October 30 2014

Giants win World Series; Bumgarner Dominates; Kids Club Picks (10-30-14)

The San Francisco Giants win Game 7 of the World Series, carried by World Series MVP Madison Bumgarner, who pitched a masterful five innings of relief and completed the single greatest pitching performance in a World Series.  We'll cover the Giants' incredible run to a World Series, an unlikely run coming in as a Wild Card team that started thier postseason on the Road at Pittsburgh, and finished it with a high popup to the red-hot hitting Pablo Sandoval at 3rd Base.  The Royals' run to the World Series was also a great story, with standout relievers Herrera, Davis, and Holland, plus their exciting outfield of Aoki, Cain, and Gordon, along with their stars Butler, Hosmer, and Moustakas.  Ned Yost got the team a long way, but we'll cover where things may have erred for Kansas City.  PLUS The Kids Club returns for podcast football picks, and we'll cover the College Football Playoff Committee's top four selections plus the picks from the NCAA and NFL.

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October 22 2014

Royals/Giants World Series; Kids Club Picks; NCAA; NFL; Random Q’s (10-22-14)

The Royals make a magical run to the World Series and look to tie up the series at 1-1 with Game 2 at Kauffman Stadium.  Dave covers the 2014 World Series so far, and a wild run for the Royals up to this point.  It's the Royals with Hosmer, Moustakas, Gordon, Cain, and Ned Yost vs the experienced Giants with Posey, Sandoval, Bumgarner, and Bruce Bochy. Do  the Royals go the way of the 2007 Rockies and fall flat, or is a different outcome in store?  PLUS our Kids Club Picks for Week 8.   John in CT and Andy in Seattle move closer to first place while Oat Man retains his lead in the standings and we pick from all the games in College and Pro Football.   PLUS, can the two Mississippi teams avoid a big upset this weekend and did Notre Dame get a bad break in their big showdown at Florida State?   Kevin on the Cape joins Dave in Hour 2 for "Random Questions" as we look at winners and losers from MLB's postseason and the NFL's first half

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October 14 2014

Dodgers Post-Mortem; Notre Dame/FSU Preview; Kids Club Picks; RQ’s (10-14-14)

Dave puts the capper on a great Dodgers baseball season with a sour ending to the Cardinals in the Division Series.  Are the Dodgers ever going to realize that World Series title or will bad luck continue to haunt them in October?   We'll see what's next for the Dodgers in the near future, PLUS Mike in North NJ joins Dave for a Notre Dame/FSU preview.  We'll hear from the "Kids Club" with the Week 7 football picks, where Ron had a big week and ties for 1st with Ottis.  John and Andy will also try to work their way back towards first place.  Then, in Hour 2, Kevin on the Cape joins Dave for "Random Questions" as the MLB postseason rolls through the LCS round.  Can the Royals make some new history with a World Series appearance?

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October 1 2014

Royals win Wild Card!; MLB Postseason; Kids Club; Random Q’s (10-01-14)

This week, Ari in Philadelphia joins Dave to recap a most exciting AL Wild Card game where the Royals outlasted the A's in 13 innings.  A thrill from start to finish, the Royals battled back from deficits multiple times and two big home runs from Oakland's Brandon Moss.  Ari and Dave also look ahead to the NL Wild Card between the Giants and Pirates in progress, plus the upcoming Division Series games: Tigers/Orioles, Royals/Angels, the Nationals, and Dodgers/Cardinals.   Next we turn to the Week 5 "Kids Club Podcast Picks" where Say Hello to Ottis moves into 1st place.  Can the Oat Man build on his lead or will John, Ron, and Andy take over?  We'll cover some exciting matchups as part of our picks segment including Alabama vs Ole Miss, Stanford/Notre Dame, Nebraska/Michigan State, and Texas A&M/Mississippi State.  In Hour 2, Kevin on the Cape re-joins Dave for "Random Questions" and an expanded conversation on the MLB Postseason so far.

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September 24 2014

UCLA/ASU Preview; Kids Club Picks; Random Q’s (09-24-14)

This week:  "Coach" Andrew joins Dave to preview UCLA vs ASU.   Brett Hundley is back in action against a short-handed, but still great offensive Arizona State Sun Devils.  How will the Sun Devils respond in their first game without the hurting Taylor Kelly at QB?  Instead it's Mike Bercovici, who once battled Kelly for the backup QB spot.  Now, he has a chance to start and take command of the Pac 12 South.   Can UCLA take advantage of the situation and put together a big win to set the tone for the rest of the year?  We'll cover this and the other College Football action of the weekend.  PLUS, We resume our now-named "Kids Club Podcast Picks" for Week 4.  John in CT has the lead in the contest, and he will provide his latest picks with Say Hello to Ottis, Ron in NJ, and Andy in Seattle.  In Hour 2, our latest "Random Questions" with Kevin on the Cape.

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September 17 2014

Vikings Under Fire; Lets Go Mex; NFL; Podcast Picks; Random Q’s (09-17-14)

Let's Go Mex joins Dave to get into the state of the NFL during a tumultuous month.  Last week it was Ray Rice.  This week we cover Adrian Peterson's ongoing issues with child abuse of his children, the Vikings' response, and the NFL's response.  Was it too sudden for the Vikings to activate Adrian Peterson after keeping him out a week ago and with new child abuse allegations in effect?  Will the Vikes' move to start him even stand as sponsors decline their support of their team?   PLUS a look at the upcoming NFL matchups, as the game continues on the field.   Next, we have Week 3 of our Podcast Picks with a four way tie in the standings!  Will Ron, John, Andy, or Ottis break the tie with their NCAA and NFL picks?   An exciting week of picks ahead AND Kevin on the Cape returns for "Random Questions" in Hour 2.  We'll begin the second half of the cfcl.com 100 question survey and throw in our own thoughts about football, fall, music, and life.  Perhaps we'll get Junk-man's thoughts about who will do best in the Baseball Postseason.  A busy show for a wild week in sports.

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September 10 2014

Roger Goodell GONE?; USC/UCLA; NFL; Podcast Picks; Random Q’s (09-10-14)

Breaking news regarding Roger Goodell's potential dismissal following negligence with evidence of Ray Rice's spousal abuse starts our show this week.  THEN, a big football recap show this week with our new guest "Let's Go Mex" of TMF.com.  Mexy joins Dave to catch up on football after a wild week in the NCAA.   How bad was the Big Ten this week with unimpressive games by Michigan State, Ohio State, Nebraska, Purdue, Michigan, and Northwestern?  Also, a HUGE win for USC Football as they fight off their own demons and a rugged Stanford defense on their way to a 13-10 victory?  How did SC get this big moment despite struggling mightily offensively and letting Stanford's offense march into USC territory on nearly every possession?   Who were the ones who stepped it up in the late moments?  Was AD Pat Haden's sideline cameo inapropriate?  That and more from the Trojans PLUS our still-untitled podcast picks of the week with John in CT, Andy in Seattle, Ron in NJ, and Say Hello to Ottis joining us on air.  Two NCAA and Two NFL picks from each in the season long quest to pick the most winners.   In hour 2, Kevin on the Cape joins Dave for "Random Questions" where we try to rebound from a disastrous week of technical glitches and continue our cfcl.com survey.

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September 3 2014

Packers/Seahawks Preview; UCLA; Dunkin Donuts; Pick’em RQ’s (09-03-14)

This week:   We cover UCLA's road to the potential National Championship.  Week 1 - UCLA struggles to beat lowly Virginia on the road.  WHY was their offense so terrible in Week 1?  Cause for concern in Westwood?  PLUS a preview of the Packers/Seahawks NFL opener on Thursday night AND Dave does a taste test of the new Dunkin' Donuts in Santa Monica.  Also in Hour 1: John in CT and Andy in Seattle share their "picks of the week" on our untitled-pick'em segment.  In Hour 2:  Kevin on the Cape and "Random Questions" where we break down a most successful draft for Dave and Kevin's fantasy team.

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August 27 2014

2014 NFL Preview Show; Random Q’s (08/27/14)

Jacob Rosales joins Dave to chat NFL football and preview the 2014 NFL season.  We'll look at Johnny Manziel's first season w/ the Browns, the new rule changes enforcing more penalties on defensive contact, and look at what's to come for last year's Super Bowl teams the Broncos and Seahawks.  History has shown super bowl teams not do well in the playoffs the next year but can both Seattle and Denver break the trend?  Plus, who to pick in the AFC North?  Could the Steelers make a return to the playoffs or will the Ravens bounce back from last year's bad season AND Ray Rice's ongoing controversy?  How talented is the Packers' offense with Aaron Rodgers, Jordy Nelson, Eddie Lacy, James Starks, and a healthy offensive line?   Will Colin Kaepernick, Frank Gore, Jim Harbaugh, and the 49ers be the team to beat in the NFC West or will the defending champion Seahawks repeat the title with Richard Sherman, Russell Wilson, and their remarkable defense?  What is left of the Cowboys without Sean Lee and with a gimpy Tony Romo?  Are Chip Kelly's Eagles ready to dominate the NFC East again and will Nick Foles repeat his fast start from 2013?   Is this a make or break season for Robert Griffin III and the Redskins?   Will anyone like the Titans challenge Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts?  All these topics and much much more to discuss with Jake and Dave.  PLUS Kevin on the Cape joins Dave in Hour 2 for "Random Questions."  This week, we continue the cfcl.com "100 Questions" survey and take your questions via twitter and chat.

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August 20 2014

Mike Francesa ate a Peach!; Oakland A’s slide; Random Q’s (08-20-14)

Not much for topical issues this week, we'll cover odds and ends and run a rare OPEN PHONES hour for our first hour on the podcast.   On a small level we'll cover the Oakland A's slide following a blockbuster trade of Yoenis Cespedes for the Red Sox' Ace Jon Lester.  Has it not been worth the trade so far after the A's lost 7 of 8 games?  Will the A's still be confident they made the right choice following the dog days of summer?  That AND Kevin on the Cape back with Dave for an extended "Random Questions" in Hour 2 or even earlier.  Dave is going to owe Kevin a big apology!   Special note:  The title of the show has nothing to do with anything.   Next week is our NFL Preview podcast.

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