July 23 2014

2014 Open Championship Recap; Rory McIlroy; John in CT & Mike in NJ (07-23-14)

John in CT and Mike in North NJ re-join Dave to talk the Open Championship.  Rory McIlroy wins in big fashion at Royal Liverpool, even with two great rounds from runners up Rickie Fowler and Sergio Garcia.   How big of a win is this for Rory and does it finally put him back as one of the greats of the game?   What did Rory do to accumulate two rounds at 66 strokes each?   How'd he handle the pressure of two capable opponents on the final round?   We'll cover this plus the rest of the Open Championship field PLUS more on the NBA's offseason.  Junkie is unavailable for tonight's program, but will return next week. 

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July 16 2014

Jake Winderman; LeBron Comes Home; the New Heat; Random Q’s (07-16-14)

We're pleased to introduce Jake Winderman to our podcast this week!   Jake and Dave will cover LeBron's departure from the Miami Heat after four great years, plus a look at the Miami Heat today: will the new Chris Bosh/Dwyane Wade era make some noise in the NBA?   LeBron James returns to the Cleveland Cavs... what is it like for a city desperate for success to see their hometown hero back in town?   PLUS, some of the other NBA free agency moves -- Melo back to the Knicks, Pau Gasol to the Chicago Bulls, and more with Jake Winderman, son of long-time Miami Heat beat reporter Ira Winderman.  In Hour 2, Kevin on the Cape joins Dave for more Summer "Random Questions", including a few anecdotes on summer fruit and vegetables and the ongoing debate between crab and lobster.

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July 9 2014

Melo to LA?; World Cup Final; Brazil Embarrassed; LeBron; RQ’s (07-09-14)

More on this PLUS NBA Star Carmelo Anthony's next destination.  Is it his current team the Knicks, or will the Lakers make the power play to sign him?    Does LeBron return to Miami or does he come home to Cleveland?  This week we expect to find out.   Oomer, Rollins, and Timmy Russo join Dave to say hello and break down more NBA Offseason.  In Hour 2, Kevin on the Cape returns for "Random Questions" with a look into summer hobbies, plus an MLB All Star Game preview.

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July 2 2014

USA World Cup Update; 90’s Tech; Random Q’s (07-02-14)

On this Independence week, we look at Team USA Soccer in the knockout round of the World Cup against Belgium.   Can Tim Howard rise to the occasion once again and have the Goalkeeping game of his life?   Will Jozy Altidore return for this do or die showdown?  Can Jurgen Klinsmann rally the Americans into another round?   USA Soccer hits fever pitch this week in the city PLUS, we'll check out random 90's technology gadgets that were a product of their time: pagers, Talkboys, Game Boys, and more!  In Hour 2, we take "Random Questions" with Kevin on the Cape!

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June 25 2014

Dave in NY/CT, Yankees Game Recap; World Cup; Random Q’s (06-25-14)

Dave recaps an epic trip to NYC and Connecticut where he met among others Gerry in Piscataway, Lou in Hoboken, A Couple Quickies, and Tom in NJ, all of whom are scheduled to join Dave for the recap podcast.   We'll cover a wild night in the Bronx ending on a Carlos Beltran Home Run, plus the other meetups in Stamford at Bobby V's, and a most interesting night in Manhattan's West Village.  All that plus Dave reviews the best pizza in town, and a look at the Upper West Side of NYC.   PLUS some other sports talk, mostly on the USA's chances to advance past group play in the World Cup and much more.  In Hour 2, Kevin on the Cape joins Dave for "Random Questions" as we chat about the start of Summer in America and the upcoming MLB All Star Game. 

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June 16 2014

Kings win Stanley Cup; US Open Recap; Spurs win it all; RQ’s (06-16-14)

This week:  Dave Recaps the Kings thrilling Stanley Cup Championship run, including a most exciting double-overtime Game 5 at Staples Center.  We'll see how they went from down 0-3 to the Sharks in the First Round to a title winning shot off the stick of Alec Martinez.  We'll also recap where the New York Rangers are after an exciting, unexpected run to the championship round.   Who were the heroes and losers of the Cup Final?   Next, a US Open Recap with John in CT and Mike in North NJ, where Martin Kaymer went wire to wire and won the US Open Championship by eight shots, leading from Round 1 all the way through Sunday's Final Round.   Also: The Spurs complete their dominance of the NBA Finals and destroy the Lebron-led Miami Heat in Game 5 at San Antonio.  Reflections on a long championship dynasty for Spurs basketball and Greg Popovich's rise as one of the most prolific coaches in NBA history.   In Hour 2, Kevin on the Cape, a.k.a. Junkie, returns for "Random Questions" on a special Monday show, as we begin our prelude to Dave's visit to Connecticut.  Could Dave and the Junk Man finally meet in person?

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June 3 2014

2014 Stanley Cup Final Preview: Rangers vs Kings; NBA Finals; RQ’s (06-03-14)

A matchup of epic proportions, we preview the exciting NHL Stanley Cup Final between the New York Rangers and the LA Kings.   Parcells Falling Out, Ron in NJ, Robert in VA, Mike in North NJ, and possibly others could join us to break down the two teams' exciting playoff path to the championship round, plus we'll look at the best matchups of the Cup Final, what's at stake for each team, and whether the series could be in for another 7 game thriller!   Could Hagelin, McDonagh, Kreider, and Moore be the heroes or will Kopitar, Doughty, Carter, and Brown be the victors?   Can Jonathan Quick rebound from his shaky performance in the Conference Final to match the excellence of Henrik Lundqvist's Eastern Conference Playoff work?  Lots of fun from the NHL in store for this week's show PLUS, a look at the NBA Finals rematch between the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs.  The Spurs get home court advantage this time around, but will Tony Parker be healthy enough to make the Spurs a winner?  What will LeBron James do with lesser bench help and a battle weary roster?   Can coaches Erik Spoelstra or Greg Popovich make the right moves?  THEN, Kevin on the Cape joins Dave for "Random Questions" in Hour 2.  This week - more excitable banter!  Also, a look at MLB so far - will the Dodgers have a run in them, how far will the A's go, do the Astros make it above .500, and are the Yankees in line to make a playoff run?   This and much more from sports on an action packed episode.

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May 29 2014

NBA Conference Finals Update; Heat/Pacers; Spurs/Thunder; NHL; Random Q’s (05-29-14)

Jeremy in NJ joins Dave to break down the NBA Conference Finals in progress -- the Heat go to an additional Game 6 after the Pacers' big stand at home in Game 5, albeit, a shaky finish for Indiana.  Meanwhile, in the NBA West Finals, the Spurs look to rebound after two big losses at Oklahoma City.  How big was Serge Ibaka's impact in games 3 and 4 for the Thunder?   Then in Hour 2, we'll join Kevin on the Cape for "Random Questions" and in both hours look into the ongoing Stanley Cup Conference Finals: Canadiens/Rangers and Blackhawks/Kings.  

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May 20 2014

NBA Draft Lottery; NHL Update; Dodger Panic?; Random Q’s (05-20-14)

Gerry in Piscataway joins Dave to chat NBA Playoffs, Tuesday's Draft Lottery, including the top 3 picks with bids for Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker and Joel Embid.  Will the Lakers pull an improbable first pick of the draft?  PLUS the latest from the Stanley Cup playoffs in the NHL.  Kings defeat the Ducks in a moster Game 7 and battle the Blackhawks for the West title while the Rangers come back from a 3-1 deficit to beat the Penguins and also take the first two at Montreal in the East Final.   We also have an update from the NBA playoffs where the Thunder are down to the Spurs and the Heat look to fight back from an opening game loss at the Pacers.   Kevin on the Cape (scheduled) joins in Hour 2 for Random Questions on a special Tuesday show.

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May 14 2014

NFL Draft Recap; Clippers; NHL; Kings/Ducks; Random Q’s (05-14-14)

This week, Jacob Rosales joins Dave to recap the 2014 NFL Draft and evaluate where it went right and where it went wrong.  Which teams had the best drafts?  We'll break down where Khalil Mack, Jadaveon Clowney, and Johnny Manziel went, along with what it means.  Which of the big names will have the biggest impact in the league?  PLUS we'll chat about the NBA and NHL Stanley Cup playoffs... the Clippers get hosed by bad officiating at the end of Game 5 at Oklahoma City.   An otherwise great series gets a stain from bad basketball and bad calls, we'll see if the Clippers will be able to rebound and win the series against the Thunder.  In Hour 2, Kevin on the Cape joins Dave for a Mid-May "Random Questions."

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