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Blog: Irish Coffee

November 17th, 2015

Last night I had a taste of Irish Coffee.   I was waiting for a friend at a Barney's Beanery with the Texans/Bengals game on.  Man, that was a trip drinking that.  My first thought was to get coffee as I wasn't staying long, but I needed something to kill about a half hour.   I thought "coffee is too much energy, I need a balance between that and soda."  I should have stuck with the soda.

The Irish coffee did not look as festive as the one in the picture.  It was just plain coffee with the rum in it.   No cream, no whipped topping.   That was too bad... I went with it... I couldn't drink it but in small sips so it took a while.  It was an odd experience, but I think I'd try it again, just somewhere else where they do a better job with it.  Here's the kicker, I knew it would cost about as much as a regular drink, but they docked me 8 and a half bones for that Irish coffee!  I was like "for that?"  That was the laziest Irish coffee I had to date.

Now here's the funny thing with Colin Cowherd:  Fox Sports tries very hard to market Herd as a tough guy, hard hitting, no holds barred shock jock, but then you actually put the show on and you hear this moany, whiny, adolescent sounding voice that makes you laugh.    That's been the charm of Cowherd's show for years.   Dude is hilarious!  Sometimes it's intentional, but most of the time it's unintentional.   I haven't heard his show much since the move to Fox... its not like I don't have the time slot to put him on, but it is tough to break routine, and switching from iTunes to iHeartRadio's clunky website is grossly inefficient, so I don't bother with it.   It'd be nice if he had a podcast that I could easily add to my podcast player, but it's not out there!

You really CAN'T take Cowherd's opinions that seriously anyway.  I never really have, he's a double talker, and can pit people against themselves if you're not keen on his strategy.  HE contradicts h i m s e l f frequently.  It would be a more entertaining, less grating, not as obvious version of Skip Bayless' style of commentary.  He is specifically trying to stir reaction, but he can have a flair for entertaining people with it.  He doesn't seem terribly bright overall, but he does seem human.  With all that said, I wish him well and probably won't listen to him much for the foreseeable future.

Gosh... I feel like I was absorbed by the Mon Stars today.  My sense of humor has been neutralized greatly.  I really don't have much for stories or ideas today.  My apologies.

I miss peach season greatly.   We have apples and grapes, but it's not the same.  

Ever get those deluxe Ramen packets?  There was one I got as a small Christmas present, and it was amazing.  It comes in a circle so the ramen sponge is round to fit optimally into your small pot.  

I think that's all this time around.  I'll come up with some new stories later on, but enjoy the evening!  We have a live DITCOW podcast tomorrow night.