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Entries from November 2018

Football Picks: Week 11 Results

November 12th, 2018 · Comments

This week was nearly as unforgiving as the last, but Ron in NJ weathered the storm for a winning 2-2 week in Football Picks.  The rest of the panel had some interesting outcomes.  (more...)

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Podcast: Panthers vs. Steelers Preview, Alabama Dominance, Football Picks Week 11 (11-07-18)

November 7th, 2018 · Comments


John, Andy, Dave, and Guest Picker Dave in Queens return to recap a weekend of dominance by Alabama, Clemson, and NC State along with some high flying Big 12 classic games such as WVU/Texas and OU/Texas Tech.  Later we look at what's next in the College Football weekend, where the schedule is light, but the trap potential is large.   From the NFL, we look at the game of the week: Panthers vs. Steelers, and recap a very exciting NFC heavyweight meeting between the Rams and Saints the week before.  Then it's time for football picks from the panel including with Ron in NJ's picks via text.

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Football Picks: Week 11

November 7th, 2018 · Comments

John, Ron, Andy, Dave and guest picker Dave in Queens go at it for the Week 11 football picks.  It's a light impact slate, but we'll still take our best best from College and Pro football. (more...)

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Podcast: 2018 Midterm Election Recap with Jacob Rosales-Hunt (11-07-18)

November 7th, 2018 · Comments


On this special edition of the DITCOW podcast, Jacob Rosales-Hunt joins Dave to break down the 2018 Midterm Election.  We cover how key races went for seats at the Senate and the House of Republicans.  Did the Democrats regain control of Congress or did the Republicans preserve their alignment with the President?  Later in the show, we look at how local races went, starting with the big California race for Governor between Gavin Newsom and John Cox.  Plus a look at California Propositions, and if there's time we cover the local races for city council and other offices in SF, LA, and Santa Monica respectively.

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Podcast: NBA Report - Here Come the Bucks!, 76ers/Rockets woes, Early Season Recap (11-06-18)

November 6th, 2018 · Comments


Chris and Dave are back for the first NBA Report of the 2018-19 season.  This week, we're covering the hot early starts for the Bucks, Nuggets, and Raptors.  We also look at some surprisingly bad starts for the Rockets, 76ers, Jazz, and Wizards.  The 2019 Tankathon Begins with more updates from the dregs of the league like Phoenix, Cleveland, Atlanta, and more.   Chris breaks down a bush league move by Jamal Murray at the end of the Celtics/Nuggets game on Monday, then we dig into other news and notes including the up and down start for LeBron's Lakers, the first coach firing of the year, this year's NBA City jerseys, and more.

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Football Picks: Week 10 Results

November 6th, 2018 · Comments

Week 10 was not kind to the panel, but John in CT survived the madness with a 2-2 week.  Dave finished similarly while Umberto's Guest picks sizzled.  Complete results.  (more...)

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