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Entries from June 2021

Podcast: 2021 U.S. Open Golf Recap with John and Mike (06-21-2021)

June 21st, 2021 · Comments


John and Mike return while Andy has the day off for golf as we begin our latest U.S. Open Recap.   Jon Rahm redeems himself after the COVID embarrassment of several weeks ago with his first U.S. Open Title, and also the first-ever U.S. Open win for a Spaniard.  We cover the big win, plus a very tight leaderboard for most of the Final Round, our usual surprises and disappointments, the NBC/Golf Channel media coverage, and much more from the 2021 U.S. Open at Torrey Pines.

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Podcast: Random Q’s - Junkie’s Back for the Summer (06-16-2021)

June 16th, 2021 · Comments


Kevin on the Cape, a.k.a. Junkie, returns to DITCOW for his first Random Q's show of the Summer.  Dave and Junkie dig into the summertime foods, playoff series in the NBA and NHL, we form our imminent plans to finally watch "The Godfather" on Amazon Prime video, and a lot more nonsense, plus your Random Questions from YouTube chat.

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Podcast: Random Q’s with Gerry in Piscataway (06-08-2021)

June 8th, 2021 · Comments


Gerry in Piscataway a.k.a. Gerry Will joins Dave for a special Random Q's show.  This week we chat about Gerry's a week in Aruba plus a lot of potpourri, including NYC eats, steakhouse sides, meatloaf, meatballs, fantasy baseball, and the struggles of Gerry's Yankees.   We'll be taking questions all episode long through YouTube's show chat.

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