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Entries from March 2019

Podcast: 2019 NCAA Basketball Tournament Preview with Chris in Syracuse (03-19-19)

March 19th, 2019 · Comments


Chris in Syracuse joins Dave for this year's NCAA Tournament Preview.  We cover all the brackets, and all the potential upsets in this year's big dance.  We also look at how top-heavy the field is this year.  Chris and Dave break down why there's a large dropoff in talent between the 1 or 2 seeds and the rest of the field.   Can there be big upsets this year?  Will there be a repeat of the 16 upsetting a 1 miracle last season?   Could there still be a dark horse in the mix?   We also look at the big favorites:  Duke, with Zion Williamson back, should be the prohibitive favorite to win the title.   North Carolina, a very talented team, and one team that consistently can match up well with Duke.  Gonzaga, said by many experts to be the number one overall team in the nation, but a team with a disappointing tournament history recently.   Tennessee, one of the hottest teams to start the year, now having stumbled lately and entering the dance as a 2 seed.  Michigan, a team for which the jury's still out.   Virginia, always a regular season giant, but this year, trying to avenge the upset loss to 16-seeded UMBC.  It's an interesting field, albeit not as deep as usual, and we'll offer all our predictions for March Madness.

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Podcast: NBA Report - East Playoff Seeding, Bucks, Lakers Enter Tankathon (03-19-19)

March 19th, 2019 · Comments


Chris and Dave are back after their meeting in Scottsdale for this week's NBA Report podcast.  First, they recap the Scottsdale meetup between them, a thrilling Bucks/Suns game where the Suns pulled the upset, and later we're back to business, breaking down the playoff seeding push in the Eastern Conference, all while the Lakers wave the white flag and shut down Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram for the season.  The Milwaukee Bucks recover from the tough road trip and get back on track, while the Pacers continue to give teams all over the east a tough time despite playing shorthanded.  The NBA Report covers this final regular season stretch and looks ahead to the possible matchups in this year's playoffs.

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Podcast: The Top 5 DITCOW Episodes of 2011

March 14th, 2019 · Comments


It's our special DITCOW Retrospective look at the top five DITCOW episodes of 2011.  2011 marked many more breakthroughs for the podcast, including the first-ever "Random Questions" hour with Kevin on the Cape, a large number of rivalries between our guest panelists, and some of the best known rants in our show's history.  We feature Gerry in Piscataway's "Nick Swisher is WEAK" rant, Andy in Seattle's "Jorge Posada, do something!" rant, and Tom in NJ's "Just Fine Isn't Good Enough!"  College Basketball tirade.  Also on this episode, we revisit the DITCOW Karaoke special with some hysterical sing-alongs from our various guests including host Dave himself!   All this and much more, as we not only count down the top five shows of that year, but also present an anthology of bonus clips from DITCOW's 2011 season of podcasts.

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Podcast: 2019 MLB Preview with Gerry and Ari (03-13-19)

March 13th, 2019 · Comments


Gerry, Ari, and Dave are back for this year's MLB SEASON PREVIEW show.  On this year's edition, we'll cover the long, arduous free agency process for both Bryce Harper and Manny Machado, with their eventual signings for 300 million dollars and up.  Why these big signings still don't resolve a very bitter, slow offseason for many free agents, and how this could impact labor negotiations down the road.   Later, we look at other storylines from baseball: proposed rule changes and greatly increased competition in the NL Central and NL East.  The Mets trade for Robinson Cano and Edwin Diaz, the Nationals get Patrick Corbin for their rotation, the Phillies land Harper and pick up J.T. Realmuto via trade and Jean Segura in free agency.  In the AL East, The Yankees acquire James Paxton, Adam Ottavino, Troy Tulowitzki, and D.J. LeMahieu for various support/backup roles.  The defending champion Red Sox re sign several of their players, including Sale, Eovaldi, and Betts (in arbitration).  Can the Sox repeat their outstanding run of 2018 or was it a one year wonder for them and their pitching staff?

Next, a comprehensive look at all of the division previews, not only the above division previews, but also a look at the NL West with the Dodgers losing some talent, but also losing a challenger due to the Diamondbacks' fire sale.  Plus the other divisions such as the AL Central, weaker than ever, but still a challenge for the Indians after losing some depth.

Lastly we make our other season predictions: team win totals, rookie of the year, division predictions, and more!

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