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Entries from March 2020

Podcast: A to Z - It’s Da Bread

March 31st, 2020 · Comments

Part I (the letter "I", not 1) of our "A to Z" Anthology series brings us an old friend, "It's Da Bread," otherwise known as John in Brooklyn.  It has been quite a long time since we last had him on the show, so we catch up with Bread and see how his family is doing during Coronavirus.   Bread shares the scene he has at the family home upstate, the situation back in Brooklyn, his Law School in progress, and other details.  Bread and Dave lament the lack of Pro Sports in the USA, comment on how great the Lakers chances could have been or could be to win the title, plus we revisit some of the projections for when Pro Leagues start back up.  Speaking of old friends, we bring back an old podcast tradition in the middle of our show, and Kevin on the Cape sends two more Random Q's for Bread.

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Podcast: A to Z - Hollywood at a Standstill with Tom in NJ

March 29th, 2020 · Comments

Part H of our "A to Z" series catches us up with Tom in NJ.  The show starts with Tom's genuine concerns over the global Coronavirus pandemic and the potentially gruesome days to come.  Tom and Dave break down who handled the pandemic well and who really dropped the ball during the ongoing crisis.  Later, we segue to a lighter note and look at the Hollywood productions that were postponed to later, including some movies that went straight to video, and others that were pushed back an entire year for a possible box office run.   Tom and Dave share their favorite 80's and 90's kids movies, and many of the classics make the list: Big, The Sandlot, The Mighty Ducks, The Goonies.  Also on the list are cheesier but still fun movies like Kindergarten Cop, Monkey Business, 3 Ninjas, Little Big League, and more.  Junkie sends in two more random questions for Tommy, then we check in on family life for Tom and Diane, now expecting their first baby.

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Podcast: A to Z - “Georgia Roddy” a.k.a. YOTS a.k.a. John in Orlando

March 25th, 2020 · Comments

Part G of our "A to Z" anthology has John in Orlando join Dave to dig into Florida life so far, Wrestlemania trying to continue despite the shutdowns coast to coast, the slower response of Florida to the Coronavirus Scare, trying to figure out why toilet paper got so popular, looking back on the great Lakers basketball season and lamenting on the potentially lost playoff run.  With that are many more twists and turns.  Junkie sends in two more Random Questions for our friend John near the end of this episode.

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Podcast: A to Z - FanDuel Freeform with Ron in NJ and “Toro”

March 25th, 2020 · Comments

Part F of our "A to Z" anthology brings us two FanDuel Experienced players, Ron in NJ and "Toro", also in NJ.  Dave and the fellas first lament on the Coronavirus outbreak and the missteps that may cost America an entire year of sports.  Next, the crew look back on their best wins while playing FanDuel with their buddies.  Junk Man asks two more Random Questions for Ron and Toro, and we close with our thoughts on Brady, Rivers, Hopkins, and the rest of the NFL Offseason.

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Podcast: A to Z - ESPN’s Nonsense During a Sports Hiatus with Junkie

March 24th, 2020 · Comments

Part E of our "A to Z" anthology series is our chance to take shots at ESPN's continued laziness with programming and journalism.  Kevin on the Cape a.k.a. Junkie returns to sound off on the insipid idea to match up all time college players in Men's and Women's basketball in one huge convoluted tournament bracket.   Junkie runs down how foolish the idea is and why it reminds him of the decline of quality at ESPN's.   Dave segues from that to a his own "best of" idea, but a more cohesive one: a preview of the "NFL Jerseys - Best and Worst of All Time" ranking he and Coach will do in a future episode.  Dave turns the tables on Junk Man and asks him the two Random Questions plus an update on Kevin's little boy Cody and his new bedroom.

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Podcast: A to Z - Drafts on Tap with Chris in GA

March 22nd, 2020 · Comments

Part D of our "A to Z" Anthology chats about craft beer with our good friend Chris in GA, also the co host for the DITCOW "NBA Report" podcasts.  (52:07) we dig into Georgia's best IPA brews and our other favorite craft beers all over the USA.   The front end of this episode revisits the Rudy Gobert incident in the NBA plus the worldwide fight against COVID19 so far.  Chris and Dave highlight why it was the defining moment that forced America to take Coronavirus seriously.  We also get into Chris' recent days battling a cold and how a bout with his respritory system scared him so much he thought he too was COVID19 positive.  Thankfully, this was not the case.  All this and more as we catch up with the "Sports Pope" of Mike Francesa video clips.

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Podcast: A to Z - Cocktail Hour with Chris in Syracuse

March 18th, 2020 · Comments

Part C of our "A to Z" Anthology Series brings us Chris in Syracuse as we discuss his recent love for cocktails.  First we lead off with some off topic material: the NCAA Tournament that didn't happen, NFL Free Agency News, and other potpourri.  Next, we get right to the drinks, how he started to gain interest in mixing cocktails, some of his personal favorites, then some neat sidebar features.  First, Dave and Chris present their personal "Mount Rushmore of Cocktails."  Next, Junkie sends two more Random Questions to Chris for the program.  Lastly, Dave and Chris run down the Top Ten cocktails in the world for 2019 as reported by Business Insider.

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Podcast: A to Z - Baseball on Hiatus with Gerry from Piscataway

March 16th, 2020 · Comments

Part B of our "A to Z" Anthology takes us to baseball with our good friend Gerry from Piscataway.  Gerry is now the host of his own podcast, "The LGY Pod" focusing on all things Yankees, and surely he was impacted by the Coronavirus Scare.  Baseball was put on hold shortly after the outbreak hit stateside and Gerry talks with Dave about the long delay and how it could impact the sport.   Next we look at the nuances of making a podcast as Gerry tries the ropes for the first time.  We also cover Coronavirus itself and why the USA needed to take it more seriously earlier in the year.  Lastly, some other odds and ends, we chat about how we'll work out the idle time without baseball, cover our challenges trying to exercise in the middle of a near-lockdown, and more.

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Podcast: A to Z - An Introduction to the “A to Z” Series

March 15th, 2020 · Comments

In the midst of an enormous, frightening virus outbreak, Dave is ready to begin the first of an ongoing "A to Z" anthology series for the DITCOW Podcast.  We begin with our first episode "An Introduction to A to Z" representing the "A".  Long time co-host Kevin on the Cape, also known as Junkie, joins Dave to explain the purpose, concept, and some of the ideas for A to Z future episodes.   We reflect on the impact of Coronavirus on the planet and how it's disrupting daily life, but also allowing the world to appreciate the things we enjoy in life.  Plus, some informal random questions, and even talk about the Democratic Primaries and the infamous Rudy Gobert incident in the NBA.

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Blog: DITCOW Presents the “A to Z” Podcast Series

March 12th, 2020 · Comments


America will go a while without organized sports.  How about we try a new Random Q podcast series to fill the gap?   Here are the deets... (more...)

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