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Entries from May 2013

NHL Game 7’s; Heat/Pacers; Kings; Random Qs (05-29-13)

May 29th, 2013 · Comments

Big show tonight on a special ONE HOUR "Dave in the City,"  We'll offer postgame analysis for the Red Wings/Blackhawks Game 7 PLUS a recap of the Kings a captivating Game 7 win against the Sharks in the Semifinals.   Now to see what the Kings have left after the Sharks threw everything they had at Jonathan Quick and the Kings.    AND pressure from the Indiana Pacers?  The Pacers tie the series at 2-2 after another big effort from George, Hibbert, Stephenson, and company.  Are Miami James and the Heat now on their heels?  Random Questions with Kevin on the Cape will follow an abbreviated monologue all within the hour.  Note: The later start time will allow some overrun for tonight's program if necessary, meaning we can go past Midnight ET.

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Sharks Tie Up Kings; NHL; Random Qs (05-22-13)

May 22nd, 2013 · Comments

This week on the show: More from the Stanley Cup Playoffs and the San Jose Sharks, who Dave wrote off two weeks ago.  The Sharks battled the Kings and got back to back home wins to nod up the series at 2-2.   Can the Kings recover and re-take control back home in Thursday's Game 5?  PLUS more from the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and Kevin on the Cap with "Random Questions" in Hour 2.

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Sharks/Kings; NHL; NBA; Random Q’s (05-15-13)

May 15th, 2013 · Comments

This week: we look at the ongoing, unlikely matchup of the San Jose Sharks vs the LA Kings in the Stanley Cup West Semifinal.   How did the Sharks pull the less than likely sweep of the Vancouver Canucks, and what will the Kings have left after a grueling series with the St. Louis Blues that ended with six one-goal games?   An exciting rivalry between Nor Cal and SoCal continues into the playoffs.  What went wrong for the Anaheim Ducks?  That and more from the NHL with the return of "Hockey Maestro" Alex from San Jose.  Then, in Hour 2, Kevin on the Cape re-joins Dave for "Random Questions" and a potentially new world as Kevin starts life with his new iPad Mini.

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Sharks Bite Canucks; NHL; NBA; Random Qs (05-07-13)

May 7th, 2013 · Comments

On a special Tuesday edition of D in the C, we followup the ongoing Sharks/Cancuks series and see a major turnabout in favor of San Jose.  How did the Sharks clamp down on Vancouver's own and go up 3-0 in the series?  What broke down between the Goaltender decisions, ininspired play, and overall ineptitude for the Cancuks?  How is this happening??  Did Antti Niemi play a factor for the Sharks?  This PLUS more from the NHL including the Kings' inspiring series comeback tying the Quarterfinal Series w/ the Blues 2-2, a breath of fresh air for the Islanders in the playoffs, albeit a struggle against Pit, and much more from the NHL.   PLUS: NBA Playoff thoughts including the Bulls' big upset of the Heat and a Double OT game for the ages between Golden State and San Antonio.   We cover it all plus Kevin on the Cape and Random Questions in Hour 2.

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NBA Playoffs Talk; NHL Qtrs.; Random Q’s (05-01-13)

May 1st, 2013 · Comments

Tonight we chat, hopefully with Oomer in Rockland, about the ongoing NBA Playoffs.  We'll cover the first round matchups so far, the plummeting LA Clippers against Memphis, the smoldering train wreck that is the Lakers, the Knicks impending elimination of the Celtics, the Heat's tune up against Milwaukee and then a look at the potential second round matchups: San Antonio vs either Golden State or Denver, then Oklahoma City vs either Memphis or the Clippers.  Much to cover PLUS some quick thoughts on the Stanley Cup playoffs so far, the Kings devastating loss at St. Louis in Overtime, and in Hour 2, Kevin on the Cape with "Random Questions."

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