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A new approach to DITCOW

July 20th, 2015

First of all, I apologize.

The program I produced last time was terrible.  I won't sugar coat it or defend it.  It was awful.   Thank you for your continued support despite the sub-par production.   I was on vacation and had a chance to re-focus.
It boils down to this:   I think I tried too hard to make the show about sports subjects and while this is fun to do, I need to market the show differently.  I realized over time that most people remember guests and personalities the most.   Why, then, am I marketing the show as the place to broach general sports topics?  I think it's a mistake.  All other popular podcasts use the title of the guest in the name of the episode.  They all center around the conversation with *personalities* not the conversation of a particular sports story.  
I would like to re-purpose the DITCOW podcast from this point forward as a personality driven show.  It's always had personality driving the program, but now I want to make it the mission statement.   So, from this point forward, when you see teases for the show or YouTube postings, I will tout the PEOPLE that will contribute the show and less the sports topic of conversation.  After all, the ones who's stuck with us through all the years remember the characters the most, not the games or final scores:  Great folks like Andy in Seattle, Kevin on the Cape, Lou in Hoboken, Gerry in Piscataway, Ari in Philadelphia, Oomer in Rockland, John in CT, "Say Hello to Ottis", Tom in NJ, Andrew Jacobsen, Jacob Rosales, Canadien Karen, and many others.   This is a show about people... we now will appropriate it that way first and foremost.