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Warriors win the NBA FInals! LIVE SHOW recap tonight at 9pm ET on YouTube

June 17th, 2015

The Bay Area gets its first NBA Championship since 1975.   This is big for Northern California, and I'd like to comment more on what it means to the fans in this space.   The Bay Area is BIG on basketball and I think there is such huge passion for the NBA and Warriors fans are right up there with Sacramento Kings fans, Portland Trail Blazers fans, and the other great NBA fanbases.  I remember the Bay Area being a big hotbed for my whole life, and some of the great players in the league came from East Bay: Gary Payton, Jason Kidd, and you could make a case for Bill Russell who played for USF in college.

It's a big day for the Bay: the enthusiasm for basketball up there gets a just award.  Let's recap this great accomplishment for the Warriors tonight, join us for an NBA Finals recap video podcast tonight at 9pm Eastern.  We'll also chat the Cardinals' hacking scandal and more with Andy in Seattle, Tom in NJ, and hopefully Ari in Philadelphia.  The embedded YouTube stream is shown below which will play the show live AND on replay afterward.