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Football Picks: Week 3 Results

September 20th, 2016


No winning weeks for Football Picks Week 3, but two panelists including guest "Mike in North NJ" swept their college picks.   Ohio State was a winner for Mike.  Complete results and we reveal next week's Guest Picker.


The NFL ate the entire DITCOW picks panel alive.  Picks in the NFL were 2-8 among the panel, including guest picks.  Here are the complete results.
Dave in the City went (2-2): Houston and Western Michigan hit; Raiders and 49ers missed.
Andy in Seattle went (1-2-1): Saints hit; Baylor and Jaguars missed; Oregon was a push.
John in CT went (1-3): Cal hit; Bowling Green, Colts, and Bears missed.
Ron in NJ went (1-3): Pats hit; FSU, Pitt, and Seahawks missed.

GUEST PICKER - Mike in North NJ went (2-2):  Nevada and Ohio State hit; Seahawks and Bucs missed.
After three weeks, here are the contest standings:
Andy: 5-4-1
John: 3-6-1
Dave: 3-7
Ron: 2-8
Guest picks are 7-3 after three weeks.   
THIS WEEK on DITCOW:  Our longtime co-host "Kevin on the Cape" joins the panel as the week's "Guest Picker" on FOOTBALL PICKS.  Kevin is incredibly excited about re-joining the program and we look forward to catching up to the newlywed as he picks the games here in the City.  Our Week 4 Football Picks Podcast drops Thursday morning, don't miss it!