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Entries from July 2016

Blog: Looking for Z’s, have you found them?

July 28th, 2016 · Comments

I'm having some good sleeps this week but I do find it tough to get in that *complete* sleep.  You know how the complete game is a rarity for MLB pitchers?  I am looking for that complete sleep and it's just as rare for all of us.   The whole 8 hours.   I'm usually pretty happy with a solid 6 hours of sleep.  Oh those Z's, how I love them.

When I was a kid I used to see these commercials for "Nytol".  These were pills to help you sleep and the commercial sang "Nytol will help you get your z's."   The whole thing was charming, the little pills had a tiny "N" on them and they would roll over to look like z's.

I'm pretty sure I annoyed my mom with that song all day long "Nytol will help you get your z's!"   Probably kept her up all night am I right?

We have a funny way with language.   In politics guys have always been at odds.  Republicans fighting the Democrats and vice versa.  Then the Democrats became "liberals" and the Republicans "conservatives."   Then it was a fight against "left wing" guys or "right wing" guys.  Now it's just ridiculous:  today they're all fighting "the left."  And the other side is fighting "the right."  When did we start fighting against arrows?  The heck is all this?!

Does a scone go up to a bunch of cookies and go "hey ladies, want to see what it's like to meet a real biscuit?"

I have counted down days, hours, minutes, and seconds to Saturday morning when I will *finally* go down to "El Taco" all the way in Downey on the way to the Downey Con Comic Book event.  I have been craving those meat stuffed tacos and beefy cheesey burritos since my last trip in the spring.  Those things are so dense and so good.

This week, right here, is the sweet spot of peach season.  I know in my heart it won't get any better than this week and I went for it.  Had a big bag of peaches at $1.50 a pound and went to town.  Ohh they are so good.  The insides are extra orange, the taste is extra sweet and a little tart.  They are perfect peaches right now.

Firestone DBA... had a pint last weekend in Summerland where, WOULD YOU BELIEVE Bill Clinton and family would visit frequently during his presidency.  Summerland is a nice little town that comes just before Santa Barbara as you go north on the 101 freeway.  On the way out I saw a 90's vintage photo posted on the wall of Bill Clinton, Hilary, and Chelsea all having fun at the same restaurant I was at.  Huh!  Ya know, I forgot the name of the place, but it was a saloon through and through.  Had stuffed moose heads and a wooden indian on the porch and all sorts of business.  It had a nice crunch burger going and I ordered one with my family.  On the wall, mounted on a shelf there was a saxophone and on a placard it said "only to be played by President Clinton."  Pretty neat touch.

And that's not all!  For those other arrow fighters out there, another claim to fame here at this bar I cannot name because my memory stinks, is the late President Ronald Reagan who also cut his bones having meals at this very bar.  He and Nancy were reg's here at the saloon.  They even got their special designated booth in the corner.  My sister and I had a seat inside the booth for pictures.  So how about that?   A famous Republican and a famous Democrat both having common ground with this cool little saloon.  I should mention that the Firestone DBA on tap is just phenomenal.  That was a go-to when I lived up in Santa Barbara.. reminded me of the good ole days.

I don't play the "Pokemon GO" game but I do go to my bedroom and try to catch those z's I was talking about.   I find greater satisfaction catching those than little pokeballs this week.  Let me get after some more of those, have a good weekend!

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Podcast: Random Q’s with Ron in NJ (07-27-16)

July 27th, 2016 · Comments

Ron in N.J. joins Dave as a special co-host for this week's "Random Questions" episode.  We chat up whackos at the gym, Ron's journey as a Red Sox fan, College Football sleeper pick, sushi, WWE, UFC, baseball, and quite a bit more!

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July 27th, 2016 · Comments

Here at I have a special easy to click link to your 4-week no-risk trial.   Check it out: you can save time and avoid the lines at the post office.   You also get bonus postage and a free digital scale, start your trial now by clicking the banner below.

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Blog: Look at that!

July 25th, 2016 · Comments

Far and away the most overused thing I say right now is "Look at that!"  I started saying that this year and now I'm just carried away with it.   I get a bonus piece of chicken with my mea, "look at that!"   I see the Dodgers beat the Cardinals on the road with 9 runs, "look at that!"   I'm watching a new setup in the kitchen whatever it is, "look at that!"

I can't shake it at all... I've been mesmerized by a lot of things these days  and I can't come up with better words than those three.  What am I doing?!

At the locker room they have showers with soap.  Not all locker rooms do, but this one does.   Now *why* do you never get that same fresh feeling when you use the soap at the gym as when you shower at home?  I would think it's soap, but it never seems as effective as regular soap especially after a swim.   What gives?

I told my friends I want to move to Oregon to start a potato farm.   It truly may be my calling... if... this... country.............. gets........................ out............................ of............................................. hand.

I loved watching "$ale of the Century" as a kid.  All I remembered when I was a baby was the colors.  A whole lot of orange... some yellow, and a few flashing red and green blinky lights.  I had no idea what was going on in the game.   A few years ago I got to see reruns on YouTube; the game is pretty good!

I am a big fan, so far, of the new "Match Game" revival on ABC.  I gotta give it to Alec Baldwin because I have that show *no chance.*  but by God, the thing is nearly as good as the originals from the 70's.

I put myself on roughly 10 waiting lists for various episodes of the America's Got Talent live shows.   Worth a shot!
...I would say this when I applied to jobs too, but true to the phrase, I never got a shot at any of those.

Benny's Tacos last night; it's really a rotisserie chicken place that serves tacos on the side, and its got the motor going nicely.  Busy night!  Lots of folks like me trying to avoid all the attitude and snark swirling around and the tomfoolery of convention coverage.  Mission accomplished for all of us.   Their roto chicken was pretty good, had the beans and the guacamole and the tortillas.   A side of garlic sauce and I added salsa to all of it.  Very good, and good value for the 1/4 chicken plate.

Facebook reminds me that Monday was the 20th anniversary of Kerri Strug's heroic 2nd vault with a broken leg.  I am *amazed* such a thing was allowed!  But, she did it.  I remember very wall watching on TV 20 years ago... what drama!   Of course NBC being the dopes they are pushed it all the way to 9pm in every individual time zone.  Nobody saw the damn thing live -- the gymnastics final went down at 2pm Pacific that day and everybody had a delay of at least 4 if not way more hours.  NBC is a joke.

That was the same year that Michael Jonson dominated the Track and Field with these very cool golden shoes.  They were shining gold all over... it was so much fun to watch that.  Fun to watch him too, and he looked like he was cruising but he was going breakneck speed for real and setting new world records.  What a sight to see!

Riddle me this:  if NBC thinks the Olympics aren't real sports, then why are you showing any of your election coverage live?  If you think it's more of a "news show"  or "human interest show" then why aren't you at least consistent with your other news and human interest programming?   BUNCH OF DOPES.   If you're going to put a little bow and wrap your Olympic coverage with a bunch of fluff, you should be doing the same thing for these two conventions!   Go dice up all the events into specially packaged overproduced segments and air it next Sunday as some sort of 5 part miniseries *event.*

Every four years I do this rant and every four years it's the same nonsense, but each time out they get hammered harder and harder for the pigheads they are.  This year it's just outrageous.  Nobody else in the *universe* is pushing back their coverage like this.  It is an absolute farce.  I wish I lived closer to Canada so I could steal their coverage and watch at home.

I look forward to the day NBC tanks and loses their Olympics coverage for good, and good riddance once they do.  Enough people in this country suffered living a fraud like that network's sports division this time of year.

Peach season really hit its stride.  Went with the organics; tremendous peaches in effect.

The best Gyro I can think of in this area is in a place way out in Fillmore called "Yanni's".   I don't know what it is, but the thing is amazing, and their fries are just as amazing with the home made ranch.   Out of the way from anything except a trip from Ventura to Magic Mountain.  If that moment comes for you, pull over at the Yanni's and enjoy, that food is magical.

That's all for now.   Enjoy your Tuesday everybody.

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Blog: Beware of Peet’s Coffee — so much good stuff!

July 22nd, 2016 · Comments

Peet's Coffee puts me on a level that you would not *believe.*  I get completely wired.   I go nuts, friends.  I can sometimes be all over the place talking to friends after a cup of Peet's.  It's so rich, it's so bold, it's so dang GOOD!

Look at this blog now, written with a jolt of the Peet's... the energy is just at outrageous levels.   Nothing gets me going like a Peet's.  What is the secret ingredient?  What is the magic?   They do something by goodness!   It's amazing.

This is simultaneously the danger of Peet's... you can be so pumped up you overwhelm the people around you but the energy is great!  If I were to host a morning radio show I'd stop at Peet's before going on air... the problem is that Peet's wouldn't open until 5:30 am so it would be a challenge.  But MAN say they did open earlier you'd be on the moon, maybe in another galaxy.

You ever notice that they use cornmeal crumbs when baking pizzas?   Maybe they don't do that on the East Coast but it is all over West Coast pizza.  The concept is that it keeps the dough from sticking to the oven.   Then when you eat it its like you get all these little crumbs all over the table.  That gets annoying.

If someone didn't like Mexican food, but you knew they liked fries, I have an easy go-between: California fries:   fries with carne asada, cheese, sour cream, and guacamole.  If they didn't like avocados, just hold the guacamole.  If they didn't like the sour cream, take that out.  If they didn't like the cheese, take that out and they could still put in the other two.

...but if that guy doesn't like beef, you might be out of luck.  Might be possible to do the fries with chicken.

I am pumped because we are going to have WEIRD AL YANKOVIC AT THE HOLLYWOOD BOWL tonight!  Do the dance!!! I have the tickets!  I am going to the show.  Show tonight!

When I was a kid, I like many of you, had childhood crushes.  First one I can remember was Mary Lou Retton.  Now fellas... I would say that in the mid-80's kids and teens across America had some kind of crush on Mary Lou Retton... I was 2 during that Olympics, so I didn't see her do gymnastics, but later on I remember the highlights and photos.   Grace and beauty, so when I was *4* she was a thing.   She had this great smile, and still does!  Check out recent photos of her.  

Thought I'd have more to share here, but I do not.  Stay cool my friends, hot one this weekend, take care!



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Podcast: 2016 Open Championship Recap w/ John & Mike (07-20-16)

July 20th, 2016 · Comments

A legendary day for two golf greats: Henrik Stenson and Phil Mickelson with Stenson winning his first major.   John in CT and Mike in North NJ recap a very memorable weekend at Royal Troon where neither guy missed often if at all.   Then we take a look at the next two weeks in golf, the disaster of Olympic Golf selections and other assorted golf topics.

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AMAZON PRIME OFFER: Free Trial of Amazon Prime, The STAR TREK Collection

July 20th, 2016 · Comments

Folks you will love Amazon Prime.  This year they released the complete STAR TREK collection.  Every TV show, movie, and documentary released by the Star Trek creative team is at your fingers.   To get it, click on this Amazon Prime Banner ofer below and sign up for Amazon Prime.  It's free!

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Blog: Republican National Convention Recap

July 18th, 2016 · Comments

Monday kicked off the Republican National Convention, and apparently a spirited affair albeit one that didn't have that much attendance if some accounts are right. I am not *really* going to do a whole blog on the Republican National Convention.   I know the deal... everybody from the party gathers and goes rah rah blah blah blah, we'll see the same deal with the Democratic National Convention.  I don't have anything useful to add... I know it's a big deal!  But I can't really contribute anything here.  There are people far more qualified than me to comment on these events.

I'm so behind on conventions, I let the California Extreme Arcade convention slip right by my fingers.  COMPLETELY.   I was so out of the loop that it went down last weekend and I missed it!  A golden opportunity to wear a video game t shirt while playing classic arcade machines wasted.

The convention is special to me because I don't know anywhere else with such a concentration of classic games and pinball machines.   I went the previous two years and enjoyed it greatly... to be one with the nerds.  Felt like home.

If the Republican or the Democratic National convention could squeeze in a few Asteroids machines and a couple Dig Dug clusters we might have something.


Think about this:  I had a cheese sandwich this morning.  I had the bread, I had the cheese, it was all together.  I was tantalizingly close to a grilled cheese sandwich.  Consider the gross amount of foreplay involved making this sandwich.   It was all right there for it.     Would the sandwich be frustrated to be so close to oozy grilled satisfaction only to be denied?   

Souplantation has "Lemon Month" going.  Every July it goes down, but I have a secret and my sister is going to kick my butt if she finds out:  Lemon Month doesn't really do it for me.   It's good stuff, but I don't get excited for it the way I do for Italian month or Mexican food month or Thanksgiving month when they try the chicken pot pie or the cream of turkey soup.   If I had to choose, I felt like my favorite themed month at Souplantation is December.  In the salad days, haha salad!, Souplantation used to roll out the cream of turkey soup.  Today it is no longer, but I always remembered having it and each time it blew me away.   The best soup they *ever* had... I dream of it sometimes that cream of turkey.  They would serve biscuits next to it too if memory serves.

As I write this blog the Angels made a really big comeback on the Rangers in Anaheim... I saw they were down at least 3 runs and suddenly, they're up 5-4 on the 'gers.   Incredible.. especially for such a crummy team like Anaheim.

I do ponder the line you have to draw to distinguish a burrito from a wrap.   That line is probably lettuce.  When lettuce gets involved it's shaky.   Otherwise I think you need one of either beans or rice to make the burrito authentic.   With that said, the breakfast burrito is notably canon despite the lack of either one.

Of all the movies in theaters the one I want to see most right now is "Central Intelligence."  I am intrigued at the clever combination of The Rock and Kevin Hart.

Weird Al Yankovic is very good at game shows; his chance of success really depends on the contestants he plays with.   This guy on the $100,000 pyramid didn't come through for him in the first round, but it got better later on.

To this day one of the funniest game show moments was when I saw Weird Al play Wheel of Fortune with James Brown on the same episode.  I just loved that!  Both guys were having so much fun with each other.   You got some great senses of humor with those fellas.  *I* felt good!   Hopefully them too?

That's all from here, that honeydew melon won't cut itself am I right?  Catch you all next time.

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Podcast: MLB All Star Weekend 2016, 2nd Half Predictions (07-13-16)

July 13th, 2016 · Comments

Ari in Philadelphia and Gerry in Piscataway join Dave to recap the entire MLB All Star Weekend from San Diego.  We look at the Futures Game, the Celebrity Softball, Home Run Derby, and the All Star Game itself between the AL and NL.   Then, a recap of the winners and losers of baseball's first half and our 2nd half division predictions plus some debates on whether the Yankees should sell, the Indians' hot 14 game winning streak, the disaster that is the Angels, and a quick look at the NL Wild Card race with multiple teams that are down but far from out of World Series contention.

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Blog: Carnitas and San Diego

July 12th, 2016 · Comments

I tried the world over to find the right San Diego skyline picture for this blog, and I settled for carnitas.  But I'll tell ya, these carnitas were not half bad!  These are from a place called "Old Town Mexican Cafe."  Truly a fun place for those who enjoy a nice drink in a cool, classic cantina setting.

Old Town San Diego is 5 miles north of the Gaslamp Quater where the action is nowadays.  Even so, it has plenty of action of its own.  Think of it like what nightlife was like 200 years ago.  Little buildings with cool red tiles on top.  It was the place to be back in the 1800's!  It still is a place to be now.  Old Town Mexican Cafe had a great atmosphere and quite a line to get in, but I was able to get right into the patio bar, which still had a few tables so I took one.

It's a "patio bar" but it's not only covered, it's air conditioned.  Such a comfortable place to take in a good meal.  Their margaritas were tremendous... I think they were better than the ones at "El Coyote" in Hollywood.  Shh don't tell them!

Good stuff all around.   The chips were drier but no less flavorful.  Loved that salsa.  The carnitas were pretty good.  They recommended crispy carnitas and I went with it.  Not bad.   It would be like making a grilled cheese sandwich with just carnitas.

That set the tone for a wonderful Sunday.  Had a lot of fun with my buddy over at the MLB Futures Game at Petco Park.  That's the name for the Minor League Baseball all star game.  What a show!  How about that Yoan Moncada??  That guy can really hit the ball!  

Man... San Diego was gorgeous that day.  My buddy Umberto's Clam House from and I went from the futures game to Bub's to meet the very funny and friendly Sherrin, also from the board.   What a good time that was!  That dude was so much fun to hang with and he was so generous hooking it up w/ the beers.  THE MAN, Sherrin.

Weather was perfect, and all went well.   In fact, the next day, I thought about how fun Sunday was and wished I could stay the rest of the All Star Break.   I had no idea there'd be so much buzz and lots of fun baseball events.  The Home Run Derby killed folks, it killed!  The All Star Game on Tuesday was a pretty good game.   I could not believe how good hotel rates were Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.   Had I known I'd have planned this trip out fully and taken three days off.   Alas I am back here in LA instead for Tuesday night.

Nevertheless, a great time!  Some other thoughts...

When you were living back in "the good old days" did you call them "the days?"

I read that in Coalinga, CA they're going to turn an abandoned prison into a marijuana farm.  I think that's pretty cool, but the kicker is that Coalinga is already home to one of the largest cattle farms in the state.   So far, Coalinga smells like butt... lots and lots of cattle poop smell in the air.  Now add in the smell of weed... that is going to be the trip of the day hanging around there oh ho!

I remember when Extreme had their mega-hit "More Than Words."  A band named "Extreme" really got my hopes up for nothing.  When I think "extreme" I think of outrageous hard rockers... like thrashing metal and amplifiers every night.  I think of stuff that's frickin' LOUD.   Then when I heard the song I thought "extreme wus" but in the end I liked it.  Good song... soft as fungus though.

That moment when I found out that the "Bell" in Taco Bell was named after a guy named Glen Bell.  I thought they called it Taco Bell because it was an actual bell... like you'd go ding dong, tacos!  Turns out it was just a clever pun on some guy's last name.   Well played, Glen.

DID YOU KNOW, the first ever Taco Bell and the first ever McDonald's were both in the same city?  I read that both of them started in San Bernadino.  There you have it folks, the birth of fast food as we know it happened in the pit of the Southland.   

Speaking of "pits," peach season is now, finally, in full throttle.   Had a batch today, mm so good.  We are in prime peach season.   I better grab the next batch soon to make sure we get the most out of these crops.

It won't be a long peach season this year.   I think this week might be it before we start settling for sub-par peachery again.

WHY oh why do they not have peach ice cream yet!  I looked for it *repeatedly* in the grocery stores.  Nothing!  People have got to move their butts on this.

I need to find a date for this Weird Al Yankovic concert.   Do you think there's a lady out there that enjoys dinner and a Weird Al Yankovic?  

Canadian Karen has me watching "The Bachelorette" on TV.  The star this year is some lady with brown hair named JoJo.    When I think JoJo, I think of that one lady from roughly 8 years ago who sang "Too Little Too Late".   I thought for a second "is the Bachelorette JoJo the same JoJo?"  She is not, but she does look a little like Pop Superstar JoJo, check it out:  

Here's the pop music icon JoJo.

Here's the ABC Hit Series the Bachelorette JoJo.


That's all from here.  Please do not ever pinch hit the best rookie on your team for some joker who barely made the same team.  YOU HEAR ME TERRY COLLINS...?  What a joke.   Mets fans must be so frustrated with that guy.  

Til next time my fellas.

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