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Entries from April 2019

Podcast: NBA Report - Rockets and Warriors Officiating Tussle, Celtics dominance in Game 1 (04-30-19)

April 30th, 2019 · Comments


Chris and Dave are back for this week's "NBA Report" covering the playoff semifinal round so far.  The Rockets and Warriors go at not only each other, but the officials in their Game 1, all while the Raptors and Celtics dominate the Sixers and Bucks in their Game 1's.   The 76ers stormed back to take their game 2, will the same success find Milwaukee?   Plus we look at a spirited start to the Blazers/Nuggets series led by great performances from Jamal Murray and Nikola Jokic.  The Nuggets take Game 1, but the guys break down why Portland is far from down and out for the series.   Plus, a review of the ongoing tension between players and officials during the NBA Playoffs.

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Podcast: 2019 NFL Draft Recap Show with Ron in NJ (04-29-19)

April 29th, 2019 · Comments


Ron and Dave return for a recap of the NFL Draft from Nashville, TN.  The Giants make a mind numbing call to draft Daniel Jones with the 6th overall pick, then trade up to get a less than stellar cornerback.   Also we cover other big moves including the anticipated Kyler Murray pick at 1st overall by the Arizona Cardinals, a look at where the top defensive players went, and an unusually high selection of Clelin Ferrell by the Raiders at 4th overall.

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Podcast: 2019 NFL Draft Preview with Ron in NJ (04-24-19)

April 24th, 2019 · Comments


Ron in NJ returns to the show for this year's 2019 NFL Draft Preview.   This year's edition, hosted by Nashville, features the arrival of college phenom Kyler Murray out of Oklahoma.   Will he be the superstar everyone hopes for him to be?  We discuss whether this year's QB class can be as good as last year's tremendous QB class, plus offer some followup analysis of last year's top picks.  Ron and Dave break down the best prospects at every position, including a very talented defensive line class, and we close with our annual mock draft, predicting who each team selects over the first 15 picks of the draft.

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Podcast: First Round Update, Sixers Stir Up Trouble, Second Round Preview (04-23-19)

April 23rd, 2019 · Comments


Chris and Dave are back with the First Round update on this week's "NBA Report" podcast.  After some madness in the opening weekend, nearly every series in the NBA has settled down with a staggering 7 of 8 series on the verge of ending in 5 games or less.  We'll cover the skirmishes from the Nets/Sixers series, the close but no cigar performance of the Clippers in Game 4 against the Warriors, the utter domination of the Bucks over the Pistons, and the back and forth between the Spurs and the Nuggets.

Later, Dave proposes some adjustments to the first round of the playoffs, and ponders the process of re-seeding after each round, similar to other sports.  Also, a look ahead to some dynamite second round matchups: The officially matched Celtics/Bucks semifinal series, plus potential series between the Warriors and Rockets, and Sixers and Raptors.  We also predict who wins the ongoing Spurs/Nuggets first round matchup plus other thoughts on the playoffs so far.

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Podcast: The Top 5 DITCOW Episodes of 2012

April 17th, 2019 · Comments


It's our special DITCOW retrospective on the top five episodes of 2012, part of our "10 Years of DITCOW" celebration.  On this edition, we hear Andy's famous "1-2-3 Mets" chant, Junkie opines on "Some Other Guy" and trashes Paul McCartney's "Band on the Run," Dave and Junkie react to the memorable "Vid Vid Vid" on-hold song from the blogtalkradio days, Dave does an NFL podcast while drink, plus some other surprises, including an unusually long montage of random odds and ends from 2012 near the end of the show.

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Podcast: NBA Report - The Clippers’ Miracle Comeback, First Round Playoff Update (04-16-19)

April 16th, 2019 · Comments


After our week off, Chris and Dave return for an NBA Playoff First Round update.  The Clippers storm back to beat the Warriors in their Game 2 after falling behind 31 points with 7 minutes left in the third quarter.   The Magic shock the Raptors in Game 1 in Toronto.   The Nets stun the Sixers in Game 1, only to get blown away in Game 2.   The Nuggets quickly lose their home court advantage after falling to the Spurs in their Game 1, and the Bucks trash the Pistons in their playoff home opener.   Could there be real upsets in this year's first round?   What will the Clippers bring back in LA for Game 3 on Thursday?   Dave explains why the Nets and Thunder are very live dogs in their respective series and how the Blazers aren't cut out for a genuine playoff run.  Chris breaks down the Celtics uneven but dominant win vs the Pacers and covers some of the breakout player performances from the weekend.  Plus, a look at the ongoing action from Tuesday night: Spurs/Nuggets Game 2, Thunder/Blazers Game 2, and Magic/Raptors Game 2.

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Podcast: 2019 Masters Recap with John and Mike (04-15-19)

April 15th, 2019 · Comments


John, Mike, and Dave are back for the 2019 Masters Recap show.  This year, more history is made: Tiger Woods finally wins his fifth Masters Tournament, fighting off rallies from Fracesco Molinari, Brooks Koepka, Patrick Cantlay, and several others on an early final round, moved up to avoid a late afternoon rain storm.   John and Mike break down the win and the expected increase of Tiger hype from the Golf media.   We also look at the improved driving ability by Tiger over the weekend, and the near misses for numerous other golfers, many with good performances.   In particular, a look at the 12th hole which took down a lot of the field on Sunday.  Later, a quick rundown of other players' performances this year, a review of the TV coverage by ESPN and CBS, and then our normal look ahead to the next month of pro golf.

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2019 MLB Season Predictions from the Preview Podcast

April 14th, 2019 · Comments

It's a month late, but here are the predictions, Gerry, Ari, and Dave made on the 2019 MLB Season Preview show a month earlier.  Here we can track all the division predictions, ROY, MVP, and over/unders and see how they do throughout the year. (more...)

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Podcast: Wrestlemania 35 Preview (04-02-19)

April 2nd, 2019 · Comments


It's our preview for WWE's Wrestlemania 35, from East Rutherford, NJ.  This year's Mania features the first ever Women's Title Match, a "Triple Threat" match between Becky Lynch, Ronda Rousey, and Charlotte Flair.  Later, we cover other big matches including the "Falls Count Anywhere" match between Shane McMahon and The Miz, the WWE Title Match rematching Daniel Bryan against Kofi Kingston after an amazing battle in the "Elimination Chamber" event, and other match previews.

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Podcast: NBA Report - the Dog Days of April, Denver’s Mile High Hopes (04-02-19)

April 2nd, 2019 · Comments


Chris and Dave return for a look at the NBA in its final two weeks of the regular season.  Some teams are going through the motions, others are fighting for playoff seeding such as the Clippers, Nets, and Heat.   Still others are packing it in like the Lakers who shut down LeBron James for the season.   This week we feature the Denver Nuggets who are closing in on the Warriors for the top seed in the West.  What are their chances to overtake the two time defending champs in the playoffs?  Will Nikola Jokic continue to carry the club with clutch shots as he did up to now?  Where will the bench support be once the chips are down?  That and more on an abbreviated "NBA Report" podcast in the City.

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