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Blog: Hot Takes: The Movie!

September 11th, 2016


Can't get enough of those hot takes, a lot like what Fox Sports' Skip Bayless does..  but here's what I think is funny about that clown.  PLUS: Another *wild* food truck story

This dope, Skip Bayless, yells stupid stuff and gets all sorts of eyeballs to his TV show and twitter.  We all get mad but everybody know's it's a trap.   Well, he's a big enough pot stirrer to trip *Fox* into his act and they signed him up to do TV shows for their sagging FS1 network.

The promos for this show are so hokey yet silly at the same time.   Some of them are running on the MLB.tv online streaming service so there's really no avoiding them.   One of them has Bayless at the movie theater watching an action flim and the guy in the movie sees Bayless in the theater and yells "Is that Skip Bayless?  You're the clown that picked the Cowboys to go to the Super Bowl!"

That was great!  I hope more movies can call out Skip Bayless in the middle of the movie while he's in the building.   That would be such a kick!

I think at the end of the day I think podcast ad programs are like deceptive gambling.  You put all these things you hope to sell and put in money to advertise it, start a podcast and pay the server hosting fees, and I don't know maybe two or three guys buy something?   

There are some online polls where they ask you to vote yes or no on something, but there come many times when my answer is "I don't care."

Speaking of "flames" I can have so much fun with just one of those flame broiled 1/3 pound burgers with the juice oozing from the patty.  During the summer or barbecue season, I don't even care if it's medium rare, if it's just medium well and full of juice, those outdoor grill burgers are the thing.  So good.

On Twitter, I teased a trip to Jim Dandy Fried Chicken.   It was kitsch all right, that building.   It was dropped on us by the 70's, I felt like had I gone into the kitchen there'd be shag carpet all over.  The chicken was said to be among the best in Los Angeles, and after eating it, unfortunately, I did not come off with the same opinion.

In LA, I have had a series of good experiences with Fried Chicken that put it into my top five.  Louisiana Fried Chicken on Centinela over in Inglewood, the recent SoCal debut of Gus's Fried Chicken based in Memphis, and even the fried chicken at the Deli in Ralphs.   These are extremely high quality birds, tasty and exceptional with over a dozen seasonings and juicy fresh tasting chicken on the inside.   Jim Dandy's did not present any of that taste.  I bit into it after bringing it home and right away I could sense the chicken was either pre frozen or otherwise stock chicken that was edible but unremarkable.   What really got me was the lack of seasoning on any level... the "crust" if you will, that fried skin, had good texture, but it was so bland too.   I realize how simplistic just using Lawry's seasoned salt is, but that salt is a winner!   Louisiana Fried chicken just doles the Lawry's on and it's borderline spectacular.

So, a disappointment, in the end.   Dandy's isn't bad chicken by any means, but just nothing I haven't had before and to drive 16 miles and 30 minutes to get it didn't have me begging to go back.  Having said that, their fried "fritters", which are powdered donut balls, are outstanding!   But, unlike Gus's, I don't feel the urge to drive 30 minutes just to pick some up.

Over the 7 years I've been in town, I've run into a growing number of over hyped restaurants that wound up not doing it for me.  Previous to Dandy's, the institution known as "El Tepeyac" was all the rage, and still is.   First of all, the *people* at the ole 'yac were incredible to me and it remains a family run cafe.   I think that's awesome, truly, surely.   Unfortunately, I had the "bland problem" with their Machaca burrito.   I couldn't get past that, and I should have considered that going in anyway because shredded beef is such a mixed bag and few guys have it *down.*   Most of the time it just winds up being ordinary tasting.  Some do the Machaca spelndidly: case in point -- Burrito King on Sunset Blvd in Echo Park.   That Machaca burrito is out of sight, man!  *So* good.  At the 'yac, not so much.  It was huge as advertised, but just good, not great.

Another example: That taco truck that was hyped to the hilt on Yelp at Olympic and La Brea was one to remember, because the hype goes right *into* the line.  You get all sorts of traveling jokers just like I was that night trying to make the pilgrimage to the taco truck under this enormous billboard.   So I finally went over there, one night, and it was so early that the truck wasn't even *there*.  So I went across the street to the Arby's facsimile "Top Round Roast Beef" and got a soda.  And I went over to a table by the window and stared at that corner like those guys in the movie "Sneakers."   Then you'd see all these clowns start to line up and after a while the truck rolled in, so I walked in behind them.  Waiting in a line like this to eat tacos, unbelievable.   Is it even possible for Al Pastor meat to be worth this much?   I talked with a couple who was in the line and they had this story about how they were going all over town trying different trucks and they thought that this was THE ONE.  You get these moments where you wonder if you truly entered "the Matrix."

So after a while and enough banter with the folks around me, I ordered my tacos and got them minutes later.   I was eating them and my first takeaway was a line I had *no* expectation of using that evening: "I've had better."

Unbelievable, after struggling to find a place to park, settling for deep into one of the side streets with no lighting and killing time at the roast beef sandwich shop in between, I wound up with a taco that was a little dry and nearly equaled by the green truck I used to go to two blocks from my former West LA apartment.   It was in fact good, but not **nearly** as great as the guys on yelp led me to believe!   My personal favorite, legit "real deal it would be almost identical to the ones in Mexico" taco truck would be "El Flamin taco" off a corner along Vermont Ave, next to a car wash and just a little bit down the road from a Jack in the Box.  THAT was the stuff...  you will know that you hit the right one when you see the spit with the al pastor meat on a separate cart separated from the truck.

These people with their food trucks -- if they think they're so hot with their trucks and they keep going to the same place, why don't they build a restaurant?

Are you ready for this, that roast beef sandwich shop I killed time at?  I went there just two weeks ago, or about a year after the original trip and had a sandwich, and it was *great!*  I was blown away with how good it was, so much better than even Arby's.  The bun had too much salt, so I scratched off a few of the crystals, but otherwise, exceptional beef and bread.

That's all from here, have a great day everyone!