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Entries from November 2014

UCLA/USC Preview; “Kids Club” Football Picks; Alabama #1; Random Q’s (11-19-14)

November 19th, 2014 · Comments

This week:  We preview a big rivalry showdown between UCLA and USC, with a chance to take charge of the Pac 12 South Division.  Will Brett Hundley, Ishmael Adams, and Myles Jack continue their dominance over USC with Cody Kessler, Sua Cravens, Nelson Agholor, Leonard Williams, Buck Allen, and Juju Smith?  Also on the show we turn to the "Kids Club" for their Week 12 picks in a most competitive season.   We'll also look at the College Football Playoff rankings and see whether Alabama at #1 is now the team to beat, or whether Mississippi State can hang onto their 4th ranking and make the playoff.   In Hour 1, to start our show, we have Kevin on the Cape scheduled to join us for "Random Questions" where this week, Kevin asks Dave "How 'LA' are you?"

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TCU jumps Alabama; College Football Ranks; NFL; Kids Club; Random Q’s (11-12-14)

November 12th, 2014 · Comments

This week: a major shakup in the College Football Playoff Rankings.   Florida State falls from #2 to #3 despite an unbeaten record, Oregon jumps in their place, and TCU, NOT Alabama, takes the #4 ranking.  Did TCU's better strength of schedule make the difference?  We'll join the "Kids Club" to get the latest on College Football, plus a word about some big NFL matchups this weekend:  Eagles/Packers, Patriots/Colts, and more!   In Hour 1, Kevin on the Cape joins Dave for "Random Questions", and to repeat, this is hour ONE of our show this week with our earlier time slot.  Big show with the latest from the World of Football.

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Alabama/LSU; Ohio State/Michigan St.; Kids Club Picks; RQ’s (11-05-14)

November 5th, 2014 · Comments

This week: John in CT, Ron in NJ, Say Hello to Ottis, and Andy in Seattle join Dave for "Kids Club" picks.  John, Ron, and Andy will be on air while Oat Man sends his picks via text for their winners from the NCAA and NFL schedule.  Also this week: we preview a HUGE separation weekend with looks at Alabama/LSU and Ohio State/Michigan State.  Who will win these crucial games to stay alive for the College Football playoff?   Plus some NFL talk, a few other topics, the NBA so far, and "Random Q's" with Kevin on the Cape in our other hour.  

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