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Blog: How can you be the greatest when you’re still being great?

July 7th, 2016 · Comments

We had a doozy asked by the NFL's Twitter page last night: "Is Cam Newton the greatest dual-threat quarterback of all time?"  How could we know this yet when he's still playing?!   You can't be the greatest anything if you're still being great.    It would be difficult to evaluate an entire career until the career is *over.*

Just imagine if you ate a steak and they asked you "was that the greatest steak ever/" after one bite.   Cam Newton isn't even 28 yet.   Who would even know?!

Remember the hot dog story from yesterday?   I thought I'd hit lightning twice in a row -- it didn't take.  Never eat a round of hot dogs after eating Taco Bell for lunch.  Terrible job by the 'cow.

Something about that 'bell yesterday.   I didn't have an enormous amount but whether it was that or some other situation, there was serious air in effect.  I don't think there was much smell though.

...of course the individual never thinks it smells, the true test comes from a third party.

Some of our national biases are a real problem.  I think the country holds itself back with partisan preferences.  Take for example the meat and potatoes crowd.   Just potatoes?   What happened to cucumbers?   What would have been wrong with meat and cucumbers?   Cucumbers are healthy, they are filling, they do many of the same jobs as potatoes and had we cooked them, maybe we'd get some decent fluff with our steak.  Potatoes aren't an end all be all, are they?

I heard UFC 200 got de-railed *big time.*.   This one guy, "Bones" Jones got docked for some illegal substance and he had to go.   "Bones" Jones.   One look at him and forget the bones, he was all muscles.  Maybe that tipped off the uppers.

The question isn't "Why would you not vote for Trevor Story or Corey Seager", the question IS "Why would you vote FOR Addison Russell?"  The hell is wrong with you, Cubs fans?!

When I swim out there, I try to straighten out my entire body..  I go into the pool and I think to myself "be the pencil".  I have to be straight in one line, or what they call a "Streamline."   So I go "be the pencil, be the pencil..." I have been better at this lately but still have a ways to go.

People still use pencils.   It's good to know the pencil was not fully deprecated yet.   What ever would one do to correct mistakes without one?

That's all for now.  Have a great one everybody!

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Blog: What’s Knott to Love?

July 6th, 2016 · Comments

Went to Knott's with my friend the other day, and I thought it was grand!   Half the price of any other theme park, but pretty fun.  You could do worse :cough:Magicmountain:cough:.   I haven't been to Knott's in 20 years and other than the 13 new rides, it was the same Knotts I remembered.

Would you believe, my favorite ride of the day was the old log ride that's been there for decades?  That ride was even better than I expected!   It had been a while and I was pleasantly surprised to get a complete experience.  Anyone waiting on line for that ride woudl think, "ok, it will go up the ramp then drop into the water."  That in itself seemed like fun, but no!  It was truly a fully featured ride; even down to the animatronics.  In fact...

...take a look at this ride, the "Timber Mountain Log Ride."  Doesn't it look a little familiar?

YES!!!!!  it looks like Disneyland completely ripped it off and named theirs "Splash Mountain."   It is practically the same ride, but Knott's had Disneyland beat by a good 20 years.   The original at Knotts still holds up, in fact, I read that they made some improvements to the ride and its pretty smooth.

The day was fun, it was the 3rd of July, and it was not nearly as crowded as Disney or Universal.   Some old timey aspects of Knotts remained the same like the trains and the stagecoaches.   Now folks, I have not been on a stagecoach since the 1850's, and it is a good time, but I noticed something before I got on.  Those horses really had some bulging veins.  I feel bad for the horses you know?   It was the end of the day and they looked tired.   I'm sure they would enjoy pulling 300 pounders if they wanted to, but horses don't have a say in the selection process.  Come on now!

It's gotta be horses to pull those wagons in order for it to be authentic, and man, that was authenticity you could *smell*.  That's right the horses let loose somewhere along the trail and the stench of home made manure was all too present inside and out.  Whoof!

Tell you what else -- I went through this whole weekend and through Independence Day without one hot dog.  I didn't even think about it, and I woke up the Tuesday after and thought "this was a mistake.  I am woefully dog deficient."  When I got out of work, I elected to right the wrong and go to Ralphs.  

At the store I went over to the cold cut section and I thought "just a moment here!  It's the day after Indpendence Day, they must have boffo overstock sales on hot dogs."   Surely enough, BOOOM!   Packs of Nathan's franks on sale for half off, $3.50 for 8.   Nabbed that.   The challenge was the buns.  Buns were boffo popular this weekend and not many were left, I had to settle for the store brand pack that was all beaten around like the Cleveland Browns after a game.  It was a living.

Took those babies home along with the stiff peaches there, and some other knick knacks and grilled the doggies on the pan.   I don't think I gave it enough effort... The heat was too low but the franks were still pretty warm; it was just missing that snap... there aren't natural casings, but even at that you can get a kind of snap if you grill with high temperatures, but I got too paranoid about the casings bursting altogether.    Nevertheless, some steamed wither-buns with nathans hot dogs were a treat!   Turns out I was down to the last of the mustard, always Gulden's.   A good night.

For the record, the peaches were not as bad as I feared... they were stiff but one bite proved tasty.

That's about all for the moment.   Knotts is still all right!   and, not related, I need to check out the new Gus's Fried Chicken location on Crenshaw.  Based out of  Memphis, these guys had rave reviews up to now.   We will assess.

Take care everyone, happy summer!

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