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Entries from April 2021

Blog: My New Twitch Show

April 30th, 2021 · Comments


I'm branching out to other media - yep, I am starting a spinoff show on Twitch.  Read on for deets. (more...)

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Podcast: DITCOW 2021 NFL Draft Preview w/ Ron in NJ (04-28-2021)

April 28th, 2021 · Comments


Ron in NJ returns for our annual DITCOW NFL Draft Preview show.  There is high drama surrounding the top three picks in the draft, with many rumblings about the 49ers trading up to the 3rd overall pick with the unusual choice of picking Mac Jones at QB from Alabama.  Could that be an overpay by the Niners and what would be their other choices?  Plus the other big QBs in our draft, with the clear-cut #1 projected pick of Trever Lawrence out of Clemson likely going to Jacksonville.  We chat some other big prospects like Zach Wilson, QB out of BYU, and Trey Lance, QB out of North Dakota St. (FCS).  It also looks like a big year for Wide Receiver prospects like Jaylen Waddle and Devonta Smith both from Alabama.  Ron gets into a number of big prospects such at Kyle Pitts (TE), Penei Sewell (OL), Patrick Surtain II (CB), and many more.  Lastly, Ron and Dave present their mock draft for the first round and other predictions for this year's draft in Cleveland, OH.

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Podcast: The Super League Fail (04-26-2021)

April 26th, 2021 · Comments


Parcells Falling Out joins Dave to cover the impending end for the European Super League in Football/Soccer.   We'll cover the six English teams that pulled out first along with the teams from other leagues such as Real Madrid and Barcelona who wanted to ride it out and teams in between.   It was a matter of big controversy for fans of the big European Leagues with fan protests all over various football stadia.   Was the Super League a good idea or was it an attempt at further greed by the power clubs?   Later, Dave will try to place the saga of the Super League in context with a similarly proposed move in College Football where the Power Five Conferences would leave the NCAA.  

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Podcast: Random Q’s: FanDuel Grievances, Kevin Going West? (04-21-2021)

April 21st, 2021 · Comments


On this official Random Q's show with Kevin on the Cape (Junkie), both hosts share their grievances in Junkie's rookie FanDuel season with their buddies.   We cover the various issues with getting dependable hitters on an MLB duel and which players are the keys to win.

A Couple Quickies checks in later on and we reveal a bombshell:  neither Junkie nor Dave have seen "The Godfather!"  We also cover movies, songs in movies, one hit wonders, and terrible names for great bands.  Plus MUCH much more.

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Podcast: Random Q’s: Goodbye, Arclight with A Couple Quickies (04-15-21)

April 15th, 2021 · Comments


A Couple Quickies and Dave mourn the impending loss of the Pacific Theatres movie chain which includes the highly acclaimed subsidiary chain known as Arclight Cinemas. Dave will share his memories of going to Arclight theatres in Southern California and Quicks will try to comprehend the impact on the movie industry. Plus: more assorted topics and your random questions.

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Blog: This is a Test of the OBS System… and an impromptu RQ hour.

April 15th, 2021 · Comments

A couple nights back, Junkie was kind enough to join me (Dave) for a test of my new OBS setup, and we stayed on for a good hour to do our own Random Questions style show.

You'd be surprised how much content we can get without planning anything.  Folks typically don't leave up test streams, but this was too good.  Enjoy:


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Podcast: 2021 Masters Recap with Mike, John, and Andy (04-14-21)

April 14th, 2021 · Comments


Mike, John, and Andy join Dave to recap a historic Masters win for Hideki Matsuyama, who became the first man from Japan to win a Green Jacket at Augusta. We'll get into a very strange final round, plus the other rounds with many highlights. Later we dig into the media coverage which was tremendous on the digital side with "My Group" scoring big. Andy and Co. get into why the TV side was far worse than normal. Lastly, our look ahead to what's next on the PGA Tour.

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Blog: The Opening Day Disaster

April 1st, 2021 · Comments


My only trip to an Opening Day game was a complete disaster, but how about these great Dodger Donuts from Astro Doughnuts and Fried Chicken?  Here's the story... (more...)

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