty cheap too -- and it was great!  I get 2% milk for drinking.   It was sublime.  The chocolate donut was on deck... took a bite, and *wow.*  That was epic.   With an unsettled stomach this combination really hit the spot.  I can't think of eating much right now.   I just need time.   Tonight I'll reassess.  I have a hello fresh veggie pasta thing to cook for the weekend.

Warriors will win it in game 7.   Something's gotta give, right?

Podcast: 2016 NBA Finals Update, Random Q’s with John in Stamford (06-15-16)

June 15, 2016

Dave recaps the NBA Finals so far and laments the "cheapening" of the series with Draymond Green's flagrant foul call and subsequent suspension.  Can the Cavs rise up to extend the series another game against an Andrew Bogut-less Warriors team in Game 6?   LeBron James and Kyrie Irving go for epic 41 point performances.   How will they follow up for a big elimination game at home?  Later, John in Stamford joins Dave to break down Big Papi's final year with the Red Sox, chat about movies, snacks, and pizza, then many "Random Questions" with Dave and John.