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Entries from May 2018

Podcast: NBA Report - Conference Finals Update, Cavs Battle Back, Celtics, Warriors, Rockets (05-22-18)

May 22nd, 2018 · Comments


This week's NBA report continues our coverage of the Conference Finals in the East and West.  Steph Curry finally breaks out and leads the Warriors to a 41 point beatdown of the Rockets in their game 3.  In the East, LeBron powers the Cavs back to wins in games 3 and 4 in Cleveland, tying the series at 2-2.  What made the Celtics supporting players more ordinary on the road?  Plus, our prediction for how far the Rockets can go in the Western Finals.   Is this team truly cut out for a championship run?  Chris and Dave finish out this week's edition with a Draft Lottery recap, and what the Suns, Kings, Hawks, Grizzlies, and others can do near the top of the draft order.

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Podcast: 2018 MLB Update with Ari and Gerry, Braves, Yankees, Dodgers, Mets (05-16-18)

May 16th, 2018 · Comments


On this special bonus MLB podcast, Ari, Gerry, and Dave look at all the twists and turns of the baseball season through mid-May.  The Braves are suddenly riding high while the Mets come back to earth after a hot start.  The Angels are proving Ari right with a nice record, while the Yankees come through for Gerry winning an insane 17 of 18 games.  In the meanwhile, the Dodgers are tanking, running out of answers at the plate.  Similarly, the Diamondbacks are seeing similar struggles for Paul Goldschmidt.  Even the Astros had a slow start on offense that only recently broke out.  We cover which teams need help, Robinson Cano's 80 game suspension over an illegal substance, and much more on our 1/4 season baseball report.

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Podcast: NBA Report - Conference Finals, Celtics stomp Cavs in Game 1, Warriors vs Rockets (05-14-18)

May 14th, 2018 · Comments


On this week's NBA Report, Chris and Dave dig into the 2018 NBA Conference Finals.   In the East Finals, the Celtics stomp the Cavs in Game 1 led by upstarts Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown.  In the West Finals, the Rockets try to defend their home court advantage against the defending champions the Golden State Warriors.  We look at the keys to the Celtics' dominance and predict whether it carries over the rest of the series.  Can LeBron will his Cavs back into the series?   The Rockets have something to prove after years of playoff letdowns.  This time, they are the higher seed and have a better defense, but is it enough to beat the Dubs?  Plus, a quick look at the upcoming NBA draft lottery.

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Podcast: NBA Report - Blowout Week in the Semis, Sixers Mistakes, Toronto’s Meltdown (05-07-18)

May 7th, 2018 · Comments


On this week's report, Chris and Dave recap a disappointing second round in the NBA Playoffs.   The Sixers blow two games in a row to fall back 0-3 to the Celtics as they play Game 4 Monday night.   The Warriors take on a good fight from the Pelicans in Games 2 and 3, but still go up 3-1 in their series.  The Rockets overwhelm the Jazz to go up 3-1.  The Cavs took the will out of the Raptors to go up 3-0 as they try to close out the series in four.   What made the second round so underwhelming and how does it set up the forthcoming Conference Finals?  Later, a post-mortem of Stan Van Gundy, let go by the Pistons Monday afternoon.

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Podcast: NBA Report - Sixers vs Celtics, Pacers/Cavs Game 7, Second Round Previews (05-01-18)

May 1st, 2018 · Comments


This week's NBA Report has Chris and Dave digging into the second round series between the Sixers and Celtics, the Pelicans and Warriors, the Cavs and Raptors, and the Jazz and Rockets.   Plus, an post-mortem on the first round which included two very good first round series.  The Celtics finished off the Bucks in their game 7, while LeBron carried the Cavs to a grueling game 7 win against the Pacers.   Plus, we look at the Rockets in pespective, are they truly as "boring" as folks on the Ringer and elsewhere say?

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