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Kids Club Results: Week 11

November 15th, 2015 · Comments

John had a HUGE week in this week's Kids Club football picks.   He went 3-1 and had a very nice pull with the Redskins.  John was even in line to go 4-0 until the Eagles pulled the very rare "lang to loo" blowing a pretty big lead only to lose at home to the Dolphins.  All told, it's a big move for John in CT.  Here's how all of us did -- it wasn't pretty for the other three:

John in CT went (3-1)
Minnesota, Memphis, Redskins hit; Eagles misses

Ron in NJ went (1-3)
FSU hits; Temple, Broncos, Patriots miss

Dave in the City went (1-3)
Syracuse hits; Baylor, Broncos, Rams miss

Andy in Seattle went (0-4)
Baylor, Utah, Jets, Seahawks miss

With the winning week, John makes a big move into 3rd place while Dave and Ron stay about the same distance from each other, although both guys' overall records fall a bit more.  Here are the standings after 11 weeks:

Ron: 25-16-1
Dave: 25-17
John 23-19
Andy: 21-20-1

And, updating you on Tommy's Picks:

Tommy hit with: Bears
Tommy missed with: Eagles, Jets, Cowboys, Packers, Broncos, Patriots, Seahawks, Saints

For Week 10, Tom in NJ went 1-8.  

I'm a little surprised we have so few pushes collectively, but it's a minor point.  John looks to build on his big week while the rest of the panel tries to bounce back stronger.  We'll give it another go on this week's Dave in the City podcast, Wednesday at 9pm ET!  We also look ahead to some big NFL games for week 11 such as Packers/Vikings and Bengals/Cardinals.  See you there...

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Blog: My Friday the 13th Nightmare

November 13th, 2015 · Comments

I had a CRAZY nightmare this morning, and fittingly, I saw it's Friday the 13th.

In this dream, I did something horrendous.   I was... somewhere outside at a park during the day, and I don't know why but I was with Christopher "Mad Dog" Russo and his friends.   What nobody knew about Chris Russo in this dream is that he was a BIG dog lover, and he had a long Dachshund dog who was very old and suffering from cancer.  You could tell he was in visible pain, very close to dying.  Russo loved this dog to death, and he was hugging it hard, almost on the verge of tears.   Then, Mad Dog left to go get something and I was with the dog and some of Russo's buddies were around me.  The dog was really struggling, it looked like it wanted to get up on a bench nearby.   I felt bad for him so I lifted him up with both arms, and it really hit me that this dog was very heavy!  So trying to get him up there I just heaved him onto the bench.

The dog plopped on the bench and then *exploded* into a gory bloody mess on the bench.  I was like "noooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!"   I was horrified!  I was stunned!  I also realized I am in an UNBELIEVABLE amount of trouble.   Everybody around me was breathless with terror.  But one guy in the group was downright PISSED... and he happened to be TV's Jerry Stiller of "Seinfeld" and "King of Queens" fame.   He walked over to me slowly, stared right into my eyes, angry as all hell and said, in a low voice "YOU.... are going to bury this."

I was so scared I trembled in my boots.  How was I going to clean this up and bury it somewhere appropriate?   Then Chris Russo came over... and all he could do was cry... I mean you could tell he was angry too; it was like telling him the Giants moved to Tampa Bay.  I never felt so much fear in my life.

Somehow I scooped up all the doggie parts and innards and wrapped it in news paper.  I put it into a paper bag and ran from the scene.  I had to bury this thing to help bring peace with myself.   I had no idea where, but I was walking around and fortunately I found, of all things, the Russo family graveyard, meaning a section of the cemetery where Chris Russo's family members, father, mother, soon himself, were assigned to be buried.   I was going to put the dog there and start digging.  Then I looked over to the family tree -- they had a family tree listed on one of the stone for some unusual reason -- and it showed that famous movie star Rene Russo was related to Chris Russo, and I thought "wow, how about that?"

But back to business, I needed to go to the corner of the plot and bury the dog.   Here's where it gets nuts, there were a bunch of teenage kids playing football.  They even put up a goal post, and I thought "This is ridiculous" I need to help them finish the game so I can bury this thing in solitude.  So I said to them "give me the ball" let me kick the winning field goal, so I lined up to kick the ball and I kept missing!  I tried to kick the ball 3 times to break the tie and I just couldn't finish the game.   I had to keep playing football, this nightmare was never going to end......

.......but I woke up.   The baby was crying again at the apartment nearby.  There goes that baby again!

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Tommy’s Picks: Week 10 NFL

November 12th, 2015 · Comments

Here we go, Tommy's NFL picks, trying to improve on his 4-5 record from last week, and away we go for NFL Week 10, here are his picks:

Eagles -6
Cowboys +1.5
Packers -11.5
Broncos -5.5 
Patriots -7
Seahawks -3
Bears +7
Saints PK

Bonus Pick (i.e. Best Bet): Jets -2 in tonight's Thursday Night 

If you are wondering, Tom went…

5-3 in Week 2 (his first week doing games)
4-4 in Week 3
3-5 in Week 4
5-2-2 in Week 5
4-5 in Week 6
3-5-1 in Week 7
2-7 in Week 8
4-5 in Week 9

Total for the season: 30-36-3

We shall see if he can build on this record to get to above .500.  Good luck to Tommy's Picks!

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Podcast: Raiders & Vikings - The Upstarts; NCAA; NFL; Kids Club Wk 11 Picks; Kevin’s RQ’s (11-11-15)

November 11th, 2015 · Comments

Happy Veterans Day!   This week, we look at two upstart teams meeting each other this Sunday: the Vikings & the Raiders.   Derek Carr, standout rookie Amari Cooper go against Teddy Bridgewater & Adrian Peterson in Oakland.   How did both teams reach these new heights and is this just the beginning of a great run?  Also -- The Kids Club (Ron, Andy, and John) join Dave to cover another shakeup in the College Football Rankings.  Suddenly, joining Clemson at #1 are Alabama at #2, Ohio State at #3 and another surprise entry, Notre Dame at #4.  Is Baylor getting a raw deal?   Memphis gets humiliated by Navy, Oklahoma State shocks the world and steamrolls TCU, and Michigan State finally loses in tough heartbreak fashion at Nebraska.  We make the "Kids Club Football Picks" for Week 11 and choose the best games from the NCAA and the NFL.  In the NFL, Carolina beats down the Packers before fending off an Aaron Rodgers comeback.  The Colts hand the Broncos their first loss but at a big price - Andrew Luck is now out for 2-6 weeks with a lacerated kidney.   Ben Roethlisberger leaves the Steelers game with a busted foot and sets the Steel City back another 3-6 weeks.   That and other major stories across the NFL including big previews of Vikings/Raiders, Patriots/Giants, and Cardinals/Seahawks.  In Hour 2 we re-join Kevin on the Cape at last for the first "Random Questions" of the fall.  We also look at MLB postseason awards and the sad news of both Jose Reyes' arrest and Tommy Hanson's death.  Plus other shenanigans this week in the city.


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Kids Club Picks: Week 11 (Week 10 NFL)

November 11th, 2015 · Comments

The Kids Club Football Picks are now up!  Here are the Week 11 picks in a very tight season-long contest:

Andy in Seattle (21-16-1 this season)
Baylor -2.5 vs Oklahoma
Utah -6 at Arizona
Jets -2.5 vs Bills
Seahawks -3 vs Cardinals

Ron in NJ (24-13-1)
Temple -2.5 at South Florida
FSU -9.5 vs NC State
Broncos -6 vs Chiefs
Patriots -7 at Giants

John in CT (20-18)
Minnesota +12.5 at Iowa
Memphis +7 at Houston
Redskins +1.5 vs Saints
Eagles -6.5 vs Dolphins

Dave in the City (24-14)
Syracuse +28 vs Clemson
Baylor -2.5 vs Oklahoma
Broncos -6 vs Chiefs
Rams -7 vs Bears

Good luck to the picks for Week 11!

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Tommy’s Picks: Week 9 NFL Results

November 11th, 2015 · Comments

Quickly here are Tommy's pick results from last week's NFL schedule:

Tommy hit with: Bills, Eagles, Colts, Patriots
Tommy missed with: Saints, Jets, Rams, Chargers, Packers

For the week, Tom went 4-5.   Not great but could also have been worse too!  We'll see if he can turn it around this week for NFL picks.

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LIVE DITCOW SHOW tonight at 9pm ET: Vikings & Raiders, Kids Club Football Picks, Random Q’s

November 10th, 2015 · Comments

Happy Veterans Day!   We have a great live show for you tonight at 9pm ET, we hope you'll enjoy.   The Kids Club re-joins Dave for a look at the upstart Vikings & Raiders, the fresh young talent, and how they match up in the NFL's Week #10.   Before that, we check out the latest College Playoff rankings and ask whether Alabama and Notre Dame are ranked too high.  That and much more live on YouTube.  Check out the feed here on ditcow.com by clicking on the embedded video player below, or watch us on YouTube on the youtube.com/ditcow channel.  See you all tonight!

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Blog: A Job at In-N-Out?

November 9th, 2015 · Comments

When I was in high school, I applied to work at In N Out as a summer job.  I remember being very excited about it, it was going to pay well and all sorts of jazz.  I never got the call back.

Then, on Monday, I decided as a gag "Why don't I apply at In N Out, they'll never get back to me but I'll just see what kind of stuff is available just in case, I could get free burgers and even make extra money."

I didn't think it through.  I applied for the job all right, even citing my ongoing full time job... you would not believe this: In N Out called me last night asking for an interview!  The guy was very nice about it, he even said the night shifts were flexible and people could start at 6.  I was flabbergasted. I got an interview offer from In N Out!  I didn't revoke it on the spot... but I got to thinking: this is a bad idea.  If I took up the offer and worked a full time job AND In N Out I'd be exhausted.  It would be completely bad for my health with the access to unlimited junk food.  It would be brutal on the schedule to the point where I'd have to cancel the podcast.   I would rarely get out on weekends.  I just can't believe they thought enough of me to ask for an interview.  I thought I was either under qualified or over qualified.   Eventually I called back and turned them down, but I certainly was flattered at the thought of being on their team.

The kind of thinking that leads to this move is deeply rooted and complicated, but at its core, it stemmed from a frustration not getting job interview offers for tech work.  I got so desperate I decided to apply to restaurants and I even threw in Menchie's just to see if ANYBODY would interview me.   Well, turns out they did, and you know, recognition like that is enough to keep me going.

Other thoughts that come at random...

I got some athlete's foot cream for an ongoing toe issue.  My toe has been chapped and stinging with pain lately and my buddy Coach ruled it was athlete's foot.  He has the same issue and he said to just get athlete's foot cream, so I went to the drug store and did just that.  I spent a while debating between Tinactin and the generic brand, opting for the generic brand when I read each version's ingredients. They were practically the same, but generic brand went for less dollars so I stayed with it.

The feeling you get when you put an ointment or a cream or some kind of medication on an irritated area is so good.  You ever feel that tingle when you have the medical ointment on your skin healing your wounds?   That feeling is unforgettable -- oh so good.   I love the sensation of pores and skin cells repairing.

I can't remember if I spoke about Jimmy John's already but I'll share a quick JJ's story:  I ordered a sandwich from them for the first time last week and the kid who delivered it asked me to come to the front.   I said to him "did you get my driving directions in the order?"   The poor kid goes "oh we don't use cars, we deliver on bicycle, so the directions wouldn't be the same."

The man was right -- I had no idea!   However, it also meant faster delivery and for that I thanked him and tipped the kid appropriately. 

Remember an Olympic Athlete we had on the DITCOW podcast a long ole time ago, Chloe Sutton?   She started her own swim clinic now and you can hear the latest from her and her swimming tips over at www.chloesutton.com .   Very well organized site, I recommend it.

The Wheat Chex saga continues.  I went back to the store last night, hoping to get the same low price for the Wheat Chex.  It was even better -- the tag on the shelf had a scan code for a bonus Wheat Chex e-coupon which marked the price down another dollar.  Now I could get a box for $2.50.   I wasn't stopping there, I doubled down and got two boxes with a new half gallon of milk.   Do the dance!

When you say "milk" do you pronounce the "i" or the "l"?   I emphasize the "i" so I say "Millllllk".  Many others emphasize the "e" which makes the word milk sound like "Mellllk" when they say it.

As a kid I remember hearing the words "New Orleans" pronounced two ways -- "New OR-lunns" and "New Or-LEANS".   Then, about the year 2000 I heard a usage I never could have imagined in my life when then-Fox Sports host James Brown pronounced the words "New OR-lea-unns"  He somehow combined the two usages into a hybrid enunciation.  It's brilliant!  From that point on, I pronounced and still pronounce New Orleans as "New OR-lee-unns."

I look forward to the day cookie delivery becomes a specialized service.   Grubhub and Eat24 are working towards it, but a cookie specialist that delivers would be quite great.

Not sure what to do about lunch today -- In N Out perhaps?  Farewell - for now.

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Kids Club Results: Week 10

November 9th, 2015 · Comments

Oooh baby we have some change coming in the standings, here's how it all went down.  Only one winning week between us and it was the one and only Andy in Seattle!  Ron held steady w/ a 2-2 record and IT is enough to put him into first place!  Here's how it broke down.

Andy in Seattle went (3-1)
Utah, Vikings, Patriots hit; Houston misses

Ron in NJ went (2-2)
Texas Tech, Jets hit; Memphis, Chargers miss

John in CT went (1-3)
Cincinnati hits; Washington, Saints, Steelers miss

Dave in the City went (1-3)
FSU hits, Colorado, Browns, Rams miss

Whoo!  Ron is RED HOT and while he went 2-2 it was enough to send him over the top to first place.  Kudos to Ron on an incredible run.  Andy also was hot, going 3-1 moving himself up to 3rd place, but THAT close to 1st as you're about to see in the standings.  Ottis did not send picks.  In essence he disqualified himself from the contest so we will have to leave out his season record as we reveal the standings after 10 weeks...

Ron: 24-13-1
Dave: 24-14
Andy: 21-16-1
John: 20-18

Ron came back from what was a huge deficit in the standings and is now atop the panel in 1st place.   Andy made a big leap into 3rd place, and trails the leader by just 3 games in the loss column.  This is an incredible contest, not only is everyone right in it, but everyone's stayed above .500 all year, and most of the year avoided a losing week.   John is also in striking range as we all look to Week 11 for the next round of picks.  Join us, won't you, for all the particulars on the next DITCOW podcast, with the Kids Club on ditcow.com, Wednesday at 9pm ET.

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Blog: Dave vs. the Baby

November 8th, 2015 · Comments

You ever hear that song where the guy goes, "I got enemies, got a lot of enemies," that whole thing?   I don't have a lot of enemies, but I can occasionally be at odds with the most unlikely beings.  This weekend my nemesis is: the baby.

Saturday morning, I wake up at 3am and I hear wailing outside my bedroom window.   First I couldn't tell if it was a baby or a cat.  Sometimes it's a cat, but after a while I figured out it was a baby.   This baby is SO loud that he or she was in another building next to us.  The baby would not quit.  It was waaaaaah waaaaah for nearly half an hour.   Poor kid just wanted a bottle or a diaper change what have you. Where are these parents?!   Seemed like those clowns were out cold, the baby just kept on going.

What was a baby doing in a crowded townhome building with the windows wide open anyway?  Wide open.   After a while I had enough -- I couldn't go back to sleep so I went to the window to at least figure out which room it was coming from.  It was coming from the townhome on the western side of the building across from where I was.

I went back to the bed and lied there asking, "how much more can I take of this before I get up, put on shoes and go over to the townhome in my shorts to ask the parents if the baby is ok?"

So, just to get a better sense of where the baby was, I opened the window.   Then, remarkably, the baby stopped crying.   By then it was already 4am so I was hosed, but at least the baby was no longer crying.  I took my iPad and watched YouTube videos for an hour. I could not get back to sleep.  Eventually I fell asleep again.   Took a while to get back up, I think it was 8am.   When I got up, that kid was crying again!  My goodness, is that little goober never satisfied?

That was nuts enough as it was, but then the next day, after a night out drinking multiple beverages, I am brought out of sleep again at 4am.   It's the baby!  The kid is crying *AGAIN.*   Once that went down I thought long and hard about trying harder to save for a house in the suburbs.

Some positives from the weekend, here we go...

I heartily endorse whole Wheat Chex.  What a great cereal!  I had three bowls of it on Sunday... most of it for breakfast.   Loaded with whole grains and dietary fiber, Wheat Chex is tasty and makes you feel really good on the inside.  It's crispy too.  

It was touch and go with the milk, and I have really bizarre milk usage patterns.  I use some milk than wait almost a week to use it again -- this time around the milk was still pretty good but I had to hurry and finish it, so I went hard after the cereal.  I had nowhere to go on an NFL Sunday so it all worked out for the best.

Didn't really hit me how frequently I drink coffee until yesterday morning.  I went to the local 'bucks outlet inside the grocery store and asked for the Thanksgiving blend.  The guy there said they were out.  So I asked them "ok, when do you get more of it?"  Dude had no answer.

Maybe he was new but how would you not know when you were getting more coffee?  I was just as confused as he was, so I thought better not to bother with it so I thanked him and left.

I took five steps out the building and I thought long and hard "do I go back?  Maybe I can drink the regular coffee," which I like, but the Thanksgiving blend is exceptional.   I really had to put some effort into skipping coffee.

I have it on good authority that I could be in touch with a beer blogger soon!  And they say she's adorable, now how great is that?  

Speaking of beer, that night I had out with my buddies was terrific, albeit not that eventful.  Fortunately, the USC game was on by our table so I got to catch the second half no problem.   Two beers on this night, yes two beers.  Beer #1 was a beer the Fan Lounge for "Mark in the Morning" touted: Not Your Father's Root Beer.   I had a bottle, this was a very unique drinking experience.   Consider it the root beer's answer to "Mike's Hard Lemonade."   It's just like root beer with actual alcoholic beer instead.... not bad!

Beer #2: the Local IPA... they didn't tell me what the local IPA *was* that night but once I sipped, it was a taste all too familiar: good ole Firestone DBA.   Oooh it was so good!   It was extra cold too, very crisp, really refreshing.  It went well with the free sourdough bread brought to our table.

That's it from here.   We're waiting on the Chargers game before we post the "Kids Club" pick results for Week 10.   In case you missed it on Twitter, Say Hello to Ottis went missing in action and he is no longer participating in the "Kids Club" contest.  Ron, Andy, John, and I will hereby be the only members of the Kids Club panel for the foreseeable future.  To Ottis, all I can do is wish him the best.

Happy Monday, take care!

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