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Football Picks: Week 13 Results

November 29th, 2016 · Comments


Ron in NJ is the winner of Week 13, carried by the Chiefs with their upset win over the Broncos.  Here are the complete football pick results for the entire panel with Ron, John, Andy, Dave, and guest YOTS. (more...)

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Football Picks: Week 6 Results

October 11th, 2016 · Comments

Ron in NJ is a big winner this week with a 4-0 week in picks!  Washington and others led the way.  Here are the complete pick results from our FOOTBALL PICKS panel. 

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Football Picks: Week 6

October 5th, 2016 · Comments


Here are the Week 6 FOOTBALL PICKS for Andy, Ron, John, Dave, and returning guest picker Tom in NJ. 

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No DITCOW Podcast Tonight, Returning Monday 2/1

January 27th, 2016 · Comments

We will not have a DITCOW podcast tonight, but we return Monday, February 1st for SUPER BOWL WEEK!

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This Week’s DITCOW Podcast Postponed

January 19th, 2016 · Comments

This week's DITCOW Podcast episode is postponed to from Wednesday to Thursday night, due to other commitments and possible company at the home studio.  We hope to re-join you then, but if not, we'll see you back here next week at our usual time.

Take care for now, and enjoy the games!

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Kids Club Picks: Week 16 and Final Results

January 4th, 2016 · Comments

Friends, the contest is over, and Week 16 had these outcomes for the Kids Club Picks:

Andy in Seattle went (2-1-1)
SDSU, Seahawks hit; South Florida misses.  Push: Jets

Dave in the City went (2-2)
WKU, Cardinals hit; USC, Falcons miss.

John in CT went (1-3)
Giants hits; Temple, UConn, Jags miss.

Ron in NJ went (0-3-1)
NIU, Indiana, Eagles miss.  Push: Jets

The winner after 16 weeks:  Dave in the City!  Here are the final standings.

Dave: 36-24
Ron: 34-24-2
Andy: 31-26-3
John: 29-31

This was a tremendous contest!   Ron and Dave went neck and neck for the final month of the year, and overall 3 of the 4 panelists finished above .500.  A fine year indeed.  Hopefully more of the same next year, and in the meanwhile, we have the College Football Championship preview w/ the panel Wednesday night at 9:30pm ET, following our Lakers update with Corey Hansford of Lakers Nation.com.  Tune in at youtube.com/ditcow !

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Kids Club Picks: Week 16 (Week 15 NFL)

December 15th, 2015 · Comments

Sad to see the contest come to an end, but here are our final round of Kids Club Football picks.  We picked two Bowl Games and Two NFL Games (Week 15).

Ron in NJ (34-21-1 this season)
NIU +8 vs Boise St. -- Poinsetta Bowl
Indiana -1.5 vs Duke -- Pinstripe Bowl
Jets -3 at Cowboys
Eagles +3.5 vs Cardinals

Dave in the City (34-22)
WKU -2.5 vs South Florida -- Miami Beach Bowl
USC -3 vs Wisconsin -- Holiday Bowl
Jaguars -3 vs Falcons
Cardinals -3.5 at Eagles

Andy in Seattle (29-25-2)
South Florida +2.5 vs WKU -- Miami Beach Bowl
SDSU +1 vs Cincinnati -- Hawaii Bowl
Seahawks -14.5 vs Browns
Jets -3 at Cowboys

John in CT (28-28)
Temple -1.5 vs Toledo -- Boca Raton Bowl
UConn +4 vs Marshall -- St. Petersburg Bowl
Jaguars -3 vs Falcons
Giants +6 vs Panthers

Good luck to all the picks and thanks to Ron, Andy, John, and also Oat Man earlier in the year for a tremendous Kids Club Football Picks season!  We'll have the results on New Year's Week in January 2016.

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Kids Club Results: Week 15

December 14th, 2015 · Comments

Andy is the big winner this week, going 2-0 with his NFL picks.  Here are the complete pick results for Week 15 of the Kids Club Contest:

Andy in Seattle went (2-0)
Steelers & Seahawks both hit.

Ron in NJ went (1-1)
Eagles hits; Bucs misses.

Dave in the City went (1-1)
Seahawks hits; Falcons misses.

John in CT went (0-2)
Bears & Bills both miss.

Here are the standings now after a very hard fought 15 weeks...

Ron: 34-21-1
Dave: 34-22
Andy: 29-25-2
John: 28-28

It comes to THIS.  On a special Tuesday DITCOW to wrap up the year, John, Ron, Andy, and Dave get together to pick TWO COLLEGE BOWL GAMES and TWO NFL WEEK 15 GAMES.   The championship will be decided come NewYear's week.  An exciting time for us all, and a good show we think.  We go live at 9pm Tuesday night, and you can find the link by following DITCOW on Twitter (@ditcow).  Good luck as we close out a marvelous season of football picks and don't forget to join the fun along with a special Christmas Random Q's w/ Kevin on the Cape on our next DITCOW Sports Podcast.

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Kids Club Picks: Week 15 (Week 14 NFL)

December 9th, 2015 · Comments

Here they are without further delay!   This week we have just 2 NFL picks each...

Ron in NJ (33-20-1 this season)
Eagles +1 vs Bills
Bucs -3.5 vs Saints

Dave in the City (33-21)
Falcons +7.5 at Panthers
Seahawks -6 at Ravens

John in CT (28-26)
Bears -3 vs Redskins
Bills -1 at Eagles

Andy in Seattle (2-2)
Steelers +3 at Bengals
Seahawks -6 at Rams

Good luck to all the picks!  We return with 4 picks for our final week of the contest on Tuesday.   We'll have two bowl picks and two NFL picks to close the season. 

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Kids Club Results: Week 14

December 7th, 2015 · Comments

Dave in the City comes up big in Week 14, going 3-1 in picks.   With the win for the week he cuts into Ron in NJ's lead in the standings, and Andy and John stay close behind w/ 2-2 weeks.  Here are the results in detail.

Dave in the City went (3-1)
Bowling Green, Packers, Saints hit; Georgia Southern misses (not only did they miss, they lost outright to Georgia State).

Andy in Seattle went (2-2)
Jets, Bucs hit; Alabama, Michigan State miss

John in CT went (2-2)
WKY, Bucs hit; UNC, Giants miss

Ron in NJ went (1-3)
WKU hits; Bama, Pats, Redskins miss

Ron was close to going 3-1 for the week, but Bama's run to build a lead fell just short and the Tide won by just 15.   The Redskins tied the game late against the Cowboys, but Dallas had a 40 second drive for the winning Field Goal.  So, with 14 weeks of action in the books, here are the standings.

Ron: 33-20-1
Dave: 33-21
John: 28-26
Andy: 27-25-2

Ron is now just percentage points ahead of Dave in the standings, nearly neck and neck.  Both Ron and Dave appear to have made the contest a two team race, but everyone can still finish strong and keep above .500.  This week we have just the two NFL picks so there won't be much movement in next week's standings, but it sets up a big finish for the week after.  Join us at our usual time, 6pm ET on Wednesday for the next round of "Kids Club" picks.   We go live at youtube.com/ditcow !

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