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Entries from March 2020

Podcast: Countdown to March Madness with Chris in Syracuse (03-11-20)

March 11th, 2020 · Comments


Chris in Syracuse joins Dave to update the audience on the latest College Basketball Conference Tournaments.  We also dabble in the regular season for many of the big teams in the game: Dayton, Gonzaga, Baylor, Kansas, Duke, Kentucky, and others.   Further we cover the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak and how its impacted all of basketball, including the tournaments and more directly the NBA in recent days.  Lastly we offer our preliminary picks to make the Final Four as we prepare for the hopeful big dance next week.  Part 1 of our 2 part March Madness series with our NCAA Tournament Preview to come next week.

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Podcast: NBA Report - Harden Calls Out Giannis, Small Ball in Houston (03-03-20)

March 3rd, 2020 · Comments


On this week's DITCOW "NBA Report," Chris and Dave share the sudden beef between James Harden and Giannis Antetokounmpo.  Giannis first disses James Harden when he picked his all stars before All Star Weekend.  Later, Harden called out Giannis' "lack of skills" in a sit-down interview with ESPN's Rachel Nichols.  We cover the hilarious skirmish in the making between these two stars.  Staying with Harden's team, the Rockets, we then look at the surge of success for the Rockets' small lineup.  Is this a playoff threat as Chris may believe, or does it seem to be a short lived fad as Dave might think?   All this plus the teams making a run towards playoff positions and teams fading from the top such as the Miami Heat and the Philadelphia 76ers.   The Sixers also have serious concerns with Ben Simmons' back trouble, plus the NBA's new guidelines for coronavirus prevention on an action packed "Report."

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