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Kids Club Results: Week 14

December 7th, 2015 · Comments

Dave in the City comes up big in Week 14, going 3-1 in picks.   With the win for the week he cuts into Ron in NJ's lead in the standings, and Andy and John stay close behind w/ 2-2 weeks.  Here are the results in detail.

Dave in the City went (3-1)
Bowling Green, Packers, Saints hit; Georgia Southern misses (not only did they miss, they lost outright to Georgia State).

Andy in Seattle went (2-2)
Jets, Bucs hit; Alabama, Michigan State miss

John in CT went (2-2)
WKY, Bucs hit; UNC, Giants miss

Ron in NJ went (1-3)
WKU hits; Bama, Pats, Redskins miss

Ron was close to going 3-1 for the week, but Bama's run to build a lead fell just short and the Tide won by just 15.   The Redskins tied the game late against the Cowboys, but Dallas had a 40 second drive for the winning Field Goal.  So, with 14 weeks of action in the books, here are the standings.

Ron: 33-20-1
Dave: 33-21
John: 28-26
Andy: 27-25-2

Ron is now just percentage points ahead of Dave in the standings, nearly neck and neck.  Both Ron and Dave appear to have made the contest a two team race, but everyone can still finish strong and keep above .500.  This week we have just the two NFL picks so there won't be much movement in next week's standings, but it sets up a big finish for the week after.  Join us at our usual time, 6pm ET on Wednesday for the next round of "Kids Club" picks.   We go live at youtube.com/ditcow !

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Podcast: NCAA Conference Championship Weekend; Kids Club Picks; NFL; RQ’s (12-01-15)

December 2nd, 2015 · Comments

The Kids Club joins Dave to look at the upcoming College Football Conference Championship Games and look at the College Football Playoff rankings.   Clemson and Alabama are joined by Oklahoma and Iowa as the top four once again.  Ohio State lies in the weeds as a possible dark horse as does North Carolina.  Michigan State is also poised to take the 4th spot.  Notre Dame is taken out of the party after a heartbreak loss to Stanford.   Rose Bowl ramifications are in play too as Stanford plays USC for the Pac 12 title.  In the Big Ten, Iowa keeps pace as they meet Michigan State for their conference title.   Will all go according to plan or will there be chaos?  Can Clemson put away North Carolina for the ACC title?   Much to discuss in College Football PLUS: More injuries in the NFL... Romo is back on the shelf after a brutal game against the Panthers.  The Panthers go 11-0 to become the lone remaining undefeated team.  The Patriots lose in OT to the Broncos, and the Raiders get a much needed win at Tennessee to keep playoff hopes alive.  The Packers lose to the Bears on Thanksgiving Night and much more as we head into the NFL's Week 13.  The Kids Club, Ron,  Andy, and John, pick all the games from both Pro and College Football.  Hour 2 has Kevin on the Cape scheduled to re-join Dave for "Random Q's".   How'd Thanksgiving go for our friend Kevin in New England?  Plus, is David Price's record tying contract a good investment for the Red Sox or a waste of money?


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Kids Club Picks: Week 14 (Week 13 NFL)

December 2nd, 2015 · Comments

Kids Club Picks for Week 14 in Football as we all head towards the big finish!

Ron in NJ (32-17-1 this season)
WKY -7.5 vs Southern Miss
Alabama -17 vs Florida
Patriots -9.5 vs Eagles
Redskins -4 vs Chargers

Dave in the City (30-20)
Georgia Southern -21 vs Georgia State
Bowling Green -12 vs Northern Illinois
Packers -3 at Lions
Saints +7 vs Panthers

John in CT (26-24)
WKY -7.5 vs Southern Miss
UNC +5 vs Clemson
Bucs -1.5 vs Falcons
Giants +2.5 vs Jets

Andy in Seattle (25-23-2)
Alabama -17 vs Florida
MSU -3.5 vs Iowa
Jets -2.5 at Giants
Bucs -1.5 vs Falcons

Ron and Andy are going checker with Alabama.  John and Andy are going Checker with the Bucs in the NFL.  Andy and John also go head to head on the NYJ/NYG game.  Should be a good week in football and good luck to the picks!

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Blog: The Secret Entrance to Disneyland

December 1st, 2015 · Comments


There's a way to get into Disneyland and skip the big lines.   My aunt recommended this route to us: go to Downtown Disney and use your Disneyland ticket to enter the Monorail Station there.   If you stay at any of Disney's Hotel's it's only a 500 foot walk to the station.   The line only goes about 10 deep security check is swift, then you can enter the station with your ticket and use the Monorail to go to Tomorrowland.

This sideways entrance is great on multiple levels:
  • The line to get in is much smaller, albeit you need to have a ticket already before entering, get one online!
  • You skip the big crowds going up Main Street U.S.A.
  • You get a nice ride through the park, even a chance to get an aerial shot of the park to see which "lands" have the smallest crowds.
  • The Tomorrowland station is that much closer to Fantasyland and obviously you get dropped off IN Tomorrowland. 
How about that?  Isn't that good stuff?

Coach, Karen and I decorated the apartment last night…it is really dolled up, pretty cool to see it in action.  We have this big Christmas tree in there, ornaments and all.  Now, in fairness, my contribution was not large at all.  I put up like two ornaments and moved a wire of lights… Coach man loves to drive the bus w/ the decorating, he lives for it!   Much like a chef, we want to let him work his magic.

When you see the podcast tomorrow, sadly most of the decorating won't be in view on our webcam, but we still have a little holiday surprise for you.

I saw the news on Sunday that Kobe Bryant will retire.  It comes not a moment too soon… dude was just horrendous out there.  But for him and the Lakers this must be a huge relief.  It's not just relief on an emotional level, but a fiscal level too.   Imagine the Cap Room that will clear after he retires.  30+ million dollars!   I was glad to see him open up to the media with his reflections on a grand 20 year career.   It's had some great basketball in it.  Now I hope the Lakers will go from this to building a new dynasty with more great talent.   In fact, I wouldn't even mind if the Lakers finished bottom 5 again to get another huge draft pick.  If it pans out, the Lakers could have a foundation much like both the Warriors and the Oklahoma City Thunder.

I went to get a present for my Dad last night at Best Buy.  I really want to say what it is but I'm sure he'll read the blog so I won't give it a way.  While I drove down there I put on ESPN LA 710.  I haven't put on LA sports radio in a very long time.  Max and Marcellus was on with one of the Kamere…  let's just call him the K-man he's one of two brothers that do a Lakers podcast.  Well one of them was filing in for Marcellus and Max Kellerman was in as well.   It may have been one of the all time great days of LA sports radio.   Lots of talk about Kobe's retirement and the future of the Lakers, then a debate on new permanent hire Clay Helton as USC Head Football coach.  Pretty serious debate from hosts and callers on whether USC made the right choice.

I asked around too… I really had no idea what to think, but my buddies think this is just a stopgap.  That makes quite a lot of sense.  I don't think Clay would be coach for more than five years and USC can then re-assess and go after a HUGE big time coach afterward.

Really, Helton is a decent coach and he at least has his head on straight and isn't a dirtbag or a lush.  He's not great… but he's not terrible.   SC has been through too much drama lately and "average" isn't really a bad call, IF… if… Helton can recruit.   So far we have zero idea how his recruiting skills are.   His two predecessors grabbed some pretty good talent.   Honestly:  USC has had good talent forever.  Even when they were terrible, like with Paul Hackett, think of some of the guys from THAT era that had great NFL careers -- Troy Polamalu and Carson Palmer.

So… USC settled all right, but the only big name coach on the table would be Chip Kelly and I think USC thought they could increase their chances five years from now and just hold the fort for now.

The next 4 years of USC football will be interesting.   I'm not expecting anything close to a championship run.  With that said, I think they'll be all right!  Maybe not superb, but pretty good.

What's the difference between a breakfast sausage and a "rest of the day" sausage?   Does seem strange that they needed to craft different versions and there's definitely a taste difference, but what makes it different?  Always wondered that…

Ever find it weird that the "Peanuts" comic strip took place in Northern California and you'd get all these scenes of tangibly snowy weather in the strip and christmas specials?   Northern California gets almost no snow in real life.   Odd right?

I'm going to make an interesting comment here:  Dee Snider is buddies with Donald Trump right?  He was on "The Apprentice."   Donald Trump made some incredibly anti-Hispanic remarks this year.   Yet -- Snider approved his song to be used for Trump's presidential campaign. Is he one to forgive these remarks or did he just overlook them?    Did he suddenly forget that he and Twisted Sister banned their own song from John Rocker's baseball entrances because Rocker made explicitly anti-Puerto Rican comments?   And they did that because Twisted Sister had a Puerto Rican guy in the band and TS thought Rocker's rant was in bad taste.

Go figure huh?

When it comes to cookies, the more chocolate the better.  What is the maximum amount of chocolate you can put into a chocolate chip cookie before it goes from a cookie to a big chocolate bar?    I also want that chocolate to melt right into the batter… one big gooey mess.  That is just the best.

"A Charlie Brown Christmas" aired last night for its 50th Anniversary.  It was quite wild… now do you find the quick cutoff to commercial strange during it's intro?  The reason for that is because the first broadcast of the show featured an in-show billboard for Coca Cola, Coca Cola being the show's sponsor back in 1965.   In the years that followed, different companies sponsored the show, so they had to cut off the intro early, and since it switched to the billboard so quickly, the cutoff would be very awkward. This is the case for "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" as well.  You can find the original intros on YouTube.  

It would never happen today because he's so rich, but imagine the thought of Adam Carolla driving a Corolla signing Carols.  Ah??

That's all for today, happy hunting, friends!

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