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Welcome Back, Medinar — Andrew Jacobsen, John Wood, Matt Shapiro, “Black Hat w/ Relish” (01-03-11)

January 3rd, 2011 · Comments

Dave returns for the first show of 2011 with a bang!   Andrew Jacobsen from Santa Monica joins Dave to look at this year's NFL Head Coaching changes (so far).  Later, Andrew gives quick thoughts on the Wild Card round and a quick explanation behind his once beloved Red Sox cap DESPITE being a long-time Giants fan.

Also joining Dave is John Wood of the Football Pick'em Podcast, to share reflections on the Packers season to date, the potential thriller with the Eagles on Sunday, AND is there even ONE possible way the Seahawks can beat the Saints?   That plus thoughts on Randy Edsall's departure from UConn to Maryland and a whimsical story of UConn Alum Andrew Jacobsen and a current day NFL player.

Matt Shapiro stops by in Hour 2 to make sense of the Giants' December collapse:  What went wrong against the Eagles, and who is to blame?   Is Eli Manning still one of the great NFL quarterbacks?  What to make of the coaching staff?  All addressed along with Matt's Wild Card Round predictions -- and his choice for a good screen name.

Lastly, Dave bring on a surprise guest: TMF.com's "Black Hat with Relish" with irreverent off the cuff thoughts on the NFL Wild Card round and more.

Chris in Syracuse calls in to slam the Bowl Season and trash Randy Edsall's cowardly departure to wrap things up on a fun filled 2 hour special premiere podcast.

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