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Blog: Fan of the Furious

May 19th, 2017


I finally got to see all 8 "Fast and the Furious" movies and, my goodness, it's fun!  Plus other blog nonsense. 

When I built my home theater system in my bedroom, I looked up good movies that have a great surround sound mix.   One of the titles was "Furious 7," so I went to pick it up.   My goodness, what a fun movie!

I thought, "it has cars, it has women, and it's full of action."  This was good stuff.   Everyone would tell me how bad these movies are, but call me crazy, this was a good watch.   So I thought "before Fast 8 comes out, I want to see the rest of the movies in order."   I told my uncle about it back in Oxnard, and he is a HUGE fan of cars and the Fast and Furious series.  He offered to let me borrow all of the Fast and Furious movies on blu rays.

That was so nice of him.   I took them home and over about three weeks I watched the movies whenever I could.  It was during peak playoff season, so it took a while to get to them all, but that was fantastic!   I'm glad I saw them all in a row.   It all started with Brian, an undercover cop who tried to nab a guy stealing crap from big trucks with Honda Civics with his friends.  That guy turned out to be Dom Toretto, one of the sharpest guys around, and a fan of the vintage American muscle car.

**SPOILERS BELOW, if you haven't seen em, skip ahead to the next Daveblog**

Then the second movie just went on a tangent and put Brian in Miami with this new guy Roman Pierce, who you guys may otherwise know as Tyreese Gibson.  That guy is a hoot!  Dude is funny.  Ludacris makes a cameo as the shop owner Tej Parker.  It's weird to see a movie that seemed to not have anything to do with anything from the first movie, but onward.

Third movie was a visually captivating, nearly the whole film took place in Tokyo.  Incredibly strange though.  None of the original characaters were in the mix until the very end.  It really felt like a Fast and Furious spinoff.

That third movie is tough to explain within the context of the series, and the producers had to go through a whole lot of creative manuvers to make sense of it.  Essentially the next three movies had to be set in the past before the third one took place, but in so doing, technically the third movie is also set about three years in the future.  There's no way it will make sense until you see all the movies.

Movie number four: all the original characters make their big return, but things have changed.  Watch the film and you'll see.  It gets crazy folks!

Fast Five: now this is where it gets interesting.  We just had four movies about street racing.  The uppers made a pretty conscious decision to sell out and turn the series into a series of comic book movies.   The guys suddenly team up and become the Avengers each with their own super powers.  Tej comes back and out of the blue he's doing IT!   Roman is back cracking the jokes and becomes the Luigi to Brian's Mario.  Dom gained 900 lbs and became the Incredible Hulk.   Han knocks out some ideas channeling his inner Donnatello the Ninja Turtle.  Even Wonder Woman seemingly comes into the mix as Giesle (see what I did there??  ah???).  And Mia... well she pretty much does nothing.  

Suddenly you have this magnificent six or seven with a couple Dominican Guys crashing the party and ALL OF THEM fight the Rock.  Look at that... but then hilarity ensues and suddenly they're all on the same team fighting justice and evil.

I think up to here I'll say that Five could be the most satisfying one of the series... it seems to have combined the Avengers with Oceans Eleven and then added cars.

By the sixth movie, you now have a group with more heads than an ESPN NFL Studio desk.   It was just getting ridiculous by that point, but they all were fighting this British guy in England.   but he's just one, step, ahead, until they all meet on a runway that just goes and goes and goes for 20 minutes until the plane is deep into Scotland but justice once again saves the day.

If that wasn't intense enough, Furious 7 really took it up a notch.  Critics were genuinely delighted at this movie, even saying it was the best one yet.  Some of those sequences were outstanding.  Really was crushing to see Paul Walker (Brian) die half way through shooting.   I didn't realize how crushing a death it was at the time but I do now.   The cast basically said "he IS the Fast and the Furious."  The entire cast and crew did a wonderful job completing the film, and there's a tribute to Paul at the end.  The tribute is so moving, you're guaranteed to cry.

This all brought us to Fast 8 aka "The Fate of the Furious."   I wondered how they would pull it off without Brian, but in essence they did.  Didn't feel quite the same, but it was tremendous chemistry from start to end.  There were, however, moments where I felt "man, this is the 8th one."   Overall, it's a fun watch, but I think you really need to see the other 7 to truly appreciate 8.  Seeing it on its own you'd think "this is a pretty good car action movie with a whole lot of cliches."   That's all well and good but you really need to get to know all the characters to connect everything together.  That was true of 7 as well, but 7 seemed to have such BITCHIN' car sequences that you could just enjoy it alone.

I'm glad they made an entire 15 year movie series about cars.  Never seen anything like it before.  The cars in all eight of these movies are fantastic.  Cars new and old.  Imports.  Domestics.  Fancy cars.  Sports Cars.  Cheap-ass cars, which includes just a nutty 80s junk car to start one of the films that has to be seen to be believed.  it's impossible for any car from that decade to move, I'm positive there were many MANY modifications to make it keep up with the action.  Then there was the super high end Bentleys and Maseratis.  A Yenko Camaro.   A classic Vette, and I would guess at least 2 or 3 different vintage Ford Mustangs.  You could name the cars from any era and it *probably* was in a Fast and Furious movie.  The Volkwagan Jetta, Lexus IS 300*

*Captain No-Fun says it was a Lexus SC400.  Onward.

The list really can go on a while.  In the beginning the Toyota Celica and Nissan Skyline were the stars.  And who could forget Dom's 1970 Charger.  Can you imagine it?   This movie took the Dukes of Hazzard car and made it an icon in the 2000's.  In the middle, you had big time pacific rim drifters.  Mazda MX-7, Mitsubishi Lancer, stuff like that.  Then towards the end we got into the high roller cars like the aforementioned Bentleys and Maseratis, PLUS a Lamborghini in there.  

Any fan of cars and action will appreciate the great representation of car culture in these films.  Each film also brings new surprises.  It's quite a scene.  

All right some other thoughts...

When you boogie do you move the head back and forth or side to side?  

Friends and I have spirited debates about what toppings you use for a pizza.  Here's one Little Caesars tried out and I think it could work with proper execution:  pulled pork.   A genuinely solid pulled pork could work pretty nicely in the proper quantity.  Imagine the succulence of the pork juxtaposed with the gooey cheese and a crispy crust.   I could get behind that for sure, perhaps it could work better with a barbecue sauce instead of the pizza sauce.

I thought about this: the more popular shows of the day are CSI, Fargo, and Game of Thrones.   I'm not sure when it spiraled out of control, but does a show HAVE to have someone viciously murdered every week to get an audience?  My, what savages.

I started to latch onto "the Gaming Historian" on YouTube.  It's a tremendous channel for every fan of video games, check it out!

They had a movie that focused on the obsession of sex and violence on TV and one entity's quest to exploit it for evil by way of killing off those who watched it.   It was called VIDEODROME and man the film is creepy as hell, and I only read the synopsis!

I can't speak to whether a pen is mightier than a sword, but if you jazz it up, the pen can be way more expensive.

I tried club seats at Angel Stadium recently and it's completely the way to go.  The Big A is long in the tooth and the ticket prices are dirt cheap, even for club seats, so why not pull up a chair and let the lady in the red shirt deliver the hot dog for you?

I can't believe how old the Angel Stadium video board is... but I'm saving the full comment for a future blog.  Catch you all soon!