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Entries from January 2011

SUPER BOWL WEEK: Every night this week on Dave in the City!

January 30th, 2011 · Comments

This week, Dave in the City Presents:  SUPER BOWL WEEK.   Unlike most weeks we'll go on EVERY NIGHT this week covering Super Bowl XLV, along with some other sports topics throughout the week.


(Our normal Monday and Wednesday shows will be 2 hours long.  All other broadcasts will be 1 hour long.)

Monday: Part I -- Initial Thoughts.   10pm-12am ET.   Gerry in Piscataway scheduled.

Tuesday: Part II -- Media Day, 11pm-12am ET.  Our thoughts on the upcoming TV/Radio broadcasts, Sports Media Coverage and Opinions thereof.    Open Phones.

Wednesday: Part III -- The Matchup, 10pm-12am ET.   Andrew Jacobsen Scheduled.   Breaking down the individual and team matchups for Pittsburgh and Green Bay:  Offense, Defense, Special Teams, Secondary, Linebackers, O-Line, Rushing, Passing, etc.

Thursday: Part IV -- The Impact, 11pm-12am ET.   What is the historical significance of SB XLV for a) The Steelers, b) The Packers, c) The NFL, and d) Dallas and the Cowboys?

Friday: Part V -- Predictions, 11pm-12am ET.  Not only Game Predictions (which may also be set earlier this week) but also Prop Bets, predictions for Best Commercial, TV Ratings predictions, and more.

If you would like to be a guest this week on Dave in the City's SUPER BOWL WEEK, please contact me at or reply to this posting.   Hope to see you all there!  SUPER BOWL WEEK -- Where the game and broadcast counts!

-- Dave

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Jimmer Fredette Lights it Up! Lakers; ACC vs Big East; Matt Shapiro; Tom in NJ (01-26-11)

January 26th, 2011 · Comments

On a very unusual Dave in the City Sportcast: Tom in New Jersey provides updates on the SDSU/BYU game featuring Jimmer Fredette and his 40+ point scoring night as it happened.  More on the Lakers and the NBA PLUS a quick LA Kings Hockey Recap.

Matt Shapiro joins Dave in the Second Hour to talk about his failed 2 Team Parlay in Las Vegas, Steroids in Sports, Jimmer Fredette's phenomenon and how Ben Howland could have been a mainstay... at UCSB.

PLUS: Can the Clippers catch a break?; Billy Crystal's greatest films,  AND **A SPECIAL Surprise Call from "Broadway Joe" Catches Dave by Surprise!**

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Wednesday 1/26 Show Scheduled for 11pm

January 25th, 2011 · Comments

Due to other commitments, the Dave in the City Sportscast will go to air an hour later this Wednesday, 1/26, from 8pm to 9pm PT or 11pm-12am in the East.    Hopefully we can get some good guests and a nice program for you with the half show we have scheduled this week.   Thanks for your continued support of the DITC Prorgam!  Cheers... --Dave

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Dan Heck; Justin in L.I.; More Funtime w/ Funtime; John Wood; Steelers, Packers make SB (01-24-11)

January 24th, 2011 · Comments

Four surprise guests join Dave on a surprising night in the City.  Dave reflects on a thrilling AFC Championship and the Steelers' umpteenth trip to the Super Bowl.   RD, Dan Heck, joins Dave to sum up the Jets' season and their frustration in the AFC Championship.

Surprise guest number two: Justin in Long Island (Football Pick'em Podcast) to explain how the Jet did not live to the overwhelming hype, why GB could dominate in Super Bowl XLV, and a defense of Jay Cutler's absence from the field while suffering a knee injury.

Surprise guest number three: Matthew Funtime for another Funtime w/ Funtime where we discuss: Funtime calling into the Boomer and Carton morning show on WFAN; Funtime's Band -- Apple Tracy; Mike Francesa's many instrumental talents; and the greatness of Elton John.

Surprise guest number four: John Wood of Football Pick'em, to look at the joy of seeing his Packers in the Super Bowl and other assorted NFL thoughts.

It's a big Championship Sunday recap show along with some other fun surprises along the way.

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Ernest Gonzalez; Andrew in L.I.; Dave in Queens; Bears, Brady, Jets… Swimming? (01-19-10)

January 19th, 2011 · Comments

Dave combats the Championship Games for the NFC and AFC this week:  First, Dave lambasts the reports that Brady has a stress fracture in his foot as an convenient excuse.  Next, Dave makes the case for Lovie Smith as a venerable NFL Coach of the Bears.

ALSO: an update on Dave's Masters Swim Practices as he trains to compete and place in a swimming race.   Ernest Gonzalez joins Dave to look at the Bears' improving season and their outlook for the NFC Championship game.  Later in the show, Andrew in Long Island (Gator on ) details his trip to Foxboro to watch the Jets Divisional Round win against the Pats.

Dave moans about the Lakers inability to beat a quality opponent on the road, followed by Dave in Queens with a series  of blasts at the Jet Haters out there, the media, and most of all, Jets basher Mike Francesa of WFAN.

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Jets shock the Pats; Ravens Meltdown, Steelers, Packers, NBA/NCAA, Tom in NJ, Andy in Sea (01-17-11)

January 17th, 2011 · Comments

On a special MLK Jr. Night edition of DITC: NFL Divisional Round recap, where Dave recounts a thrilling, SHOCKING week in the Divisional Playoffs. First, how the Jets shocked the world and flustered the Patriots at Gillette Stadium. Next, how the Steelers rose from the dead to come back from 14 pts and beat the Ravens at Heinz Field. The Ravens melt down and come apart -- What Went Wrong? The Packers torch the Falcons at Atlanta; the Bears dominate the Seahawks in Chicago. A full NFL Divisional Round recap with roundtable discussion, calls, and much more.

Guests tonight include Tom in NJ and Andy in Seattle... PLUS: a debate on which is better - NBA Basketball vs NCAA Basketball.

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Tom in NJ; Jacob Rosales; Marc Perez; Saved by the Snickers Bar!; Carmelo Anthony Trade (01-12-11)

January 12th, 2011 · Comments

Dave starts his show a couple of minutes late after a grueling commute on LA and Santa Monica's bus lines that, thanks to a Snickers Bar purchase at the gas station, saved Dave from missing half of the show.  Tom in NJ joins Dave to remark on the commute both in California and New Jersey, then Dave and Tom look at the Knicks on the West Coast road trip.

Jacob Rosales later joins Dave to deliver thoughts on Harbaugh's hire by the Clippers, then talks about the media's fickle reaction throughout the hiring process.  Finally, Marc Perez joins Dave for the final hour to raise a proposal for Dennis Rodman Making the Basketball Hall of Fame.  In addition, Dave and Marc look at the several proposed Carmelo Anthony trade and Marc makes a case for the Nets improving to become a playoff team.

Marc also highlights the "human highlight reel" Blake Griffin -- the most exciting rookie in the NBA today.

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USC Head M-Basketball Coach Kevin O’Neill; Funtime w/ Funtime; Matt Shapiro; NFL (01-11-11)

January 11th, 2011 · Comments

On the show: USC Head Men's Basketball Coach Kevin O'Neill with his look at the Trojans' big win against UCLA, the recovering health of the squad, improved players, and a quick look at the rest of the Pac 10.

PLUS: The Seahawks shock the football world with their upset of the New Orleans Saints and Dave tries to make sense of an improbable victory.   More on NFL Wild Card weekend with the Jets, Packers, and Ravens victories, and later in the program, Matt Shapiro joins Dave to look at who's hot and who's not in the NFL Playoffs (along with a look at Divisional Weekend.)

Also Joining Dave Tonight: Matthew Funtime (at ) on -- Mike Francesa's ongoing laziness, the art of Photoshop, his co-hosting duty on Talk of the Sound (WVOX AM), the Yankee overspending, teams he roots for, and MUCH more.

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Dave in the City POSTPONED to Tuesday 1-11

January 10th, 2011 · Comments

With the BCS Championship game scheduled tonight on ESPN, this Monday's Episode of "Dave in the City", normally scheduled at 7pm PT (10pm ET) tonight will be shown tomorrow, at its regular time.


The Wednesday show should still be aired as scheduled, but just in case, stay tuned for the latest developments.

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UCLA Diving Coach Tom Stebbins; Jacob Rosales on Harbaugh, 49ers, Tony Jimenez (01-06-11)

January 5th, 2011 · Comments

Dave covers the upcoming UCLA Bruins Dive Invitational this coming weekend with UCLA Diving Head Coach Tom Stebbins, along with other news in Swimming and Diving. ALSO, Jacob Rosales reports on the latest with Coaching Candidate Jim Harbaugh, AND a Q&A on the Niners' offseason.

AND: Tony Jimenez looks at Rich Rodrigiuez' post mortem after Michigan Fired the former Wolverines Coach earlier today.

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