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Entries from September 2015

Podcast: MLB Postseason Preview 2015, Bama/Georgia, Kids Club Wk 5 Football Picks (09-30-15)

September 30th, 2015 · Comments

Gerry in Piscataway & Ari in Philadelphia are scheduled to join Dave to preview the Division Series for MLB's Postseason next month.   We'll look at the division races so far, and check on how the Dodgers match up with the Mets, how the Angels, Astros, Rangers, Twins, and Yankees all sort it out in the AL West and AL Wild Card standings.  Before our preview, we have the Week 5 "Kids Club Football Picks" where John, Andy, Ron, Ottis, and Dave continue their good start.  THIS WEEK big rants forthcoming from Andy on the pitiful Arizona performance on UCLA and another from Ron on the big Tennessee meltdown in the 4th quarter against Florida.  We also look at a huge SEC showdown between Alabama and Georgia plus our NFL and NCAA picks on a big Wednesday show.

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Kids Club Picks: Week 5 (Week 4 NFL)

September 30th, 2015 · Comments

Here are the Week 5 "Kids Club Football Picks" as delivered on this week's DITCOW Sports Podcast:

Dave in the City (12-2 this season)
Cincinnati +6.5 vs Miami
Notre Dame PK at Clemson
Chiefs +4 at Bengals
Cowboys +4 at Saints

John in CT (10-4)
Minnesota +4 at Northwestern
Appalachian St. -25.5 vs Wyoming
Raiders -3 at Bears
Broncos -6.5 vs Vikings

Say Hello to Ottis (9-4-1)
Alabama +2.5 at Georgia
West Virginia +7 at Oklahoma
Chiefs +4 at Bengals
Texans +6.5 at Falcons

Ron in NJ (8-5-1)
Western Kentucky -7 at Rice
Oregon -7.5 at Colorado
Colts -9 vs Jaguars
Panthers -3 at Bucs

Andy in Seattle (7-6-1)
Alabama +2.5 at Georgia
Duke -6.5 vs Boston College
Cardinals -7 vs Rams
Falcons -6.5 vs Texans

Tough week to select games!  A lot of divisional matchups and early conference games.   Good luck to all the picks and may we all rise into Week 5 of the "Kids Club" picks.

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LIVE SHOW TONIGHT at 9pm ET: MLB Postseason Preview, Kids Club Picks Wk 5

September 30th, 2015 · Comments

Tonight we have our Kids Club Week 5 football picks followed by our MLB Postseason preview with Gerry in Piscataway and Ari in Philadelphia scheduled.   For Kids Club, Ron, Andy, Ottis, and John continue their hot start as the panel talks about Arizona's brutal performance against UCLA, Tennessee's meltdown at Florida, and the upcoming Alabama/Georgia and Notre Dame/Clemson games.

It all starts at 9pm ET, and you can watch with the embedded YouTube below.  Join us!

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Kids Club Results: Week 4

September 29th, 2015 · Comments

A VERY good week for the Club!   Here are the Week 4 Results from the "Kids Club Football Picks."

Andy in Seattle went (3-1): Western Michigan, Patriots, Cardinals hit; Arizona misses
Say Hello to Ottis went (3-1): USC, Raiders, Texans hit; LSU misses
Ron in NJ went (3-1): Bowling Green, Panthers, Packers hit; BYU misses
Dave in the City went (3-1):  Bowling Green, Georgia Southern, Seahawks hit; Ravens misses
John in CT went (2-2): Bowling Green, Texas Tech hit; Ravens, Colts miss

Incredible!   Once again nobody finishes below .500 this week, matching a similar outcome in Week 1.   How about this?  The Bowling Green triple Checker on a Checker is a big winner for the panel.   Unfortunately, the dual Checker-on-Checker Ravens pick doesn't work for Dave or John but both still finished strong.  John is 2-2 this week but he also has the sweep of his college picks, a VERY nice ahead of the curve pick with Texas Tech in particular.  The lay person would surely take TCU in that game.  Lastly, a series of keen moves "playing the percentages".  Oat Man nailed it with USC bouncing back huge, and similarly he plays the Raiders going against both the public bet and the Browns' silly move starting McCown over Manziel.  Andy's done a great job riding the Patriots each week and it's got him although Arizon was a HUGE let down for him, and he has a big rant on Arizona football coming on tomorrow's podcast.   Here now are the updated season standings…

Dave: 12-2
John: 10-4
Ottis: 9-4-1
Ron: 8-5-1
Andy: 7-6-1

We have a VERY competitive field this year, and most importantly, all of us are hitting… It's a great season thus far but we all know too well that it can change on a dime.   Hopefully not any time soon!  Check out our next round of picks on tomorrow's podcast at 9pm ET, 6pm Pacific.  We also have the MLB preview for you after Kids Club Picks.

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Kids Club Picks: Week 4 (Week 3 NFL)

September 23rd, 2015 · Comments

Here we go!  As delivered on this week's DITCOW Podcast (shown below in the feed) here are this week's Kids Club Picks.

John in CT (8-2 this year)
Bowling Green -2 at Purdue
Texas Tech +7 vs TCU
Ravens -2.5 vs Bengals
Colts -3 at Titans

Say Hello to Ottis (6-3-1)
USC -6 at ASU
LSU -24.5 at Syracuse
Raiders +3.5 at Browns
Teans -6.5 vs Bucs

Dave in the City (9-1)
Bowling Green -2 at Purdue
Georgia Southern -17 at Idaho
Ravens -2.5 vs Bengals
Seahawks -14.5 vs Bears

Ron in NJ (5-4-1)
Bowling Green -2 at Purdue
BYU +5.5 at Michigan
Panthers -3 vs Saints
Packers -6.5 vs Chiefs

Andy in Seattle (4-5-1)
Arizona +3 vs UCLA
W. Michigan +31.5 at Ohio State
Patriots -13.5 vs Jaguars
Cardinals -6 vs 49ers

We are really on the same page with a couple games.   The Bowling Green game was a TRIPLE checker on a checker, although we each took the game with a different line.  We settled on -2 per Vegas Insider.   We also really like the Ravens -2.5.  I imagine quite a lot of sports shows will take the Ravens against the spread in this game.  Desperation teams are generally great plays especially at home or, if not great, they're at least very popular plays.  Andy's pick of Western Michigan is a pretty good idea given Ohio State's rough start offensively and we all loved Checker's Texas Tech pick at home.   Ron was also really keen by going with BYU at Michigan.  BYU certainly showed itself to be a pretty good team so far playing tough competition all year long.   Their strength of schedule is quite good.

EDIT:  Here are Tommy's Picks from the NFL this week...

Tommy says:  Redskins +4, Eagles +2.5, Colts -3, Packers -6.5, Ravens -2.5, Bucs +6.5, Steelers -1, Broncos -3

So once again, good luck to all the picks and here's to a good Week 4 with the Kids Club!

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Podcast: UCLA vs Arizona Preview; Kids Club Wk 4 Picks; NFL (09-23-15)

September 23rd, 2015 · Comments

Big football matchup in the Pac 12 between UCLA and Arizona and Dave joins the Kids Club (Ron, Andy, Ottis, John) for a preview of both teams.   College Gameday makes the trip to Tucson for the game, PLUS we give you our Week 4 Kids Club Football picks including Week 4 NCAA and Week 3 NFL games.  ALSO:  Cam Chancellor returns to the Seahawks and Tony Romo fractures his collar bone on the Cowboys.  QB's are at a premium in the NFL, how wide open is the league this year with numerous backup starters?   All this plus more from the NFL and a word on Yankees star Yogi Berra's passing at the age of 90.

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LIVE SHOW TONIGHT at 9pm ET: UCLA/Arizona Preview, Kids Club Picks

September 23rd, 2015 · Comments

Big show tonight!  We're back on YouTube for the UCLA/Arizona Preview and the weekly "Kids Club Football Picks."  All of us are still doing very well, so we'll try to give you the best picks from College and Pro Football.  Watch it tonight here at, 9pm ET using the video feed below.

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Kids Club Results: Week 3

September 20th, 2015 · Comments

Whoo!   College Football this week was *crazy,* but most of the Kids Club survived and several of the panelists swept their NFL picks.  Here are the Week 3 Results.

Dave in the City went 3-1: BYU, Cardinals, Panthers hit; Georgia Tech misses
John in CT went 3-1: Texas, Panthers, Redskins hit; Duke misses
Say Hello to Ottis went 3-1: FSU, Pats, Falcons hit; Clemson misses
Ron in NJ went 1-2-1: Pats hits; USC, Rams miss; PUSH - Memphis
Andy in Seattle went 1-3: Pats hits; Alabama, Georgia Tech, Chiefs miss

The Pats came through for the club after the triple checker on a checker, but what's funny is that the game was closer than it should have been.  New England was up three scores before a wild comeback by the Bills gave them a shot to tie the game with under a minute left.   Many of us on the podcast also picked the Chiefs to take the game, but on an interesting note, I believe Andy also took a side bet on Denver after a HUGE amount of sudden public support for the Chiefs.  USC was a complete disaster defensively and this game will be addressed on the next DITCOW podcast.  Ron basically nailed the Memphis game with both the line and the over/under, but unfortunately BGSU did enough to force a push. 

With all that in place, no 0-4 weeks by the panel so everyone's still alive, here are the season standings...

Dave: 9-1
John: 8-2
Ottis: 6-3-1
Ron: 5-4-1
Andy: 4-5-1

We go at it once more for the Week 4 Kids Club picks, featuring Week 4 college picks and Week 3 NFL picks.   Tune in for it here at!

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Kids Club Picks: Week 3 (Week 2 NFL)

September 16th, 2015 · Comments

Now to the Week 3 Kids Club Picks.   Let's do it.  These were announced on our latest DITCOW Podcast (SEC Struggles, Serena Upset, it's in the feed below)  Here are the games we chose:

Dave in the City (6-0 this year)
Georgia Tech -2.5 at Notre Dame
BYU +17 at UCLA
Cardinals -1.5 at Bears
Panthers -3 vs Texans

John in CT (5-1)
Duke -3 vs Northwestern
Texas +6.5 vs Cal
Panthers -3 vs Texans
Redskins +4 vs Rams

Ron in NJ (4-2)
Memphis -3 at BGSU
USC -8 vs Stanford
Pats -1 at Bills
Rams -4 at Redskins

Andy in Seattle (3-2-1)
Bama -6.5 vs Ole Miss (Predicts 35-20 score)
Georgia Tech -2.5 at Notre Dame  (Predicts 28-10 score)
Pats -1 at Bills (Predicts 20-13 score)
Chiefs -3 vs Broncos (Predicts 24-17 score)

Say Hello to Ottis (3-2-1)
Clemson -6 at Louisville
FSU -7 at BC
Pats -1 at Bills
Falcons +2.5 at Giants

Finally, we have Tommy's many random NFL picks:  DEN +3, TB +10, TEN -1, NYG -2.5, GB -3, NYJ +7, BAL -6 (predicts 31-13 score), ARI -1.5.

  • Ottis picked all road teams this week!
  • We have a TRIPLE checker on a checker (common pick) with the Pats -1 at the Bills.
  • Ron and Checker go head to head on the Redskins/Rams game.

Good luck to all the picks!

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Podcast: SEC Football struggles, Serena Williams Upset, Kids Club Week 3 Picks (09-16-15)

September 16th, 2015 · Comments

Dave chats about Serena Williams' big upset at the US Open, and we segue to the SEC's own struggles. Then we bring in the Kids Club for the Week 3 football picks.  We look at huge injuries in both college and pro football such as Notre Dame's Malik Zaire's season ending injury, Antonio Cromartie's season ending injury on the Jets, and Dez Bryant's crippling broken bone on the Cowboys.  Also:  could UCLA and USC be the two best teams in college football?  Then we pick two games from the NCAA and two from the NFL.  Junkie is under the weather, ergo no Random Questions this week.

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