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Entries from September 2010

San Francisco Giants: On the Cusp — w/ Jacob Rosales and Andrew Jacobsen (09-30-10)

September 30th, 2010 · Comments

As the Giants approach a showdown weekend with the Padres,Andrew Jacobsen and Jacob "El Hebrew Hammer" Rosales join Dave to look at the Giants season in perspective. On the show: How the Giants starters rebounded to take the NL West lead, the rising stars in the lineup (Posey and Torres), and a possible look at SF's playoff chances. It's a look at SF's foot on the doorstep of the NL West title.

Tags: DefaultTag Live! — Melo Trade; Yankee Panic (09-29-10)

September 29th, 2010 · Comments

On this week's Live!, Dave observes the Carmelo Anthony trade that *wasn't*.   Also on the show, a quick look at Boomer and Carton's success on WFAN and their new simulcast on MSG Network.

Later in the show, Dave tries to calm down Yankee fans as the Yanks limp to the postseason.  Joining Dave are Tom in Northern Virginia (Stawting Pitchah) and Chris from Syracuse (GetYourOwnShow) to try and convince Dave that these aren't the same Yanks we're used to and there could be trouble afoot.

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DITC’s 2010-11 NHL Preview Show (09-28-10)

September 28th, 2010 · Comments

A preview of this year's upcoming NHL Season, featuring Dave, Anthony in NJ, JayBee in Long Island, Ron in Jersey, and Mike in North Jersey, and a cameo call from The Mawquis.   On the show: Can the Rangers patch up their lack of defensemen,  what went wrong with the Kovalchuk Signing, Bettman's battle with the NHLPA, the upcoming CBA, What's to come for the Devils, Great big things for the LA Kings, Season Predictions for Every Division,  and much more.

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Dan Heck, Junkie, Jets, NL West, NBA (09-27-10)

September 27th, 2010 · Comments

Dan Heck ("RD") and Junkie join Dave to look at the NL West, a "school story", NY Jets recap, NL MVPs, the Carmelo Anthrony/NJ Nets trade, state of the Knicks, and much more banter. Note: Part of the program was a live show while the second half of the program was recorded in studio.

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Vick or Kolb; Braylon Edwards; Jets; Search for Oh Really (09-22-10)

September 22nd, 2010 · Comments

On this week's Live!, the ongoing debate on the Eagles QB Controversy.  Do you start Vick or Kolb?  Dave explains why Kolb should be the guy.

PLUS, the Search for Oh Really, the scheduled guest who was without power during the program, Dan Heck offers some thoughts on the recent Music Battle on (RD vs BHWR).   Also on the show, Tom in Jersey quips about Andy in Seattle's Fast Food eating habits, one hit wonders, Yankees updates, and much more.

Tags: DefaultTag LIVE, TheCaptain (Gerry in NJ); Andy in Sea.; YOTS in CT (09-15-10)

September 15th, 2010 · Comments

Open phones tonight as Dave in the City Tries (and fails) to go through the show without saying the word "baseball".  Open up the flood gates for the Free Tacos!  Also on the show, Andy takes Dave's lead and rants on his local home-town, the WNBA, then breaks down Pats/Jets.   Later in the program, YOTS calls to opine on the San Diego Chargers and their struggle at KC.

That and much more including: the Sleeping Giants, more on the Jets, and the rest.

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Dan Heck; The Padres Fail; Jets; Dave vs the Bus (09-14-10)

September 14th, 2010 · Comments

Dave rants about the pathetic bus commute home and L.A.'s pitiful bus system and its passengers.    Shortly thereafter, Dan Heck from Naples joins Dave to provide a Jets Recap, why adversity is *good* for the Jets, the Padres collapse (from the viewpoint of a Mets fan), Dan Heck's "Humidor Theroy" on the Rockies' Late Inning Comebacks, and much much more.

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Sal Licata Doo, Where are You? ; Andy in Sea., Tom in NJ , John in CT, NFL, NCAA (09-08-10)

September 8th, 2010 · Comments

In this edition of Live!  on Dave in the City,  Andy in Seattle, Tom in Jersey, John in Connecticut, and Dave ask "What Happened to Sal Licata's big non-existent internet show?"  We'll investigate what went wrong with the former WFAN and Mike Francesa intern.

ALSO on the Program: NFL Kickoff, can Boise State pull off a Championship Run, the NCAA Upper Echelon teams, Notre Dame/Michigan, Michigan/UConn, and much much more.

Recorded on 9/8 LIVE on .   Due to the complexity of the episode, the program is only available in a low fidelity mp3 this week.

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The Bar A Recap Show w/ Gerry in Piscataway (09-01-10)

September 1st, 2010 · Comments

Tonight we featured Gerry in Piscataway's personal accounts of the WFAN Bar A Show in Lake Como, NJ.   On the Show: How Mike and Co. tried to be accessible to the crowd; the Impact of the Fantasy Phenom Contest on the Bar A Experience; the Shot Wheel; Benigno and Tracy Burgiss, plus much more.

ALSO on the Show: Dave gets competition from another podcast?  This and the Thrilla in the Cella':  A baseball brawl featuring two of the worst teams in baseball, the Nationals and Marlins.

Recorded Live on 9/1, Wednesday Night.

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Dave in the City on Twitter!

September 1st, 2010 · Comments

Hi everyone!

You can keep track of the latest Dave in the City Podcast/Live Show updates here at my twitter page: . Ahhh! Gotcha! Bet you thought it was /daveinthecity .

I've been using this since before I made regular Twitter updates, but check it out, won't you?

And TONIGHT, LIVE at 11pm: The Bar-A Recap show with Jerry in Piscataway and yours truly. Be there!

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