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Hurricane Sandy; Giants; BCS; PIT/NYG; Random Q’s (10-31-12)

October 31st, 2012

This week:  Hurricane Sandy and it's effects on the Northeast so far.  OPEN PHONES for anyone who wants to share their own experiences with the storm.  PLUS, the Lakers lose on opening night -- how long will it take for Dwight Howard and Steve Nash to mesh with Kobe Bryant and Paul Gasol.  Was last night's loss to Dallas a bad sign or just growing pains?   ALSO: The latest BCS Top Ten, and Notre Dame's climb to #3 after a big win at Oklahoma.  Can Oregon get #3 back?  THEN, a preview of this week's big game between the Steelers and Giants at the Meadowlands.  How much will Hurricane Sandy affect Giants fans and players in this game?  In Hour 2, Kevin on the Cape returns for "Random Questions."