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May 25th, 2017


Angels Stadium is showing its age.  Time for a face-lift.  (plus other random thoughts) 

Writers will try to tease to a point with articles like this, and I can't do it.  Angel Stadium is old.   Listen, multiple stadia in MLB are old, my beloved Dodger Stadium is old.  Fenway Park is old.  Camden Yards is old if you can believe that.  But THIS place in Anaheim left it's heart in 1997.  So much so in fact, that the old SCE logos from the "Edison Field" days are still imprinted onto the sides of the seats.

Since that time, the Dodgers made somewhere close to two dozen improvements to their ballpark, both on the field, and in the concourses.  While not perfect, Dodger Stadium is more or less up to speed with the times.   The best improvement to date was the new scoreboards which FINALLY bring geometric harmony between left field and right field, an idea I dreamed of for roughly 8 years.  I'm glad video technology advanced enough to make both left field and right field video boards with the matching iconic hexagon shape.

Adding to that, the Dodgers made even more seating upgrades this year.  They put in new seats for the Dugout Club that are now blue instead of yellow, and changed around the baseline club seats accordingly.

Remember how much money everyone said Arte Moreno had when he bought the Angels?  Where is that money going?   This stadium has been upgraded pretty close to "not at all" since he got the team, except for one change, putting in new scoreboards in left and right field, and using a new color display for the out of town scores in right field.   That was 2009 folks.   The video scoreboards are not only puny but they are WAY outdated!   I could tell pretty easily going to a couple games there recently.   The static displays, i.e. graphics, are passable, but it's very clear that they're using non HD equipment to display any video content, replays, commercials, or basic camera shots of the audience. 

For a Dodger fan to be making claims about a stadium showing its age is startling... it's not as if we have a new retro style park in our back yard.   We were retro before "retro" was cool.   The only item missing is the superfluous irregular outfield wall dimensions.   Nah -- we're in a valley, symmetry is fine for now.

In short, Angel Stadium needs help.   The seats are old, the concession stands are tired, some little minor updates are in effect, but it's just plain.   Angel fans may argue that the simplicity is charming... but to be accurate, it plays off as boring.  Just as badly, it sounds like some of the speakers in the stands aren't working.  At one game I could not hear what the PA guy was saying *at all.*

Having said that, Angel Stadium shares a lot of positive traits.   The sight lines are similar to Dodger Stadium, but with fewer concourse levels and actually *better* proximity to the field in the upper deck.  The grade is steeper, bringing fans closer to the action.

I like the club level they have, and because of the long delay between renovations, it's now an afforadable ticket for avid Angel fans.  Service is pretty good overall, and I do like how InBev changed up the Knothole Club to an upgraded menu at the newly christened "Saint Archer Brewery."  

I find it comical how much I have to *squint* at the video screen to see what's going on there or what the hell the score is.    Their actual scoreboard space is tiny.   It takes a lot of focus to see it.  In fairness, most scoreboards throughout baseball aren't that big.  In terms of displaying the actual numbers and inning frames, the Dodgers' original scoreboard was the biggest one around.  The old Yankee Stadium scoreboard was about the same size.   Both places use somewhat smaller facilities now.  They're not *little* though.

These things bothered me less in the past, but I went a good 6-7 years without seeing an Angels game in person.  I was surprised that nothing changed, and I mean NOTHING changed since then.  Once the Angels get out from under that Josh Hamilton contract, it's time to give that park some serious upgrades.  Onward...

Look I'm not going to pretend the Dodger Dog is the single greatest hot dog in America.  That's just not true..................................................... but I like it.  I'll give it points for the fresh bun, the onions, the nice mustard they provide, and the length.  It's wild because Farmer John makes the Dodger Dog, and they also make a Downtown Dog as Staples center and my previous blogs detail how much I LOVE the Downtown Dog.   The All-Beef Frank at Staples vs a typical mixed meat link makes all the difference.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is impressive.   That movie was so good, and so funny.  To date, it is the best film I saw in theaters this year.   Give it a go.

Here's another one to munch on: would you believe that the "20 year anniversary" Galaga/Ms. Pac Man arcade machines are THEMSELVES about to celebrate their 20 year anniversary?  In four years, the 20 year anniversary units will have a 20th anniversary for a total of 40 years since the original two games were released.

I loved McDonalds cones for so long, but a recent article that outed McDonalds for using plastic in their ice cream really worries me.  I'm worried enough to just lay off the stuff for a long while.   I have soft serve at Souplantation and it's night and day with McDonald's... at Souplantation I can feel the individual ice crystals inside the soft serve and I can almost make out the real sugar mixed into the ice cream.

What would an Angel Stadium soft serve taste like?  We'll never know now.  Catch you all soon!