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Podcast: The NBA Random A to Z Report Xpansion Questions - with Chris in GA (07-29-20)

July 29th, 2020 · Comments

Chris in Georgia joins Dave for a special "Random Questions" show where we catch up on a few topics we originally planned for the A to Z anthology.  Our sequence of potpourri starts with a recap of the various pro sport restarts, which includes the Premier League across the pond and its success to end its 2020 season.  We also look at baseball's restart so far and its rocky beginnings, plus the NBA and NHL bubble systems.  Later, we revisit our topic on Expansion Teams and cover the NBA's history of expansion from the merger with the ABA all the way into the present.  We talk about the notable teams from that time like the Suns, Hornets, Supersonics/Thunder, and the former ABA teams like the Pacers and Nets.


Lastly, we cover the wishful thinking by the NCAA to re-start college football, classic baseball pennant chases in the 80's, and a lot more.

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