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Entries from March 2011

Rally Against Apple - LA Kings Update - MLB Opening Day (03-30-11)

March 30th, 2011 · Comments

Dave rants about Apple Computer, a quick look at Giants/Dodgers, from a fan's perspective, MLB Opening Day, how are the Kings surviving without Williams/Kopitar, and how the BCS is about to demote the Fiesta Bowl due to its fiscal irresponsibility.

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Final Four: The Tournament of Upsets - NL West Preview - LA Kings Injuries (03-28-11)

March 28th, 2011 · Comments

Dave's look at the most topsy turvy Final Four in years... a quick recap of the Regional Finals for the Men's NCAA Basketball Tournament, AND why VCU/Butler could be the worst Final Four game of all time. PLUS: An NL West Baseball Preview, and Will Justin Williams and Anze Kopitar's devastating injuries end the Los Angeles Kings' season?  Andrew Jacobsen guests, along with Jacob Rosales.

PLUS: A Rant on Mike Francesa's limited view of radio technology.

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Arizona Wildcats Rally Show! - NCAA Sweet 16 - Random Questions (03-23-11)

March 23rd, 2011 · Comments

Dave rallies the Arizona Wildcats to pull off a big upset of Duke as he previews Arizona/Duke and the rest of the Sweet 16 this weekend in the Men's NCAA Basketball Tournament.   ALSO on the show: Lakers talk and *Random Questions.*

PLUS:  How Fried Chicken, a Concert, and the Rain made Dave late for his show.

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NCAA Upset City! Pitt, Louisville, Texas, Notre Dame Go Down! (03-21-11)

March 21st, 2011 · Comments

Dave recaps the Opening Weekend of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament with Tom in NJ, Dave in Queens, Andy in Seattle, Chris in Syracuse, and the Black Hat with Relish.   On the show: Moorhead State's upset of Louisville, Butler's upset of Pitt, VCU's extraordinary run, Arizona's upset of Texas, Florida State's beatdown of Notre Dame, Charles Barkley calls out the Big East, Duke's survival of Michigan, Jimmer Fredette's outstanding performance, and much much more.

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The Yankee Panel / NCAA Tournament Preview (03-14-11)

March 14th, 2011 · Comments

In Hour ONE, Dave previews the New York Yankees' 2011 Season with a panel of Yankee fans including: Gerry in Piscataway, Anthony in NJ, and John in Brooklyn. We'll discuss the lack of big name moves for the Yanks, Alex Rodriguez' possible bounceback year, the bullpen, the farm, and much more.

In Hour TWO: Dave, Chris in Syracuse, and Matt Shapiro join Dave to Preview the NCAA Tournament and debate the selections of teams who made the field of 68. ALSO: Were Alabama and Colorado Jobbed?, Possible Upset Alerts, a GREAT Conference Tournament Saturday, and much more.

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The Great Rutgers Conspiracy! - Lakers/Heat Preview - Dave in Queens - Big B (03-09-11)

March 9th, 2011 · Comments

Dave in Queens joins Dave to take on the unusual and egregious missed out of bounds call in the First Round Game between Rutgers and St. John's in the Big East Tournament.   Does it leave a black mark on the Big East and the NCAA, and does it make *that* big a difference in the eventual outcome of the game? PLUS: Can Rutgers still hold it together and compile a good season next year, what does it mean for St. John's and what kind of reprimand is in store for Officials Higgins and Burr, who missed the call.  AND: Big B Joins Dave for a Lakers/Heat NBA Showdown preview.

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Chloe Sutton - U.S. National Team Swimmer; Miami Heat Crygate; MLB’s baaaack (03-08-11)

March 9th, 2011 · Comments

Dave welcomes Chloe Sutton to the program (Mission Viejo Nadadores, U.S. National Swimmer).   Fresh off her wins at Indianapolis Grand Prix in the 400 free and 800 free, we'll discuss the Indy Grand Prix, the upcoming schedule, and her touching "Olympic Wish" story.   ALSO, the debut of John in Brooklyn joins Dave and Tom in NJ to look at the dysfunctional Miami Heat and Crygate.

In the Second Hour, Dave laments another uncompetitive MLB Season as Matt Shapiro (KCSB) tries to calm him down and stress the competition in MLB.  PLUS: Why is Tiki Barber preparing making a comeback in the NFL?

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Oscars Recap Show; Tom in NJ; Lakers; Knicks; Villanova (02-28-11)

March 1st, 2011 · Comments

Tom in NJ joins Dave to break down the Academy Awards, the telecast, and the red carpet. ALSO on the show: Tom in NJ rants on Villanova's slide down the Big East Standings. PLUS: NBA Talk, the Knicks turning a corner, and who to contract in the league?

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