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The Godfather Part II Live Reaction Show with Junkie (06-29-2022)

June 29th, 2022 · Comments

Kevin on the Cape (Junkie) and Dave settle in and enjoy their first watching of the "The Godfather, Part II" the sequel to the iconic Godfather film and an equally compelling movie.  Will Junkie and Dave have a positive opinion as we go through the film?  This broadcast will feature both hosts watching the movie in real time and reacting accordingly live on YouTube.   We'll also check comments from our friends in chat and elsewhere during the live reaction show.  It's a followup to our Godfather recap show from last year and should be equally riveting discussion.

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Super Week: The Sandwich Show - Return of the Justin and Evelyn (Originally aired on Twitch 02-06-2022)

February 11th, 2022 · Comments


As part of "Super Week," we have another replay of our other project, Dave's Twitch show "The Sandwich Show" that he hosts under the name "Davy is Eating a Sandwich."  This encore features our good friends Justin and Evelyn who are very entertaining piano duelers based out of Seattle.   Davy (Dave) catches up with their latest success on Twitch, including a night on the Twitch front page, a 1 Year Streamaversary show that saw massive amounts of hype train tips, donations, and gift subs, and a great trip to Hawaii.  You all will get to know some dazzling performers who are currently at the top of their game - and they're funny!   It's a fun two hours with two very interesting people including our Twitch version of Random Questions.  Portions of this show were edited to reduce the downtime early in the show before Justin and Evelyn joined via a Twitch raid.  Originally streamed on Twitch on February 6, 2022.

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Super Week: The Sandwich Show - The Big Game Tier Snacks Show (Originally Aired on Twitch 02-08-2022)

February 9th, 2022 · Comments


As part of "Super Week", I have a bonus podcast episode of our Twitch show "The Sandwich Show."  This show originally aired on Twitch on February 8th, 2022.  My guest was Brettington Frothingslosh and we ranked the best Super Bowl Foods on our "Big Game Tier List Show."   I hope you enjoy this encore of a new project I started on Twitch where we feature content creators from all over the world.   There was much debate and great discussion of fantastic foods all show long.

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ENCORE: The MTV 30th Anniversary Special, Geoff Downes (08-01-11)

August 1st, 2021 · Comments



SPECIAL ENCORE PODCAST, originally aired August 1, 2011:  30 years ago on this date, Warner-Amex Satellite Entertainment Company introduced a concept like no other: A 24 hour Music Video Telelvision Service, MTV.   On this special edition of "Dave in the City," Dave and collaborator John Ogg (johninga) discuss the impact of MTV on music, culture, and society, speak on how MTV started, and sample some of the music MTV featured on its first day of broadcast.   Tonight we feature an interview with Asia and Yes' Geoff Downes, who performed with The Buggles on "Video Killed the Radio Star."

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Podcast: Random Q’s - The Godfather Edition (07-01-2021)

July 1st, 2021 · Comments


Junkie and Dave will let the audience offer a question they can't refuse on our special "Godfather Edition" of Random Q's.   Both folks will share their review of the ground-breaking "The Godfather" film plus their related observations of the mob film phenomenon.  It is an interesting perspective from two people who have never seen the film before this week.  Later, we take questions from YouTube chat about the film, the genre, and its impact on moviemaking.

Tags: Podcast · Entertainment · Random Questions

Blog: My New Twitch Show

April 30th, 2021 · Comments


I'm branching out to other media - yep, I am starting a spinoff show on Twitch.  Read on for deets. (more...)

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Podcast: Random Q’s: FanDuel Grievances, Kevin Going West? (04-21-2021)

April 21st, 2021 · Comments


On this official Random Q's show with Kevin on the Cape (Junkie), both hosts share their grievances in Junkie's rookie FanDuel season with their buddies.   We cover the various issues with getting dependable hitters on an MLB duel and which players are the keys to win.

A Couple Quickies checks in later on and we reveal a bombshell:  neither Junkie nor Dave have seen "The Godfather!"  We also cover movies, songs in movies, one hit wonders, and terrible names for great bands.  Plus MUCH much more.

Tags: Podcast · Entertainment · Random Questions

Podcast: Random Q’s: Goodbye, Arclight with A Couple Quickies (04-15-21)

April 15th, 2021 · Comments


A Couple Quickies and Dave mourn the impending loss of the Pacific Theatres movie chain which includes the highly acclaimed subsidiary chain known as Arclight Cinemas. Dave will share his memories of going to Arclight theatres in Southern California and Quicks will try to comprehend the impact on the movie industry. Plus: more assorted topics and your random questions.

Tags: Podcast · Entertainment

Podcast: Random Qs - The Questionarian, Pandemic TV Roundup (03-03-21)

March 3rd, 2021 · Comments


A Couple Quickies and Andy in Seattle join Dave for this special RQ's show "The Questionarian," featuring a review of the Disney+ sensation "The Mandalorian" along with a roundup of other TV series we've watched during the pandemic.  Plus your Random Questions as sent in via Twitter.

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Playlists: New “Non-Blockbusters” 80’s Spotify Playlists

May 14th, 2020 · Comments

I have constructed a series of "Lost Hits of the 80s" titled "Non Blockbusters of the 80s."  They are divided into three volumes.  Volume 1 for the Early 80s, Volume 2 for the Mid 80s, and Volume 3 for the Late 80s.  All three of these have some nuggets, enjoy!

Non Blockbusters: The Early 80s


Non Blockbusters: The Mid 80s


Non Blockbusters: The Late 80s


Happy Listening!

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