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Blog: Super Blog Sunday (No Podcast Tonight)

February 10th, 2016

Super Bowl 50!   Good buildup, good tributes to the 50 years of Super Bowls... the game?   Not so good.   However, I thought it was a great display of great defense on both ends of the field.

I'm not doing a podcast tonight, so I want to share my thoughts of the game here.  First of all, what a run for Peyton Manning.   He honestly did nothing in the game, but he played well *enough* to keep the Broncos in it.  Zero offensive touchdowns, until the very end but a great defense and a defensive score got the job done.  I was impressed at that Broncos defense.  The pass rush was sharp and Von Miller was all over the field.  DeMarcus Ware, I remember him, he was big time.   Roby and co. were KILLING IT in the pass coverage.

Having said that, what were the Panthers doing?   My goodness, whether it was Cam inexplicably not diving for a fumble late, or Ron Rivera literally making ZERO halftime adjustments.  None.   It was so obvious that the running game was not working... you gotta get away from that and try something else.  Nothing... Rivera just kept running the same tired old ineffective running plays.  What was Cam doing staying in the pocked.  I thought they should have worked him out of the pocket way more. I realize the passh rush was not giving the team time to move left OR right, but you gotta do something.

My friends, incluing Kids Club panelist Ron in NJ were calling for screen passes in the 2nd half.  This would have been great strategy.  It would at least keep the rest of the defense honest.   Just staying with the plodding pocket offense played right into Denver's hands.   I was very disappointed at the Panthers' play in Super Bowl 50.

Cam also was disappoitning.. after all the years and the strides he made, to go into that and not own your mistakes was unfortunate.   I heard about him walking out on the presser afterward.  Now, the media is ridiculous so I won't leave them blame-less, but being gracious in losing does wonders for PR.   I understand being a sore loser, but it does seem odd he was not taking more ownership of how ineffective he was... and he was ineffective - from the first pass which sailed way over a receivers head.  I also saw some dropped passes too, but he had a tough day.  I don't think thats so egregous... even the greatest QB's ever had tough days.  I think all most people wanted was for him to own up to it.

Cam's got a great career going and more of the same ahead of him.  It reminds me of LeBron when he lost in the finals... he won most of his life, losing can be a tough thing to respond to, and LeBron was just as bad in the pressers.  Remember his "Well at least I have a nice house and a nice life" speech?  Not so good.

Similarly, I think Cam is just so amazing that his moment will come.  Manning looked just as bad in supe rbowls, hell, he looked pretty bad THIS year but he had a great team around him to pick him up.  --but it was tough to defense his general lack of poise in the face of the big moment.  He did shake Peyton's hand and congratulate him to be fair, so that part I don't really harp on.

That puts it in the books!   Another NFL season come and gone.  I hope for bigger things next year.  I feel really good about my own team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, having a big year.  More people will be healthy.   They really need to draft defensive backs this year.   That's got to be a priority.  Not sure what will be available that low on the draft board but we shall see what they do.   2016 will be a big NFL year methinks.

That's it for the moment.   Now -- its time to catch up on College Basketball and food and all the good things.  Hope life is good to you all, 'til next time...