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Blog: Beware of Peet’s Coffee — so much good stuff!

July 22nd, 2016

Peet's Coffee puts me on a level that you would not *believe.*  I get completely wired.   I go nuts, friends.  I can sometimes be all over the place talking to friends after a cup of Peet's.  It's so rich, it's so bold, it's so dang GOOD!

Look at this blog now, written with a jolt of the Peet's... the energy is just at outrageous levels.   Nothing gets me going like a Peet's.  What is the secret ingredient?  What is the magic?   They do something by goodness!   It's amazing.

This is simultaneously the danger of Peet's... you can be so pumped up you overwhelm the people around you but the energy is great!  If I were to host a morning radio show I'd stop at Peet's before going on air... the problem is that Peet's wouldn't open until 5:30 am so it would be a challenge.  But MAN say they did open earlier you'd be on the moon, maybe in another galaxy.

You ever notice that they use cornmeal crumbs when baking pizzas?   Maybe they don't do that on the East Coast but it is all over West Coast pizza.  The concept is that it keeps the dough from sticking to the oven.   Then when you eat it its like you get all these little crumbs all over the table.  That gets annoying.

If someone didn't like Mexican food, but you knew they liked fries, I have an easy go-between: California fries:   fries with carne asada, cheese, sour cream, and guacamole.  If they didn't like avocados, just hold the guacamole.  If they didn't like the sour cream, take that out.  If they didn't like the cheese, take that out and they could still put in the other two.

...but if that guy doesn't like beef, you might be out of luck.  Might be possible to do the fries with chicken.

I am pumped because we are going to have WEIRD AL YANKOVIC AT THE HOLLYWOOD BOWL tonight!  Do the dance!!! I have the tickets!  I am going to the show.  Show tonight!

When I was a kid, I like many of you, had childhood crushes.  First one I can remember was Mary Lou Retton.  Now fellas... I would say that in the mid-80's kids and teens across America had some kind of crush on Mary Lou Retton... I was 2 during that Olympics, so I didn't see her do gymnastics, but later on I remember the highlights and photos.   Grace and beauty, so when I was *4* she was a thing.   She had this great smile, and still does!  Check out recent photos of her.  

Thought I'd have more to share here, but I do not.  Stay cool my friends, hot one this weekend, take care!