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Entries from January 2018

Podcast: Super Bowl Week Part III - Eagles vs. Patriots Preview and Predictions (01-31-18)

January 31st, 2018 · Comments


John in CT is back to cover the matchup scenarios for Super Bowl LII between the Eagles and Patriots.  We also recap a most eventful conference championship round featuring a hotly contested Pats AFC game and a completely dominant Eagles NFC game.   Later our look at this weekend's Super Bowl matchup and predictions for the big game, plus other NFL news and notes.

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Podcast: Super Bowl Week Part II - Local Fan Updates from Philadelphia and New England (01-30-18)

January 30th, 2018 · Comments


Ari in Philadelphia and Parcells Falling Out join Dave to give the updates on the local fan scene in Philadelphia and New England, respectively.   Already there have been many hilarious incidents out of the city of brotherly love.  Ari shares the latest on what Philly fans and media are up to this week.  Later, Parcells brings us the fan scene in Connecticut as NE ramps up for yet another Super Bowl.  

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Podcast: NBA Report - Blake Griffin Trade, Cousins Out for the Season, All Star Teams, More Trades (01-30-18)

January 30th, 2018 · Comments


Chris in GA and Dave are back for this week's NBA Report.  On this edition we break down a surprising Blake Griffin trade to the Pistons for several of their players.   How will the Clippers rebuild after losing the face of the franchise, and why would they trade a superstar after awarding a 5 year contract extension?  DeMarcus Cousins tore his achilles tendon on Friday.  How will the Pelicans rebound to continue their playoff run, and what's next for Boogie as he nears free agency?   Later we look at the All Star Rosters as picked by LeBron James and Steph Curry.   Paul George fills in for Cousins' spot on Team LeBron.  A look at the All Star teams and the Rising Stars rosters featuring three young upstart Laker players.  Later more trade talk and other news from the NBA.

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Podcast: Super Bowl Week Part I - Prop Bets (01-29-18)

January 29th, 2018 · Comments


Kevin on the Cape and Tom in Northern VA return to deliver this year's Super Bowl Prop Bets for the Eagles/Patriots matchup in Minneapoilis.   We look at the traditional props, along with this year's wacky wagers and other unusual props for the big game.

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Podcast: 2018 MLB Offseason Report with Ari and Gerry (01-24-18)

January 24th, 2018 · Comments


Ari and Gerry return for the 2018 MLB Offseason Report in a very light offseason thus far in baseball.   Giancarlo Stanton gets his trade, he goes to the Yankees.  Gerrit Cole and Andrew McCutchen also find new destinations.  We'll cover the trades plus other free agent rumblings and the newly announced Hall of Fame Class of 2018.

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Podcast: NBA Report - Cavs, Spurs, and Wizards Turmoil, LeBron hits 30k, More Trade Talk (01-23-18)

January 23rd, 2018 · Comments


Chris and Dave are back for this week's "NBA Report" which focuses on inner team turmoil.  The Cavs held a closed door meeting with firery emotion after losing 10 of 14.  Tensions between the Spurs and Kawhi Leonard are high after failed attempts at Leonoard's rehab.   The Wizards are finding John Wall a difficult team mate and were recently called out by Mavericks' guard J.J. Barea.  LeBron hits 30,000 career points after congratulating himself earlier in the day, plus other oddball stories.  Later, a look at more trade rumors including the Hornets' intentions to put Kemba Walker up for trade, more creative ideas for a difficult to generate Cavs trade, possibly involving Kevin Love.  Lastly, a look at the NBA All Star Reserves announced on Tuesday night.

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Podcast: NFC Divisional Madness, NFL Championship Sunday Preview (01-17-18)

January 17th, 2018 · Comments


John, Andy, Ron, and Dave return to recap a wild divisional round in the NFL featuring a miracle win for the Minnesota Vikings, an Eagles upset of the Falcons in Philadelphia, and a shootout in Pittsburgh where the Jaguars shocked the Steelers.  We look ahead to the two conference championships: Jaguars/Patriots and Vikings/Eagles.  Predictions and other thoughts to follow, plus some college football coaching news.

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Podcast: NBA Report - Trade Deadline Talk Pt. 1, Warriors school the Cavs, Rockets/Clippers Rumble (01-16-18)

January 16th, 2018 · Comments


Chris and Dave take on this week's NBA Report with a near-melee at Staples Center between the Rockets and Clippers as Chris Paul, making his first trip back to LA since going to the Rockets, Trevor Ariza, Blake Griffin, Austin Rivers, and others stir up emotions and nearly bring the two teams to blows.   Dave breaks down the confrontation in an otherwise dominant Clippers win against old team mates.   Next, a look at the Warriors continued mastery of the Cavaliers in a particularly dismal finish at the Q.  The Cavaliers are left asking questions and begging for more help via the trade, as several players ask for improvements anonymously.   Then we begin our first in a series of Trade Deadline discussions and Dave and Chris present our most likely trade candidates, possible destinations, and salary cap implications.

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Podcast: CFP Championship Game Recap, NFL Playoffs, Football Picks Results (01-10-18)

January 10th, 2018 · Comments


The Football Picks Panel returns to recap a tremendous CFP Championship Game where Alabama rolls the dice and switches QB's at halftime to come back and win over Georgia in Overtime.   Andy, John, Ron, and Dave look at a title game with a slow start and a torrid finish.   Later we look at the NFL's truly WILD card weekend, and a preview of the divisional round games: Falcons/Eagles, Titans/Pats, Jags/Steelers, and Saints/Vikings.

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Podcast: The 2018 College Basketball Primer with Chris in Syracuse (01-09-2018)

January 9th, 2018 · Comments


Chris in Syracuse returns for the 2018 College Basketball Primer show.  We look at each of the conferences in Division I college basketball, plus cover some season storylines.  This year we look at the early season PK80 tournament featuring many Nike-sponsored teams like Duke, Florida, Ohio State, and Gonzaga.  We also look at the parity in this year's game, with the Number One team losing every week, plus a look at the current #1, Villanova.

Who will be the possible sleepers in the NCAA Tournament this year?  We look at that and much more from College Hoops in 2018.

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