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Entries from March 2021

Podcast: DITCOW 2021 Final Four Preview (03-31-2021)

March 31st, 2021 · Comments


Chris in Syracuse returns to talk the Final Four from Indianapolis.  He and Dave cover the mostly chalky Sweet 16 and Elite Eight rounds coupled with some big upsets, two by UCLA against Alabama and Michigan.  We'll look at Gonzaga's continued quest for a championship and their annihilation of USC in the Elight Eight, but also look at USC's great run beforehand against Kansas and Oregon.  Later, a look at Houston's long-awaited berth in the Final Four, and the great defense that took them there, plus Baylor's resurgent performances over Arkansas and Houston.   Later, we preview the Final Four with  Baylor vs. Houston followed by Gonzaga vs UCLA.  Can the magic last one more game for UCLA's season against the consensus best team in the nation with Gonzaga?   Will Houston's solid athleticism and defense put up a fight against a similarly athletic and talented Baylor who's ramped up their play?   We'll round out the final leg of a March that has been chaotic and strangely chalky all at once.

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2021 NCAA Sweet Sixteen Preview: The COMPLETE Episode

March 25th, 2021 · Comments

Unfortunately, an unexplained error screwed up our podcast last night with Chris in Syracuse covering this year's NCAA Tournament.  The recording stopped about 76 minutes in and didn't pick up for another 20 minutes.


Thankfully we still have the full episode on YouTube so those of you with a computer/smartphone can watch the episode in full including the missing 20 minutes: 



In those 20 minutes, we finish our tangent on famous "Bad Beats" then look through each regional and begin to pick who we like to win each one from the remaining teams. 

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Podcast: 2021 NCAA Tournament Sweet 16 Preview (03-24-2021)

March 24th, 2021 · Comments


Chris in Syracuse re-joins Dave for a recap of the first and second round action in the Men's NCAA Basketball Tournament plus a Sweet Sixteen Preview.  What a weekend it was for college basketball.  Oral Roberts shocks Number 2 seeded Ohio State, several 13 and 14 seeds pull off upsets such as Ohio stunning Virginia and Abilene Christian taking out Texas.  We also cover the massive success for the Pac 12 teams so far: USC and UCLA, Oregon, and Oregon State, all making the Sweet 16.   Plus a look back at the very UN-successful weekend for the Big Ten, including the #1 seeded Illinois losing to a tough Loyola Chicago team, a surprising loss for Purdue against North Texas, and Michigan State blowing a huge lead in the First Four round to UCLA.

Later it's a look toward the Sweet 16 and Elite 8, with a modified schedule for 2021.  Games will go Saturday through Tuesday rather than the normal Thursday through Sunday, and in these two rounds some pretty great matchups: Villanova/Baylor, USC/Oregon, Loyola Chicago/Oregon St., and UCLA/Alabama.   It's our continuing coverage of March Madness in the city.

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Blog: Pacific Donut Time is. Eight o’ Clock. BEEP.

March 24th, 2021 · Comments


One, two, three o' clock, four o' clock, donut.  Five, six, seven o' clock, eight o' clock, donut... (more...)

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Podcast: NBA Report - Remembering Elgin, LeBron Ankle Trouble (03-23-2021)

March 23rd, 2021 · Comments


Chris and Dave open this week's "NBA Report" with a few words about the great life and career of Elgin Baylor, who played for many years with the Lakers.  Elgin died on Monday and sparked an outpouring of love from all over the NBA.  We'll share our thoughts on a legend who dazzled the world before the NBA was big on TV and social media.

Later, we return to the modern day NBA talk, centered around a crucial high ankle sprain injury for LeBron James suffered on Saturday vs the Hawks.  The Lakers could be in serious trouble without both LeBron and A.D. over the next few games.   Plus, another devastating injury for the Hornets with LaMelo Ball out for the season.  We'll chat about how it could hamper the Hornets' playoff hopes.

The playoff chases continue and the guys recap some big moments and missed opportunities, including the Hawks horrific 20 point blown lead at the Clippers on Monday night.  The Hawks are in the chase for home court advantage in the playoffs and we'll chat about how bad a loss it is for seeding purposes, all this and much more as teams gear up for possible midseason trades.

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Blog: Donuts and Beer vol. 1

March 19th, 2021 · Comments


Won't be the first time I get into beer on here, and won't be the last time.  I should try beer with a donut.  Let's discuss. (more...)

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Podcast: 2021 NCAA Tournament Preview (03-17-2021)

March 17th, 2021 · Comments


Chris in Syracuse joins Dave for our full regional by regional preview of the 2021 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, all taking place in the Indianapolis area.  First we cover the tournament sites, featuring more college facilities than normal: places like Mackey Arena, Assembly Hall, and Hinkle Fieldhouse.  What will be the benefits and challenges of this pseudo bubble?

Later, it's on to our bracket previews.  First, the West with Gonzaga, Iowa, and Kansas.  Next, the South with Baylor, North Carolina, Arkansas, and Ohio State.  Then the Midwest with Illinois, Houston, West Virginia, and Oklahoma State.  Lastly, the East with Michigan, Alabama, Texas, and Florida State.  Plus all the sleeper teams and possible upset teams such as UCSB, Ohio, Georgetown, LSU, Winthrop, Missouri, and Syracuse.

Finally, Chris and Dave offer their Final Four predictions, Title Game prediction and each predict the NCAA Men's Champion for 2021 on a comprehensive preview show.

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Blog: Apologies to Kenny Bania

March 17th, 2021 · Comments


I blew it again, so here comes a blog throwback:  the apology post, this time to Kenny Bania from "Seinfeld."  I actually got the situation **backwards.** (more...)

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Blog: Soup - Meal or Snack?

March 16th, 2021 · Comments


The debate started with Jerry Seinfeld and Kenny Bania on "Seinfeld" and it continues here. (more...)

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Podcast: 2021 NCAA Tournament Selection Recap (03-15-2021)

March 15th, 2021 · Comments


Andy in Seattle, Tom in NJ, and John in CT join Dave to break down the NCAA Men's College Basketball Tournament selection, plus a recap of the Conference Tournaments around the country.  Duke is ushered out of contention surprisingly early after facing COVID trouble and Virginia goes into the tournament off its own ACC COVID elimination.  What will be the impact of COVID cancellations on the big dance?  We also look at the logistics of an entire tournament taking place within the same Indianapolis metro area.  What benefits and challenges come with it?  Later, a casual look at each of the regional brackets, including picks to make the final four.  Will the top seeds Gonzaga, Illinois, Michigan, and Baylor survive?

Time permitting, the crew will also chat about "The Players" championship in golf last weekend.  It was a big comeback win for Justin Thomas and a crushing near-miss for the 50 year old Lee Westwood.   NOTE: the recording has some audio dropouts around the 45 minute mark due to a technical issue.

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