Podcast: Mike Trout vs Bryce Harper, MLB, Kevin’s Random Q’s (07-30-15)

July 30, 2015

Kevin & Dave compare Mike Trout vs Bryce Harper, the two premier players in MLB today.   Which of these two young players is the best one?  Is it the speed and defense of the Angels' Trout, or is it the awe-inspiring monster swing of the Nationals' Harper?   Plus, some updates on the MLB trade deadline, and your Random Questions.

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LIVE SHOW TONIGHT at 10pm ET: Mike Trout/Bryce Harper Debate, MLB Trade Deadline, Kevin on the Cape

July 30, 2015

Tonight!  Join us here at ditcow.com for a live videocast of Kevin and I chatting up baseball.  We'll start with the debate between Mike Trout and Bryce Harper: who's better?  Then MLB Trade Deadline updates and more in our 1 hour edition of DITCOW.   Tune in with the embedded YouTube video below or on the YouTube app at 10pm ET tonight (Thursday): 

This Week’s Podcast Postponed

July 28, 2015

No podcast tonight or Wednesday night this week.   We will postpone to possibly a Thursday show, but otherwise, we'll be back Wednesday August 5th at our normal time.   

In the meanwhile, we're working hard putting out remastered past episodes.  We're up to 2012 and are targeting tomorrow to post the 2012 DITCOW episodes.  2012 was a great year for sports -- the Kings won the Stanley Cup for the first time, the Summer Olympics were played in London, and LeBron James won his first NBA championship.   Watch for it here on our website or on the iTunes & Stitcher.

2011 Archived DITCOW Shows are now online!

July 26, 2015

All of our complete shows from 2011 are now added to the DITCOW podcast feed.  You can also listen to every one of them here on our website.   Catch our first ever "Random Quesitons" hour with Kevin on the Cape, Chloe Sutton's interview series, our interview with Dodgers Insider Jon Weisman, Gerry in Piscataway's unforgettable "NICK SWISHER IS WEAK" rant from October, and much more!   Or, if you need a quick synopsis of all of it, listen to our "The Best of Dave in the City 2011" podcast from December 2011.  Check 'em out right here on the website.

John in CT, Mike in North NJ, Kevin’s Random Q’s, 2015 Open Championship, ESPN’s Future (07-22-15)

July 22, 2015

John in CT and Mike in North NJ return to chat with Dave about the Open Championship after a series of weather delays and a very exciting three way playoff.  Jordan Spieth misses the playoff by a stroke to end his bid for a Grand Slam of Golf, and Louis Oosthuizen missed extending the playoff by a stroke, giving Zach Johnson the win in a four hole playoff.   John, Mike, and Dave chat about the best moments from historic St. Andrews in Scotland, plus a look ahead to the PGA Championship in Wisconsin.  Kevin on the Cape joins Dave for Hour 2 after his food truck tour PLUS: Dave wonders what's going on with ESPN?  Why all the staff cuts?  How did ESPN let talent like Colin Cowherd, Bill Simmons, and Keith Olbermann leave so fast?

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LIVE SHOW 9pm ET tonight on YouTube! Kevin on the Cape returns! John & Mike talk The Open

July 22, 2015

We're back with a new show tonight at 9pm ET.  Kevin on the cape is BACK on the show at 10 for Hour 2, and John & Mike rejoin the show to chat the Open Championship.  What an exciting finish it was, we'll give you the details on Zach Johnson's big win and the three-way playoff.  Join us tonight at 9 for all the chatter, it's on YouTube via this embedded video player below.

A new approach to DITCOW

July 20, 2015

First of all, I apologize.

The program I produced last time was terrible.  I won't sugar coat it or defend it.  It was awful.   Thank you for your continued support despite the sub-par production.   I was on vacation and had a chance to re-focus.
It boils down to this:   I think I tried too hard to make the show about sports subjects and while this is fun to do, I need to market the show differently.  I realized over time that most people remember guests and personalities the most.   Why, then, am I marketing the show as the place to broach general sports topics?  I think it's a mistake.  All other popular podcasts use the title of the guest in the name of the episode.  They all center around the conversation with *personalities* not the conversation of a particular sports story.  
I would like to re-purpose the DITCOW podcast from this point forward as a personality driven show.  It's always had personality driving the program, but now I want to make it the mission statement.   So, from this point forward, when you see teases for the show or YouTube postings, I will tout the PEOPLE that will contribute the show and less the sports topic of conversation.  After all, the ones who's stuck with us through all the years remember the characters the most, not the games or final scores:  Great folks like Andy in Seattle, Kevin on the Cape, Lou in Hoboken, Gerry in Piscataway, Ari in Philadelphia, Oomer in Rockland, John in CT, "Say Hello to Ottis", Tom in NJ, Andrew Jacobsen, Jacob Rosales, Canadien Karen, and many others.   This is a show about people... we now will appropriate it that way first and foremost.

NOT Canadian Karen, Wimbledon, Lakers Offseason (07-08-15)

July 8, 2015

Canadian Karen was originally scheduled to join this week's show but there was a scheduling conflict.  Instead, Dave runs down the Lakers underwhelming but not quite disappointing offseason.  The Lakers missed on LaMarcus Aldridge and DeAndre Jordan, but managed to recover with Brandon Bass, Lou Williams (the sixth man of the year), and a deal with center Roy Hibbert.   We'll dig into the potential matchups at Wimbledon with Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova on track to meet each other for the final round.  On the men's side, Novak Djokovic tries to repeat as champion as he advances to the quarters.

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My Other Podcast.

July 8, 2015
I'm preparing two shows this week for "Dining with Dave."   One will air tuesday, the other one next tuesday  Brace yourself this post is going to be long.
Doing a food show is really me speaking from the heart.  And from the heart I want to thank you all for your support of the new podcast.   My only request is:  Tell someone you know about it!  I'd love to get more people to discover food along with me.  
The process of doing a food based, news, reviews, and stories podcast reminds me most of the production schedule for "American Top 40."   In those days, the staff would prepare interviews, stories, reports on subjects tangentially based on a given song.  I wasn't really trying to do all that in the beginning, I just wanted to give reviews of restaurants, but the other things came into being.  Going to Yelp for comments has been wonderful.  I go to different cities and ask what kind of things they like to eat.   Each city brings something new to the table.  Then we do top ten lists.  Inevitably we like to rank foods... THAT is way fun!   We already did Top Ten Brunches, Top Five Fast Food Chains, and more.  So yea, like AT40 we do countdowns as well.   The third common thread is that in a sense all of these topics are set to music.   
It was Summer 2003 when I put on some DIRECTV easy listening music channels and one silly sounding song by Bert Kaempfert, "Ridin' Rainbows" got my attention.  My little sister loved that song!  So I said "I want to get the CD."  I went to my local record store, Salzers, and asked for it...  it was so obscure I had to wait a week for them to special order it.   Once I put it in the CD player my goodness... it was fantastic!  Spoke to me, then I looked up more of Kaempfert's classy 60's swing sound.  I learned of his biggest hit "A Swingin' Safari" (#1 in Billboard!), I learned of how he was the first to sign the Beatles to a recording contract, and much more.   Herb Alpert covered his music.  Frank Sinatra did.  A downright underrated influence on instrumental and popular music.  That branched me into the genre of "Lounge" jazz instrumentals or "Bachelor Pad Music" .  I played that Bert Kaempfert CD over and over and over.  It was a 2 for 1: "Love that Bert Kaempfert" and "My Way of LIfe."   Track 4 was "Steppin' Pretty" and I used it, based on its peppy cadence for a mock video I did called "Healthy Cooking and Eating Tips" with a little Lego character as the host who called himself "Da Food Man."   The music and sketch together inspired me to try putting all food related media set to Lounge Jazz.   Eventually, years and YEARS later, this was the natural pick for my KCSB food show which I first called "A Slice of Life."  But "slice of life" was too generic.  Somewhere in there I changed it to simply "Dining with Dave."
Doing the show with the 7 years of podcast experience and the technology to keep pace, I noticed how fast paced the show is now.  You go zoom zoom zoom topic, news, topic, review, comments, topic zoom zoom!  THIS I think makes the show different from other foodie podcasts.  Anybody can slap together two people and chat for an hour about food a la "The Delicious Dish" sketch on SNL.   This is more... this is fun!  Glad to see you're all having fun with me!  If you haven't heard it yet, here's the link, and thanks so much!

LIVE SHOW TONIGHT: Canadian Karen is BACK! Wimbledon Chatter, Junkie to Return Shortly

July 7, 2015

We're pleased to bring back the popular "Canadian Karen" in Studio for tonight's podcast.  We'll chat Wimbledon, perhaps a word on the MLB all star game, and a rundown of the Lakers offseason so far.  Join us by watching on YouTube, the direct video feed is below this paragraph and goes live at 10pm Eastern tonight.  Enjoy!