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Blog: Republican National Convention Recap

July 18th, 2016

Monday kicked off the Republican National Convention, and apparently a spirited affair albeit one that didn't have that much attendance if some accounts are right.

...now I am not *really* going to do a whole blog on the Republican National Convention.   I know the deal... everybody from the party gathers and goes rah rah blah blah blah, we'll see the same deal with the Democratic National Convention.  I don't have anything useful to add... I know it's a big deal!  But I can't really contribute anything here.  There are people far more qualified than me to comment on these events.

I'm so behind on conventions, I let the California Extreme Arcade convention slip right by my fingers.  COMPLETELY.   I was so out of the loop that it went down last weekend and I missed it!  A golden opportunity to wear a video game t shirt while playing classic arcade machines wasted.

The convention is special to me because I don't know anywhere else with such a concentration of classic games and pinball machines.   I went the previous two years and enjoyed it greatly... to be one with the nerds.  Felt like home.

If the Republican or the Democratic National convention could squeeze in a few Asteroids machines and a couple Dig Dug clusters we might have something.


Think about this:  I had a cheese sandwich this morning.  I had the bread, I had the cheese, it was all together.  I was tantalizingly close to a grilled cheese sandwich.  Consider the gross amount of foreplay involved making this sandwich.   It was all right there for it.     Would the sandwich be frustrated to be so close to oozy grilled satisfaction only to be denied?   

Souplantation has "Lemon Month" going.  Every July it goes down, but I have a secret and my sister is going to kick my butt if she finds out:  Lemon Month doesn't really do it for me.   It's good stuff, but I don't get excited for it the way I do for Italian month or Mexican food month or Thanksgiving month when they try the chicken pot pie or the cream of turkey soup.   If I had to choose, I felt like my favorite themed month at Souplantation is December.  In the salad days, haha salad!, Souplantation used to roll out the cream of turkey soup.  Today it is no longer, but I always remembered having it and each time it blew me away.   The best soup they *ever* had... I dream of it sometimes that cream of turkey.  They would serve biscuits next to it too if memory serves.

As I write this blog the Angels made a really big comeback on the Rangers in Anaheim... I saw they were down at least 3 runs and suddenly, they're up 5-4 on the 'gers.   Incredible.. especially for such a crummy team like Anaheim.

I do ponder the line you have to draw to distinguish a burrito from a wrap.   That line is probably lettuce.  When lettuce gets involved it's shaky.   Otherwise I think you need one of either beans or rice to make the burrito authentic.   With that said, the breakfast burrito is notably canon despite the lack of either one.

Of all the movies in theaters the one I want to see most right now is "Central Intelligence."  I am intrigued at the clever combination of The Rock and Kevin Hart.

Weird Al Yankovic is very good at game shows; his chance of success really depends on the contestants he plays with.   This guy on the $100,000 pyramid didn't come through for him in the first round, but it got better later on.

To this day one of the funniest game show moments was when I saw Weird Al play Wheel of Fortune with James Brown on the same episode.  I just loved that!  Both guys were having so much fun with each other.   You got some great senses of humor with those fellas.  *I* felt good!   Hopefully them too?

That's all from here, that honeydew melon won't cut itself am I right?  Catch you all next time.