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July 8th, 2015

I'm preparing two shows this week for "Dining with Dave."   One will air tuesday, the other one next tuesday  Brace yourself this post is going to be long.
Doing a food show is really me speaking from the heart.  And from the heart I want to thank you all for your support of the new podcast.   My only request is:  Tell someone you know about it!  I'd love to get more people to discover food along with me.  
The process of doing a food based, news, reviews, and stories podcast reminds me most of the production schedule for "American Top 40."   In those days, the staff would prepare interviews, stories, reports on subjects tangentially based on a given song.  I wasn't really trying to do all that in the beginning, I just wanted to give reviews of restaurants, but the other things came into being.  Going to Yelp for comments has been wonderful.  I go to different cities and ask what kind of things they like to eat.   Each city brings something new to the table.  Then we do top ten lists.  Inevitably we like to rank foods... THAT is way fun!   We already did Top Ten Brunches, Top Five Fast Food Chains, and more.  So yea, like AT40 we do countdowns as well.   The third common thread is that in a sense all of these topics are set to music.   
It was Summer 2003 when I put on some DIRECTV easy listening music channels and one silly sounding song by Bert Kaempfert, "Ridin' Rainbows" got my attention.  My little sister loved that song!  So I said "I want to get the CD."  I went to my local record store, Salzers, and asked for it...  it was so obscure I had to wait a week for them to special order it.   Once I put it in the CD player my goodness... it was fantastic!  Spoke to me, then I looked up more of Kaempfert's classy 60's swing sound.  I learned of his biggest hit "A Swingin' Safari" (#1 in Billboard!), I learned of how he was the first to sign the Beatles to a recording contract, and much more.   Herb Alpert covered his music.  Frank Sinatra did.  A downright underrated influence on instrumental and popular music.  That branched me into the genre of "Lounge" jazz instrumentals or "Bachelor Pad Music" .  I played that Bert Kaempfert CD over and over and over.  It was a 2 for 1: "Love that Bert Kaempfert" and "My Way of LIfe."   Track 4 was "Steppin' Pretty" and I used it, based on its peppy cadence for a mock video I did called "Healthy Cooking and Eating Tips" with a little Lego character as the host who called himself "Da Food Man."   The music and sketch together inspired me to try putting all food related media set to Lounge Jazz.   Eventually, years and YEARS later, this was the natural pick for my KCSB food show which I first called "A Slice of Life."  But "slice of life" was too generic.  Somewhere in there I changed it to simply "Dining with Dave."
Doing the show with the 7 years of podcast experience and the technology to keep pace, I noticed how fast paced the show is now.  You go zoom zoom zoom topic, news, topic, review, comments, topic zoom zoom!  THIS I think makes the show different from other foodie podcasts.  Anybody can slap together two people and chat for an hour about food a la "The Delicious Dish" sketch on SNL.   This is more... this is fun!  Glad to see you're all having fun with me!  If you haven't heard it yet, here's the link, and thanks so much!