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Entries from October 2021

Football Picks 2021: Week 9 / Fantasy Combo Show (10-27-2021)

October 27th, 2021 · Comments


Due to scheduling constraints, this week's DITCOW is a merger of the Fantasy and Football Picks shows into one super sized podcast.  Join Gerry Will and Dave in our first hour as we cover Fantasy Football for NFL Week 8.  We'll look at the continued struggles for big names like Aaron Jones and Stephon Diggs, alongside new potential sleepers to keep an eyeball on.

Starting in Hour 2, Andy and John join Gerry and Dave for Football Picks Week 9, and we dig into our usual recap and picks for the weekend.  It was a shockingly dull weekend in both College and Pro football, but it was with highlights nonetheless.  The Bengals stomped all over Baltimore on the road while the Titans destroyed the Chiefs at home.  In college, Illinois and Penn St. played an extremely ugly nine-overtime game which ended in an Illini outright upset!   We recap all the action then give it to the panel for picks alongside Gerry's guest picks for the weekend.

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Football Picks 2021: Week 9

October 27th, 2021 · Comments

Gerry Will is our guest picker this week as we try to keep it rolling for Pro and College football in Week 9.  Ron is on a roll lately, and we'll see if he can keep it going.  Complete Picks. (more...)

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Football Picks 2021: Week 8 Results

October 25th, 2021 · Comments

Ron continues to rally with another great week of picks.  Ron went 3-1 for the week and is just one point in the standings behind Dave for second place.  John is hanging tough and retains the season lead in the standings.   Complete Results. (more...)

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Football Picks 2021: Week 8

October 21st, 2021 · Comments

John in Orlando (YOTS) is our guest picker as we give you our best bets from the College and Pro Football Weekend.  Lot of potential upsets on the schedule, we'll share some of our favorites.  Complete Picks. (more...)

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Football Picks 2021: Week 7 Results

October 19th, 2021 · Comments

Ron held steady with a 2-2 week, though the weekend was tougher for the rest of the panel.  Favorites were big winner, hence a lot of the damage to our other panelists who rode underdogs.  Complete Results (more...)

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Football Picks 2021 Week 7 (10-13-2021)

October 13th, 2021 · Comments


Andy, John, and Dave are back from our week off to recap one of the most exciting football weekends of the year!  In college football, Oklahoma rallied from a 20+ deficit to beat Texas in the Red River Showdown, and Number 1 Alabama lost outright to Texas A&M at college station in a dramatic game with a very close finish.  In pro football, it was a battle of attrition for the Packers and Bengals with bad kicking punctuating an ugly game that ended well for Green Bay, the Browns and Chargers played the wildest, highest scoring game this year while Andy and Dave were in the building, and the Chiefs were humiliated by the Bills on Sunday Night Football.   Besides action on the field, there was chaos in Las Vegas as the Raiders were forced make Jon Gruden resign following the discovery of several poor, racist, homophic, and otherwise awful comments in email conversations between Gruden and other NFL personnel.  The fellas recap all the chaos, then set up another solid football weekend while delivering their picks for Week 7.   The contest is heating up as  Ron makes a move closing in on both John and Dave in the standings.  It should be a very action packed episode covering all sorts of juice in the football world.

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Football Picks 2021: Week 7

October 13th, 2021 · Comments

Tom in NJ is our guest picker as we try to collectively rebound from a down week of NFL/NCAA picks.  Here are our best bets of the weekend.  Complete picks. (more...)

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DITCOW Fantasy Football 2021 Week 6 with Gerry Will (10-13-2021)

October 13th, 2021 · Comments


It's our debut Fantasy Football show! This week we cover diamonds in the rough, we look at where the matchups are and how to find the best data for your picks in regular FF and DFS. Join Gerry Will and Dave for all the fantasy scenarios and taking your advice live on YouTube Chat!

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Football Picks 2021 - Week 6 Results

October 11th, 2021 · Comments

Ron has a big 2-1-1 week among the regulars.  He moves closer to the pack with his nice weekend while the others had a rough go.  Coach Andrew Jacobsen had excellent guest picks which went unbeaten!  Complete results. (more...)

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Football Picks 2021: Week 6

October 7th, 2021 · Comments

Here are the Week 6 picks from the panel and our guest "Coach" Andrew Jacobsen.  It is a week filled with potential traps, and we'll see who can close in on John's lead in the season standings.  Complete Picks. (more...)

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