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Entries from March 2012

AL MLB Preview; Dodgers; Final Four; Random Questions (03-28-12)

March 28th, 2012 · Comments

Gerry in Piscataway joins Dave to preview all of the AL in Major League Baseball as Opening Week begins across the nation.  We'll cover all the big teams, including the Yankees, Angels, Red Sox, Rays, Rangers, Twins, White Sox, and much much more.  In our second hour, Kevin on the Cape re-joins Dave to preview the NCAA Mens's Final Four, recap the tournament so far, and revisit the "Classic Video Games" toruanment, along with random questions in the City.  ALSO: A look Los Angeles Dodgers sale to Guggenheim Partners.

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NFL Punishes Saints; Tebow; Manning; Randoms (03-21-12)

March 21st, 2012 · Comments

This week, we cover the NFL's harsh punishment of the Saints for their Bounty Program: Sean Payton's 1 year suspension, Greg Williams (now with the Rams) indefinite suspension, and Saints GM Mickey Loomis' 8 game suspension.   We look at how this could bring the Saints Football organization to its knees and what now with the Saints on the field.  ALSO a big story with the Jets trading for Tim Tebow.  How will this interfere with Mark Sanchez' development and what will Tebow bring to the Jets?  PLUS  Peyton Manning finds a new home in Denver signing a large contract with the Broncos.   In hour two, Chris in Syracuse fills in for Kevin on the Cape and Random Questions.   Syracuse Basketball advances to the sweet sixteen: we cover this and the rest of the NCAA Basketball Tournament in our second hour.

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Countdown to Final Four; Classic Video Games; RQ’s (3-14-12)

March 14th, 2012 · Comments

We observe who has the best potential for a dark horse run and continue to run down the big teams in the NCAA: Duke, North Carolina, Missouri, Syracuse, Kentucky, Ohio State, mid majors, and much much more.  Jacob Rosales and John in Brooklyn join Dave in Hour One.  PLUS in Hour 2, more Random Questions with the Junk Man, Kevin on the Cape.  This edition's Random Questions look at the tournament PLUS: Peyton Manning's possible new destination, a big draft pick trade between the Washington Redskins and St. Louis Rams, and many other topics in sports.

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NCAA Selection Sunday; B-Ball Brackets; Random Questions (03-12-12)

March 12th, 2012 · Comments

Tonight on a special Monday DITC: The NCAA Selection Sunday recap show.  John in CT, Chris in Syracuse, and Andy in Seattle join Dave to break down all of the brackets for the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament.  We'll cover each region one by one, look at the power conferences plus the mid-majors, and deduce what went right AND wrong with the bubble teams.  Will Kentucky, Syracuse, or North Carolina be the teams to beat?  Is there a greater chance of upsets this year?   Can smaller conference teams like Long Beach State, Ohio, and others make a stand?  We look at it all as we count our way towards March Madness.  PLUS: an update on the "Classic Video Games" Bracket Tournament, including the shocking upset of Super Mario Bros. 3 by Double Dribble, and Random Questions with Kevin on the Cape in Hour 2.

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Bounty-Less Podcast; Manning; NCAA; Classic Video Games (03-07-12)

March 7th, 2012 · Comments

This week, Dave tries, as much as possible, to talk about ANYTHING besides the beaten-to-death topic of the New Orleans Saints' Bounty System.  Instead, we cover the NCAA Conference Championship Tournaments, MLB Spring Training, the latest with the Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers, and much more from sports, PLUS Kevin on the Cape with Random Questions in our second hour. AND coverage of the Colts' release of quarterback Peyton Manning.  Where will Peyton Manning play next?  OPEN PHONES in Hour One.

In addition we introduce our "Classic Video Games" Bracket Touranment.  You can vote at or at .

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