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Entries from December 2017

Podcast: The Mike Francesa Tribute Show (12-18-17)

December 18th, 2017 · Comments


Dave brings back Oomer, Rollins, YOTS, and TR to reflect on Mike Francesa's final show on WFAN.   We chat about the final week of shows, Mike's legacy to sports, and radio, and share our personal reflections on Mike's legacy, the rise and fall of Mongo Nation, the Mike, a message board devoted to following "Francesa on the FAN," and the future, both for Mike and WFAN.  Here are special guests scheduled for this Francesa tribute:

YOTS (John in Stamford): A frequent collaborator both on the DITCOW podcast and administrator at, a website that tracks and comments on Mike's shows daily, along with other programs on WFAN.  Believe it or not, his favorite team is the Los Angeles Chargers!  He also likes the Yankees and Lakers.

Oomer in Rockland: He is the man behind @ordiomongo on Twitter, formerly @WFANAudio.   His daily links to Mike Francesa clips and moments from his WFAN shows sparked a revolution and brought rise to Mongo Nation, a viral Mike Francesa fanbase that represented the most dedicated fans of the program.  In addition he has been an Admin for  While a NY area native, Oomer's favorite team is the Chicago Bulls.

Timmy Russo (TR): The Administrator behind, chief moderator of threads and posts.   Timmy is a proud NJ resident who is true to his alma matter, Rutgers University.  He also roots for the Boston Red Sox and Philadelphia Eagles.

Rollins College 4 Life: The man behind @WFANTrades on Twitter, a twitter account designated for tracking outrageous trade proposals by WFAN callers.   He also was an Admin at .  Currently Rollins lives in Georgia and is a huge Mets, Giants, and Rangers fan.

A full hour-plus show of memories and moments.

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LIVE SHOW TONIGHT: The Mike Francesa Tribute Show at 10pm ET.

December 18th, 2017 · Comments


Can you believe it?  We have a live DITCOW broadcast tonight for the first time since 2015.   We'll be on live from 10:00pm ET until 12:00am ET at our old haunt,    Here's the direct feed to our live show.  Below.  Tune in!


We also have LIVE CHAT tonight at this second link: LIVE SHOW CHAT (DITCOW)

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Podcast: 2017-18 Bowl Preview, NFL, Football Picks Week 16 (12-13-17)

December 13th, 2017 · Comments


Kevin on the Cape joins the panel for our final week of Football Picks.   This week, we look at the Eagles win *and* loss at the Rams.   They won the game, but lost QB Carson Wentz for the season.   The Pats were upset by the Dolphins, and the Steelers played shaky football but won against the Ravens.   Later we present our 2017-18 Bowl Preview, where the panel offers their favorite bowls followed by their "Bowls They Would Not Watch In Their Back Yard."   For the contest, we each will share two NFL picks followed by two bowl picks for our Football Picks 2017 Finale.

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Football Picks: Week 16

December 13th, 2017 · Comments


It's our final week of the Football Picks contest!  Kevin on the Cape is our guest picker as Andy, Ron, John, and Dave battle for the win in a close competition.  We select two NFL games this week and two college bowl games from the upcoming bowl season.  Complete picks.  (more...)

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Podcast: NBA Report - Rockets Take Off, OKC Trouble, Kobe retires 8 + 24 (12-12-17)

December 12th, 2017 · Comments


Chris and Dave are back to chat more hot teams in our latest "NBA Report."   This week we chat about the surging Rockets and their improved defense, the improbably good Indiana Pacers, a big trade between the Nets and Sixers, OKC's continued funk, and later in the program, we cover more big name injuries such as Steph Curry, Devin Booker, and others.  Near the end of our show, we comemorate Kobe Bryant's legendary career as the Lakers ramp up to his jersey retirement.  Plus: a bonus feature on Mike Francesa's legacy to sports radio as a prelude to our upcoming Francesa tribute show.

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Football Picks: Week 15 Results

December 11th, 2017 · Comments


Andy in Seattle holds serve for Week 15, he went 1-1 in picks.  Still a tight race for first place in our contest.  Complete Results. (more...)

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Podcast: Playoff Teams Announced, NFL, Football Picks Wk 15 (12-06-17)

December 6th, 2017 · Comments


John in Stamford joins the panel as the group looks at the final college football playoff rankings, and recaps a memorable championship weekend in College Football.  We also look at new coaching hires: Scott Frost to Nebraska, Jimbo Fisher to Texas A&M, and Willie Taggart to FSU.   Later we check in on the NFL and the ongoing playoff races with the Seahawks staying alive, the Rams flexing their muscle, and the suddenly reborn Chargers pulling into a tie for first in the AFC West.

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Football Picks: Week 15

December 6th, 2017 · Comments


Here are the Football Picks for Week 15 from the NFL as Andy, Ron, John, and Dave pick the games for our contest.  John in Stamford is our guest picker. (more...)

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Podcast: The NBA Report - New Style Raptors, The Lavar Ball Rule (12-05-17)

December 5th, 2017 · Comments


Chris in Georgia is back to join Dave for this week's NBA Report.  This time we look at the "Lavar Ball Rule", a reinforcment of policy prohibiting media near the deignated area for guests and family of players.   Later we cover playoff probabilities provided by Basketball-Reference, and we check out the suddenly deep and young Toronto Raptors, a team that is finally moving to a more progressive offense.

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Football Picks: Week 14 Results

December 4th, 2017 · Comments


Robert in VA has a huge week in guest picks, going 4-0! Dave also strong at 3-1 for Week 14.  Complete results. (more...)

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