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NBA Free Agents Podcast: Part One — with Joohan Lee, Matt Shapiro, and Jacob Rosales (07-01-10)

June 30th, 2010

Part one of the big two part NBA Free Agency Podcast.  In Part One: Dave counts down to the Midnight Hour as the NBA begins its negotiations with free agents.   Joohan Lee looks at who could sign first among the big Max-Contract Free Agents in the NBA.  ALSO: A look at who the Clippers could get to fit their team during Free Agency this year.  Matt Shapiro shares LeBron James' options for this year's off-season and his prediction on where LeBron will go.   Jacob Rosales lampoons the hype surrounding NBA Free Agency, plus a look at Doc Rivers' return and Paul Pierce's opt out.

PLUS: Could a team with LeBron and Bosh be overrated defensively?  MLB discussion also peppers the podcast.