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NFL Punishes Saints; Tebow; Manning; Randoms (03-21-12)

March 21st, 2012

This week, we cover the NFL's harsh punishment of the Saints for their Bounty Program: Sean Payton's 1 year suspension, Greg Williams (now with the Rams) indefinite suspension, and Saints GM Mickey Loomis' 8 game suspension.   We look at how this could bring the Saints Football organization to its knees and what now with the Saints on the field.  ALSO a big story with the Jets trading for Tim Tebow.  How will this interfere with Mark Sanchez' development and what will Tebow bring to the Jets?  PLUS  Peyton Manning finds a new home in Denver signing a large contract with the Broncos.   In hour two, Chris in Syracuse fills in for Kevin on the Cape and Random Questions.   Syracuse Basketball advances to the sweet sixteen: we cover this and the rest of the NCAA Basketball Tournament in our second hour.