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Blog: Dave vs the Corn Dog

December 15th, 2015

Recently I went head to head with a Corn Dog at Disneyland.  It came from a friend of mine, Dann, who made the suggestion... The trip to Disneyland was also by an invitation from another friend, free of charge!  It was quite a day.

But anyway, the corn dog.  Let me tell you fellas... this corn dog was so damn good it blew me away.  The corn meal used for the batter was premium grade.  The dog on the inside was juicy and tasty.   I took a bite and it was like going into another world.  I leaned in and took another bite.  That was a fight to the finish... it felt like the corn dog was eating ME.   What a treat!   You can get one over at this red cart that at the end of Main St. on the right as you go into Tomorrowland.  Good stuff and good times.

Other thoughts...

One of my favorite moments is when I went to a swim practice and it was 37 degrees outside early in the morning.   It was very tough to get out there but once I was into the water it was awesome.

I prefer that a lot to when its fairly warm and the water is ALSO extra warm.  That's no good... 

Nearly every sweater I have has ugly tendencies.   The term "ugly" is so subjective, but there are silly patterns involved.  The colors aren't too garish though.

Sometimes when I ask a question, all I want is an answer.  I will ask questions sometimes to friends and get a bunch of sarcastic jokes.  Is this life or "Hollywood Squares?"

That's it for the moment.  I had more but I forgot it.  Let me see if I can follow up with a blog post later on.  Catch you all soon.