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Entries from September 2015

LIVE SHOW Wednesday at 9:30 pm ET: SEC Struggles, Kids Club Wk. 3 Picks, Serena Upset

September 15th, 2015 · Comments

WEDNESDAY NIGHT at 9:30pm ET: We're back on air w/ the Kids Club for Week 3 picks.  This week Andy, Ron and Ottis join us on air.   SEC is really in a world of hurt this week as three teams fall from the top 25?  Is the conference not all its cracked up to be this year?  PLUS an impossible upset for Serena Williams at the US Open to Roberta Vinci.  How'd it happen?   Also we cover the latest in College Football and the NFL.  Watch it all here using this embedded YouTube below at 9:30 pm ET tonight:

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Kids Club Results: Week 2

September 15th, 2015 · Comments

Here we go!   Rapid fire mode, Week 2 Kids Club results.

Dave in the City (4-0): WKU, Cal, Jets, Chiefs hit.
John in CT (3-1): CSU, Dolphins, Cardinals hit; Cincinnati misses.
Andy in Seattle (2-1-1): Memphis, 49ers hit; Oregon State misses.  PUSH: Patriots
Say Hello to Ottis (2-1-1): Oklahoma, Packers hit; Notre Dame misses.  PUSH: Patriots
Ron in NJ (2-2): Packers, Jets hit; Missouri, Marshall miss.
Hot start for yours truly!  John's picks went great too... I was SO proud of John's Cardinals pick... after his big rant on the Saints, it was great to see his anti-Saints pick vindicated.  Here are the current season standings:
Dave  6-0
John  5-1
Ron 4-2
Andy 3-2-1
Ottis 3-2-1
SO we have more picks to come for Week 3, tune in to it Wednesday night!

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Kids Club Picks: Week 2 (Week 1 NFL)

September 8th, 2015 · Comments

Here we go!  Now to Week 2 of the Kids Club Picks as delivered on the latest DITCOW podcast.   We begin our first set of NFL picks and College Week 2 picks.  4 total for each panelist. 

John in CT (2-0 this season)
Colorado State +6 vs Minnesota
Cincinnati -7 vs Temple
Dolphins -3.5 at Redskins
Cardinals -3 vs Saints

Ron in NJ (2-0)
Missouri -10.5 at Arkansas State
Marshall -3 at Ohio
Packers -7 at Bears
Jets -3 vs Browns

Dave in the City (2-0)
WKU -1.5 vs LaTech
Cal -12 vs SDSU
Jets -3 vs Browns
Chiefs +1.5 at Texans

Say Hello to Ottis (1-1)
Notre Dame -11.5 at Virginia
Oklahoma PK at Tennessee
Patriots -7 vs Steelers
Packers -7 at Bears

Andy in Seattle (1-1)
Oregon State +15.5 at Michigan
Memphis -13 at Kansas
Patriots -7 vs Steelers
49ers +2.5 vs Vikings

Good luck to all the picks!  We'll give you the results on next week's DITCOW Podcast (Wednesday September 16th at 9pm ET).

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Podcast: NFL Kickoff, Patriots, Kids Club Football Picks Wk 2, Random Q’s (09-08-15)

September 8th, 2015 · Comments

We count down to the NFL Kickoff Game between the Steelers and Defending Champion Patriots with the Kids Club (Andy, John, Ron, Ottis) and Dave, PLUS  the Kids Club Football Picks for Week 2, and our look at the top teams in College Football so far.  Kevin won't be available this week but should be back for the next podcast.

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LIVE SHOW at 9pm ET TONIGHT: Kids Club Week 2 Picks, NFL Kickoff (Special Tuesday Show)

September 8th, 2015 · Comments

Well he's back!  Tom Brady returns for Week 1 and beats the suspension.  We'll talk about it on tonight's DITCOW podcast as well as pick the games in Hour 1 with "Kids Club Football Picks".  Andy, John, and Ron scheduled for the Week 2 picks, while Ottis will send his picks via text.   Kevin joins Dave in Hour 2 for Random Questions and we'll cover the ongoing Serena/Venus US Open match as Serena Williams goes for a 2015 Grand Slam, plus MLB pennant chases, and more from the Patriots and Steelers as they prep for the NFL Kickoff game on Thursday.  Watch it all right here on the website with the embedded YouTube below:

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Kids Club Results: Week 1

September 7th, 2015 · Comments

Great week for all in the Kids Club picks!  Nobody went 0-2 and all of us off to a hot start so far.

John in CT: 2-0.  Utah and BYU hit.
Ron in NJ: 2-0.  Tennesee and Texas A&M hit.  
Dave in the City: 2-0.  USC and SMU hit.
Andy in Seattle: 1-1.  SCAR hit, ASU missed.
Say Hello to Ottis: 1-1.  Notre Dame hit, TCU missed.     

How about Ron flipping his Tennessee pick from Bowling Green to Tennessee?   A gutty move that paid off!   Everyone's picks were right on.  Even the ones that missed didn't miss by a ton.   In BYU's case, they not only covered but won outright on a dramatic hail mary play to end the game.  Great week for the 'club.  On this week's podcast we try to do it again, this time with two additional picks for the NFL games.  Stay tuned.

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Podcast: 2015 NFL Preview, Kids Club Week 1 Picks, Billboard Top 10 Countdown (09-02-15)

September 2nd, 2015 · Comments

Hour 1 is our "Kids Club" football picks where Ron, Andy, John, Ottis, and Dave pick College Games against the spread.  At the 2:00:00 mark, it's our 2015 NFL Season Preview!  Dave, Andrew, and Jacob cover all 32 teams plus offer our "Bold Predictions" for the season and whether the Patriots can repeat despite Tom Brady's potential suspension.   Will the Packers still be a big favorite and can the Cowboys have another big run despite losing DeMarco Murray?   We also have Kevin on the Cape back for Random Questions and "Dave and Junkie Count Down the Top Ten" from the Billboard Hot 100.

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Kids Club Picks: Week 1

September 2nd, 2015 · Comments

Here are the picks we made on the podcast for the "Kids Club" on the DITCOW Podcast for Week 1:

Andy in Seattle:

SCAR -2.5 vs UNC
ASU +3.5 at Texas A&M

Say Hello to Ottis:

Notre Dame -10 vs Texas
TCU -16.5 at Minnesota

John in CT:

Utah -5 vs Michigan
BYU +7 at Nebraska

Ron in NJ:

Texas A&M -3.5 vs ASU
Tennessee -20.5 vs BGSU


SMU +36 vs Baylor
USC -27.5 vs Arkansas State

Good luck to all the picks!

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KIDS CLUB PICKS TONIGHT at 9pm ET! Plus NFL Preview & the “Top 10 Countdown”

September 2nd, 2015 · Comments

THE DAY HAS ARRIVED!  Kids Club Football Picks are tonight.  Watch it here on YouTube with the embedded stream below.   Each week we pick 2 college games and 2 pro games. and well keep score all year long to see who has the best record.  I get to participate this year.  Tonight, since the NFL didn't start yet, we'll do just the 2 college games.  Let's recap the tie breaker rules.

As the season rolls on, there will be a lot of ties in the weekly picks and season picks.   Each Kids Club panelist picks four games a week (except this week, where we have just 2).  So, to break the ties we use these tie-breakers:
  • Winner of the most individual weeks to date.  
  • Most split sweeps over the year.  When you go 2-0 in either College or NFL picks for a week, that is a "split sweep."  A 4-0 total week gives you *two* split sweeps.
  • If split sweeps are equal, we look at who had best record the current week.  
  • If both persons have the same record for the week, we go to the person with the most split sweeps that particular week.  
  • To determine the week's winner: If the above is tied, we will decide by coin flip as determined by the 'Cow.   
  • To determine the season's winner: if all of the above is tied between the top two records, both persons will be "Co-Champions."  That was the case last year with Ottis & Andy.

Good luck to all, with the picks.  ALSO TONIGHT:  We have this month's "Dave and Junkie Count Down the Top Ten" where Junkie and I critique each of the Billboard Top Ten songs in the USA.  Hour 3 of our special three hour show is the 2015 NFL Preview with Jacob Rosales and Andrew Jacobsen.  Do join us won't you?  BIG SHOW tonight at 9pm ET on YouTube.

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September 1st, 2015 · Comments

NEW CALL IN NUMBER:  We launched a new phone number that connects  to our Skype: 424-253-0126.  The old 424-258-9251 number will also work thru September.

We want to switch to Skype for direct phone conferencing from this point on.  It saves a step in the production process and while it's not possible to easily put incoming callers on hold as of now, it's a much cheaper option than the bloated Blogtalkradio system we use now.  We also feel that it will be more effective long term.  Hopefully the number works well for you and sounds good on your end.   Talk to you all soon for the live Wednesday show!

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