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Blog: Looking for Z’s, have you found them?

July 28th, 2016

I'm having some good sleeps this week but I do find it tough to get in that *complete* sleep.  You know how the complete game is a rarity for MLB pitchers?  I am looking for that complete sleep and it's just as rare for all of us.   The whole 8 hours.   I'm usually pretty happy with a solid 6 hours of sleep.  Oh those Z's, how I love them.

When I was a kid I used to see these commercials for "Nytol".  These were pills to help you sleep and the commercial sang "Nytol will help you get your z's."   The whole thing was charming, the little pills had a tiny "N" on them and they would roll over to look like z's.

I'm pretty sure I annoyed my mom with that song all day long "Nytol will help you get your z's!"   Probably kept her up all night am I right?

We have a funny way with language.   In politics guys have always been at odds.  Republicans fighting the Democrats and vice versa.  Then the Democrats became "liberals" and the Republicans "conservatives."   Then it was a fight against "left wing" guys or "right wing" guys.  Now it's just ridiculous:  today they're all fighting "the left."  And the other side is fighting "the right."  When did we start fighting against arrows?  The heck is all this?!

Does a scone go up to a bunch of cookies and go "hey ladies, want to see what it's like to meet a real biscuit?"

I have counted down days, hours, minutes, and seconds to Saturday morning when I will *finally* go down to "El Taco" all the way in Downey on the way to the Downey Con Comic Book event.  I have been craving those meat stuffed tacos and beefy cheesey burritos since my last trip in the spring.  Those things are so dense and so good.

This week, right here, is the sweet spot of peach season.  I know in my heart it won't get any better than this week and I went for it.  Had a big bag of peaches at $1.50 a pound and went to town.  Ohh they are so good.  The insides are extra orange, the taste is extra sweet and a little tart.  They are perfect peaches right now.

Firestone DBA... had a pint last weekend in Summerland where, WOULD YOU BELIEVE Bill Clinton and family would visit frequently during his presidency.  Summerland is a nice little town that comes just before Santa Barbara as you go north on the 101 freeway.  On the way out I saw a 90's vintage photo posted on the wall of Bill Clinton, Hilary, and Chelsea all having fun at the same restaurant I was at.  Huh!  Ya know, I forgot the name of the place, but it was a saloon through and through.  Had stuffed moose heads and a wooden indian on the porch and all sorts of business.  It had a nice crunch burger going and I ordered one with my family.  On the wall, mounted on a shelf there was a saxophone and on a placard it said "only to be played by President Clinton."  Pretty neat touch.

And that's not all!  For those other arrow fighters out there, another claim to fame here at this bar I cannot name because my memory stinks, is the late President Ronald Reagan who also cut his bones having meals at this very bar.  He and Nancy were reg's here at the saloon.  They even got their special designated booth in the corner.  My sister and I had a seat inside the booth for pictures.  So how about that?   A famous Republican and a famous Democrat both having common ground with this cool little saloon.  I should mention that the Firestone DBA on tap is just phenomenal.  That was a go-to when I lived up in Santa Barbara.. reminded me of the good ole days.

I don't play the "Pokemon GO" game but I do go to my bedroom and try to catch those z's I was talking about.   I find greater satisfaction catching those than little pokeballs this week.  Let me get after some more of those, have a good weekend!