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Entries from November 2012

Notre Dame Unbeaten; SEC Champ. Game; Random Q’s (11-28-12)

November 28th, 2012 · Comments

This week, Dave shows some love to Notre Dame as their Fighting Irish finish the regular season undefeated.   We'll cover Notre Dame's big win at USC, the big moments they had along the way, and what's to come for them in the National Championship Game.   How did Brian Kelly coach a senior heavy group of players from an unranked position to Number One?  PLUS a preview of the SEC Championship Game between Alabama and Georgia.  Will Georgia show up in a big game and vindicate Mark Richt's coaching career?  Is Alabama showing some signs of weakness after struggling against ranked teams?  Can the Bulldogs use the lessons of a brutal loss against South Carolina as fuel to pull off the upset?  Then, in Hour 2: Kevin on the Cape returns for Random Questions as we look to discuss what to use for the "Best of Dave in the City 2012" special, among other topics.

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Notre Dame/USC Preview; Thanksgiving; Random Q’s (11-20-12)

November 20th, 2012 · Comments

Mike in North NJ joins Dave for a full preiew of Number 1 Notre Dame at USC.   Will Notre Dame avoid the upset and win their way to the National Championship game?  Can SC pick up the pieces and defeat a very tough Notre Dame defense?   How will the Trojans fight on without concussed QB Matt Barkley?  PLUS Dave's annual observations of Thanksgiving AND Random Questions with Kevin on the Cape.

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Bears / 49ers MNF Postgame; Notre Dame at No. 1 (11-19-12)

November 19th, 2012 · Comments

Tonight: a brief recap of the shorthanded Chicago Bears vs the shorthanded San Francisco 49ers.   With great playoff stakes on the line, both teams try to get a huge prime time win without their regular quarterback (out due to a concussion).   Will the Bears' turnover inducing defense be the victor or will it be the more balanced 49ers who come out ahead at Candlestick Park?  PLUS Notre Dame becomes the Number One College Football Team in the Nation.  Dave points out why Notre Dame turned No 1 by default plus a preview of Notre Dame against USC.

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College B-ball Preview: Indiana; Duke; Kentucky (11-15-12)

November 15th, 2012 · Comments

Chris in Syracuse and John in CT join Dave for this year's "College Men's Basketball Preview" featuring all of the big teams and the big conferences in the NCAA.  We'll cover the Big Ten, ACC, SEC, Big East, Pac 12, Big 12, and more, including mid major teams and possible sleeper teams.  Afterward, John in Brooklyn joins in during Hour 2 for previews of the Mid-Major Conferences,

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Lakers + D’antoni; ‘Bama Upset; BCS; Random Q’s (11-14-12)

November 15th, 2012 · Comments

Dave tries to make the most of an unsettling move to hire Coach Mike D'antoni.  The Lakers find their man when so many expected to see Phil Jackson instead.  What does it mean?  Where are the Lakers now as a franchise and what motivates its owners?  We'll cover the details PLUS an enormous upset in College Football's top four: Texas A&M and Johnny Manziel go into Tuscaloosa and upset #1 ranked Alabama.  NOW who's supreme in the BCS Top 4?  AND Kevin on the Cape joins Dave for "Random Questions" and after missing last week, Kevin brings his review of One Direction's first album.

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Falcons Overhyped?; Bears; Survivor; Random Q’s (11-07-12)

November 7th, 2012 · Comments

Dave divulges why he thinks the Falcons are this year's "Great Pretender" in the NFL how does a team ranked in the bottom five in offense, defense, and other categories start 8-0?   Will this team be a playoff contender for real or, as Dave thinks, will they fizzle in the first round?  In addition, we support the Chicago Bears as the official "team to beat" in the NFC.  THEN, the latest look at the BCS Top 4 and their weekend matchups.  Can Alabama, Kansas State, Oregon, and Notre Dame keep pace?  AND the latest from TV's "Survivor."  Will Jonathan Penner be back with a venegance?  Then in Hour 2: Kevin on the Cape returns and pays up his side of the PIT/NYG bet with a review of the new One Direction music album.

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Eagles / Saints MNF Postgame; BCS Top 4; Football (11-05-12)

November 5th, 2012 · Comments

Tonight: Can Drew Brees and the Saints pick up the pieces and win a home game against Michael Vick and the visiting Eagles?   We'll look at two struggling teams briefly tonight for this week's Monday Night Postgame Show.  Later, a look at the latest BCS Top 4 in College Football, open phones, and other odds and ends.

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