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Blog: Cars

November 7th, 2016

Cars on my mind lately.  My thoughts on cars plus some other non-automotive nonsense. 

Iono about vaping fellas. It seems like people are breathing steam from an iron. If I wanted to breathe the steam from an iron, I'd go get an iron.

When I see the Seahawks' uniforms I start thinking of Doublemint Gum.

Saw some thing on TV with Tyler Perry and he said "hi I'm Tyler Perry!" And I knew it was him because I remembered him from the 15 movies each year with his name in the title.

If you think about it: we are seeing the golden age of Clippers basketball.

My production at work was rough around the edges lately. If they had a minor league version of cubicles, I'd get sent to AAA.

Earlier this year I *ripped* the Chevy Volt on here... well I'm three weeks without my beloved 1994 Camry with a now busted transmission and borrowing my parents' minivan. The joke is on me, friends.

I'm thankful to have such generous parents to be allowed any vehicle at all while the old car is fixed. I know -- lots of questions here but the bottom line is I gotta get my old car in sellable condition and then sell the thing. By the way, the van is a pretty cool ride. Nice V6 engine and everything. You might hold up OK racing a Toyota Sienna on the track w a few stock cars.

...Costco hot dogs are clutch. Something about them and their cheap ole $1.50 price tag hits the spot.

Ever have those moments where you jones for a Lawry's Beef Bowl cut? Nobody could eat the whole thing. That's an outrageous amount of meat. But, BUT. You could put a dent into it, then have a week's worth of eventual sandwich meat. 

A bdbdbdbbdbdb that's all, folks! See you next time.