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Blog: Holiday Leftovers

December 23rd, 2015

This is my last posting before Christmas Day.  I want to wish all of you a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!  If you celebrate other holidays such as Chanukah I hope you had a wonderful holiday season as well.  You all have been very kind to support this blog and read it every now and again.   

We get holiday leftovers every year, don't we?   I devised a very useful system to finally, at last, log ideas I come up with over the week without rushing for pen and paper.   I couldn't figure out how to log stuff I come up with on the fly wherever I go.  That would erase a lot of funny ideas I had in my head, one liners and so on, because I'd forget what I thought of the next day.  Now I can log all sorts of blog ideas whenever inspiration strikes me.

I have a few of these ideas cached on my phone with the Calendar app, and on the app I can write memos, and even date them so that I can index time and place if I need.   So here are the thoughts I have left over from the phone. 

Boy what a treat seeing an original Star Wars movie last weekend!  I saw my first showing of the film at the Arclight Sherman Oaks... to commemorate the occasion I wore my only Star Wars shirt... but whoever gave it to me thought I was still 14 years old... man this shirt was tiny... it was "Medium" size for a guy who's got much bigger arms and chest after years of swimming.   No disrepect to my family for the gift... its an awesome shirt -- and it DID fit... rather tightly but it fit.    It was like one of those Under Armor shirts... a friend of ours, Nick, and his GF joined Coach and Canadian Karen and I at the table.  Nick went up to me and said "Lookin' good, muscle man!"  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh boy.

Last weekend I also had a nice lunch with work staff at a place in Venice called Gjelina.  My goodness -- how good is their Lamb Sausage pizza?  HOW GOOD?  That was fantastic... the crust was equally as good as Mozza over in Hollywood, and the sausage was so tender and tasty.  The crushed red tomato base was great.   That was a fantastic pizza.  Worth another try down the road.

Would you have guessed back in the 60's and 70's that glasses would be the IN thing?   I think it's more fashionable TO wear glasses than it is to not wear them now.   As if the tables turned and the nerds are now calling the shots.  I love it!   

When you go on the toilet, do you ever think "some serious shit is going down!"?

Constipation must be a "blue balls" moment for the intestines.

I can't end the blog on toilet jokes -- I finally got to see the L.A. Live Premiere Cinema auditorium and that has to be THE BIGGEST stadium seating theater I have ever seen.   It is incredibly gorgeous, and ENORMOUS.  A screen that towers over you... 70 feet wide!  The theater is so big that it has a pretty extensive balcony level over the existing stadium seats.   It's so big that when I entered the balcony, I was like "whew, this is a pretty nice looking balcony, only to realize I was in one of TWO SECTIONS of the balcony.. there was a whole lower section of just the balcony level I could get down to.  and so -- I did.  I was on the 2nd row of the balcony, not the first.  The first row of the balcony was too close to the railing and it was a distraction to me when I reclined in my seat so I moved up a row.  Further -- for whatever reason the first row doesn't get divided by the two aisles so it was way more difficult to get into seats on taht first row of the balcony, so second row.  Ooh it was fantastic.

To give you a proper idea just how enormous this theater is at the L.A. Live Premiere Cinema, here's a picture of it looking out from the screen into the audience.

How cool is that??  I learned that on Tuesdays you can enter every screen at LA Live for 8 bucks... so I took advantage and sampled this screen for the first time at half the price.  An amazing experience.  Impressive Dolby 7.1 sound too... it doesn't sound like the theater is equipped for ATMOS yet, but it sounds incredible as it is... and more than anywhere I've been before I can really hear details in the sound I could not back at the Arclight a week earlier when I saw Star Wars.  That's saying something because Arclight Sherman Oaks has a great sound system.

A wonderful start to the holidays.  Have a great week all!  I'll reconnect with more blog stories next time.