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Entries from October 2012

Hurricane Sandy; Giants; BCS; PIT/NYG; Random Q’s (10-31-12)

October 31st, 2012 · Comments

This week:  Hurricane Sandy and it's effects on the Northeast so far.  OPEN PHONES for anyone who wants to share their own experiences with the storm.  PLUS, the Lakers lose on opening night -- how long will it take for Dwight Howard and Steve Nash to mesh with Kobe Bryant and Paul Gasol.  Was last night's loss to Dallas a bad sign or just growing pains?   ALSO: The latest BCS Top Ten, and Notre Dame's climb to #3 after a big win at Oklahoma.  Can Oregon get #3 back?  THEN, a preview of this week's big game between the Steelers and Giants at the Meadowlands.  How much will Hurricane Sandy affect Giants fans and players in this game?  In Hour 2, Kevin on the Cape returns for "Random Questions."

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World Series: Tigers/Giants; NCAA; Random Q’s (10-24-12)

October 24th, 2012 · Comments

This week: We cover the World Series' Game 1 between the Detroit Tigers and the San Francisco Giants.  In addition, a look at the NCAA's monster weekend, and one game in particular, that could change the BCS Top Ten for good:  Notre Dame at Oklahoma.  Will Notre Dame's defense be enough to shut down and defeat the Sooners at Norman, OK?   Who will step up for the big plays between Oklahoma and Notre Dame?  ALSO, is USC due for another patented let down game at Arizona?  AND in Hour 2, Random Questions with Kevin on the Cape.

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Lions / Bears MNF Postagme; NLCS Game 7 (10-22-12)

October 22nd, 2012 · Comments

On this edition of the Monday Night Postgame Show: Special coverage of MLB's National League Championship Series.   We cover NLCS Game 7 between the Cardinals and Giants.   Did the Giants make another improbable series comeback after falling down 3-1?  Did the Cardinals and Kyle Lohse overcome mounting tensions and a near collapse?   Who stepped up in this winner take all series?   Later on the show, we cover the Detroit Lions against the Chicago Bears in a pivotal NFC North showdown.   Can the Lions recover from a bad start and beat the Bears on the road or will Brian Urlacher and the Bears' defense shut down Matthew Stafford, Calvin Johnson, and the Lions?   Throughout the program we'll offer open phone calls.  PLUS a look at what's ahead for the World Series and more from College Football's Top Ten.

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College Football Top 10; SCAR/FL; MLB; Random Q’s (10-17-12)

October 17th, 2012 · Comments

Tonight:  A special preview of the big SEC showdown between the South Carolina Gamecocks and the Florida Gators at Tallahassee, FL.   Can Lattimore and Clowney overpower a suddenly re-born Gators program?   What will Florida bring to the table against a National Championship Contender that's played a tough schedule.   Is Florida back as a Title Contender themselves?  We cover it all PLUS more jumbling in College Football's Top 10, Baseball's ALCS and NLCS, and in Hour 2, Random Questions with Kevin on the Cape.

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Broncos / Chargers MNF Postgame; NFL Wk. 6 Recap (10-15-12)

October 15th, 2012 · Comments

This week on MNF Postgame: The Denver Broncos at the San Diego Chargers in a battle for the AFC West.  Who reigned supreme on this night?  How well did Peyton Manning throw against a beleaguered Charger defense?  Was Philip Rivers able to avoid Von Miller and the Bronco's explosive pass rush?   Who were the unsung heroes on this night?  We'll cover it all with San Diego's own Tony Jimenez, along with some baseball and college football thoughts on a busy MNF Postgame show in the City.

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MLB Division Series; Orioles/Yankees; Random Q’s (10-10-12)

October 10th, 2012 · Comments

Dave Griffin joins Dave for the latest on the MLB Division Series in progress including a monster "quadruple header" of games in the AL and NL.   Did the Nationals take the lead over the Cardinals in their pivotal game 3 at DC?   Did the Giants force a Game 5 after a life-saving rally the day before?   Will the Yankees take charge despite a struggling A-Rod dragging down the lineup?   Will the Orioles have anything left on the table.  PLUS: updates on Tigers/A's in another elimination game for Oakland.  AND Random Questions with Kevin on the Cape in Hour 2.

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Texans / Jets MNF Postgame; MLB; NCAA’s #1 (10-08-12)

October 8th, 2012 · Comments

Tonight: a recap of the possibly sordid details between the Tesans and the Jets on Monday Night Football.   Did Matt Schaub, Andre Johnson, and Arian Foster lead the Texans to a big home victory in Prime Time?  Were the Jets without Holmes and Revis able to muster a fight?  OPEN PHONES for thoughts on the Monday Night matchup PLUS:  Who is College Football's #1 team?  After a series of incredible upsets in the AP Top 25, we sort out the best of the best in the NCAA.  ALSO, a look at the MLB Division Series so far, Drew Brees' new TD pass game streak, and much more.

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MLB Playoff Chase …or not; Georgia/SCAR; RQ’s (10-03-12)

October 3rd, 2012 · Comments

Tonight: we cover what's left of the MLB Playoff Chase, and Miguel Cabrera's Triple Crown Chase.  PLUS -- "The Sports Craze's" Michael Collins joins Dave for a preview of #6 Georgia against #5 South Carolina.  Kevin on the Cape and Dave resume "Random Questions" in Hour #2.   Check out Michael's show right here on blogtalkradio:

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49ers Crush Jets; Giant Dodger Tease; Random Q’s (10-02-12)

October 2nd, 2012 · Comments

Jacob Rosales joins Dave to recap a crushing blow by the 49ers to the New York Jets last Sunday at the Meadowlands.  Are the Niners back on track?  PLUS -- what now with the Jets?  Is now the time to switch to Tim Tebow (we were obligated to ask)?  Where can the Jets turn to salvage their season?  NEXT, a look at the remaining MLB Playoff races, including the enormous tease the Dodgers made with their 6 game winning streak.  After a gutty win last night against the Giants, are the Dodgers truly closing in on the Cardinals for a Wild Card spot or is the entire week a ruse?  Dave believes the latter and we'll explain why.  PLUS, a possible bonus "Random Questions" with Kevin on the Cape.

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