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Entries from May 2020

Podcast: A to Z - The Windy City’s “Last Dance” with Chris in GA

May 26th, 2020 · Comments

Part W of our "A to Z" Anthology series features a look at the ESPN/Netflix miniseries "The Last Dance" that covers the Final NBA Championship run for the Chicago Bulls in 1998.  As we discuss on the episode, it was much more than just a one year chronicle - the series covers the entire career arc of Michael Jordan on the Bulls, his super-stardom, plus features on all of his prominent team mates like Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, Steve Kerr, and coach Phil Jackson, plus many other names throughout the Bulls championship years during the 90's.  We'll share moments we thought were great, things we thought they could have added to the series, and our own questions about that era of basketball plus elements of the "Last Dance" production.  In the middle, we'll share our own personal anecdotes watching the NBA during these incredible years and determine whether the Bulls and their opponents would hold up in today's NBA.

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Podcast: A to Z - Virus Update with Tom in NJ

May 20th, 2020 · Comments

Part V of our "A to Z" anthology series brings back Tom in NJ to offer an update on the pandemic and the improving numbers for many states, the struggles of the State of NJ and the County of Los Angeles.  Later, we cover other potpourri like T.V. Sitcoms.  This includes an inordinate amount of time reminscing about the "Family Matters" sitcom.

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Podcast: A to Z - “Uncut Gems” - Deep Dive with A Couple Quickies and Andy

May 14th, 2020 · Comments

Part U of our "A to Z" anthology series takes us back into the movies with our movie experts A Couple Quickies and Andy in Seattle.  Here we look at the biggest cult sensation of the winter, "Uncut Gems" starring Adam Sandler as a troubled degenerate jeweler in New York City.  We get into the plot of the film, break down how much we all loved Sandler's performance, and get into how polarizing the film is with various moviegoers.  Later we expand into the topic of other Oscar films, update everyone on how we're all coping with the pandemic, and get into some recent sports stories like MLB's proposal to do a partial season, the Korean Baseball League starting with no fans, the Golf skins events on TV, and more.

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Playlists: New “Non-Blockbusters” 80’s Spotify Playlists

May 14th, 2020 · Comments

I have constructed a series of "Lost Hits of the 80s" titled "Non Blockbusters of the 80s."  They are divided into three volumes.  Volume 1 for the Early 80s, Volume 2 for the Mid 80s, and Volume 3 for the Late 80s.  All three of these have some nuggets, enjoy!

Non Blockbusters: The Early 80s


Non Blockbusters: The Mid 80s


Non Blockbusters: The Late 80s


Happy Listening!

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Podcast: A to Z - Tacos with the Medina Family

May 12th, 2020 · Comments

Part T of our "A to Z" anthology series is one of our favorite foods: Tacos.  Dave's Dad, his Mom, his sisters Jackie and Stephanie, and his niece Ellie all get into their favorite types of tacos, their experience eating their first taco as a child, some of the best places to eat tacos in Southern California, and other great nuances of this simple, yet very satisfying staple of Mexican Cuisine.

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